The Smith family are all for one and one for all. Jada, Will, Jaden,14, and Willow,12, recently came out to support Trey in his DJ endeavors at a nightclub in Miami, Florida. The eldest son of Will Smith rocked the house as step-mom and dad looked on with delight. Willow and Jaden also looked pleased to be in the house supporting big brother, and brought their sense of fashion to the party. Jaden showed his blond and black hairstyle to the crowd while Willow sported a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans that screamed rock star.


Trey has been hard at work developing his disco jockey career, mixing and matching sounds that he hopes crowds will enjoy. The 20-year-old joins the reins of Connor Cruise and David, Madonna’s son, who also DJ with passion.

Photos: Abaca Press/Barcroft Media Via DailyMail

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  1. Does this mean that Trey dropped out if school? It seems like all celebrity kids wants to be a DJ now I guess because the equipment makes it easier. I wonder if they’d feel the same way if they still used records!

  2. They all look alike to me. hehehehe – Now what’s with the rumor that’s being circulated that all this togetherness being a pub stunt following a huge blowout between these two that resulted in their Christmas party in Hawaii being abruptly cancelled?

  3. Maybe it’s because they have different mothers, because I can’t remember a time when Trey even dare to do half of the things Willow and Jaden do or does! Weird and artistic is a good way of describing this family.

  4. Jada and those darn sharp cheek implants. Ugh, I wish she’d have them taken out. Her face is just too thin and narrow for them.

      • @iridescentMe, Im not agreeing or disagreeing with either of you, but you do know eccentric is basically the same as weird, except in the meaning of the word eccentric words such as, unconventional, strange, odd and bizarre are used. Im just saying.

        • Maybe I used the wrong term. They are a very artistic, free spirited, down to earth and deep family. I love them. Sidebar: Love the haircut, but I’m not feeling that blode patch in the back of Jaden’s hair though. As long as he likes it. :)

          • Oh please, I’d hardly call these smug people “down to earth.” The children are also out of hand and think they’re special.

  5. I like Trey! He’s definitely his Daddy’s namesake…just as gorgeous.

    I’m liking Jaden’s hairstyle.

    • When I turned 14, during my birthday weekend we had women’s only party where the women would give me life advice which my mother would put into a book for me. One of the women; a friend of my grand-mere told me I should stop sitting on my daddy’s lap; she said it wasn’t proper. She couldn’t have hurt me more if she had slapped me.

      That was one piece of advice I wasn’t planning on taking. I plan on sitting on my daddy’s on every occasion that I can. My future husband will just have to get used to it. :-)

  6. Trey being a disco-jockey? Why not an education? Ah well, at least he is doing what he loves. Will Smith and Jada are looking good. Willow is eccentric as usual. Jaden might want to de-sisqo himself. The hair is not working

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