Dwyane Wade and his sons, Zion and Zaire, took a ride on the camel’s back during their recent visit to the zoo. The Wade men sat together on the creature’s hump while smiling for the camera that also captured Dwyane’s nephew. “The things you do for your kids.. Oh No,” tweeted Dwyane. The Miami ‘Heat’ player and his sons interacted with several other animals in addition to the camel before calling it quits at the zoo.

Wade recently spoke with Jetset magazine about his sense of style, and why he thinks it’s important to look fly. “I’m a role model to my sons, more so than to anyone else,” said Dwyane. “Just like when my dad got up every morning; even when he was delivering in the truck, every Friday I’d see him get up and dress up and that made me say, ‘That’s how you go to work and that’s how you present yourself. I understand that the way I leave the house is the impression I leave with my kids.”

It’s been ten years since the Miami ‘Heat’ drafted Dwyane to play for their team, and the ball player couldn’t be more grateful for the many opportunities the city has afforded him. “When I got down here it was ‘Whoa what is this?’ It was a different world for me,” explains the ball player, “but I’ve kind of made my way into being adjusted here. This is my home. This will always be my home. I grew up here from age 21. Now, at age of 30, I’ve been through so much in my life here; I have a lot of history here.”

Zion,5, and Zaire,10, are Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches’ only children together. The basketball star also fathers his nephew.



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  1. __I’m a role model to my sons, more so than to anyone else,” said Dwyane. “ __

    It is july 2014. Last year it was revealed that Wade cheated on his girlfriend of 4 years gabrielle union and had a son–xavier– in november 2013 with one night stand aja metoyer with a one night stand.

    So much for being a role model to his sons. How will you teach them to be honest and faithful when you repeatedly were not ?

    He says he is a devout Xtian, yet he cheated on his wife Siovaughn.
    Dating Gabrielle, he had premarital sex with her. And then he cheated on her and had a baby outside of their relationship and outside of marraige!

  2. Wade and his boys all 3 look like they had a great time!!!!! They’re so freakin cute!

    I use to go to war for Wade on his decision for getting his boys, but now I’m not so sure! I’ve heard so many unsettling things lately about how he got them, and it makes me sad! I hope he has their best interest, if not he’s going to see a bad day!

  3. BCK why didn’t you mention ?DeDe? (not certain of the spelling) in the beginning? Wade has had custody of him for like forever and considers him one of this sons. So Wade is a dad of three not two.

    • THANK YOU for saying that, it always bothers me when he’s left out… that’s D-Wade’s adopted son so include him from now on… Geesh!

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