Amber Rose and her baby bump promote fiance Wiz Khalifa’s latest album. See more baby bump pictures and more on today’s edition of “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party”.

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  1. I bothers me when people speak about Zoey’s parents in the same breath as if they passed away naturally together, Selfish Jovan killed Zoey’s mother then killed himself.

    Hopefully whoever is taking care of Zoey will use the social security benefits she will get from both parents to take care of her and leave the million dollars in a trust for her to receive later.

    This baby lost both of her parents through selfishness and stupidity, don’t let her lose her money the same way.

  2. The pic of Amber is too cute!! I understand now why they waited so long to announce this one.

    I am so proud of the NFL was for what they are doing. I know it wont take away her pain when she gets older, but at least she wont have any financial worries.

  3. I played futball a few seasons with a young man who had two blind parents, and he had two younger siblings. It wasn’t easy, he had to help his parents out a lot but he wasn’t complaining nor was anyone trying to take them away. The community also helped, I would see his dad walking along with his cane and people would be driving by and calling out “hey Mr.__” to him. Even their doctor, a white man from the mainland helped out by sending a cab for them and seeing the kids at the same time.

    My friend is in high school now and unfortunately his father passed away from the diabetes that took his eyesight but his mum is still doing her thing (she’s been blind from birth). I know living on the mainland can be dog eat dog but there has to be other options available than taking someone’s child away because they have a disability.

    I’ll be honest, if the parents were mentally disabled I would still be thinking about it, but having a physical disability is in my opinion absolutely no deterrent to being a good parent. Even 100% abled people need a support system; a village of some sort; to help them parent their children (if my mum didn’t have her “nennies” we’d be eating licks for days :-) ). The disabled are no different…just help them build their village…don’t take their kids.

  4. God Bless the NFL for stepping up and in for baby Zoey.

    Though she won’t have her Mommy or Daddy on Earth to guide and protect her, they both gave her precious life, and Daddy will provide because of his early success in the short life he lived.

    This baby will make them proud and validate in a very positive way her parents short lives.

    The Lord sits high and He looks low…He loves His children and will wrap His angels wings around this baby and all of us.

    • I hope Zoey grows up to be the princess she was born to be. RIP to her Mommy and Daddy and Godspeed always to this baby girl.

  5. Amber is a cutie…I’m sorry about her miscarriage. That’s why they waited until she was further along to announce it when the media was pressuring them to admit she was pregnant. This just shows that the media really needs to back off when it comes to women. If they seem to be pregnant, don’t put them on “baby bump watch” or hounding them to announce they are pregnant. B/c some women don’t make it past their 2nd trimester & it must be hard to know the whole country was waiting for you to have a baby & you lost it

    It is good to know baby Zoey will be taken care of.

    I love Honors look

    Good job Alicia!!

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