It was a Scooby-Doo party with Santa Claus as guest for Naviyd Raymond, who turned 4-years-old on December 10, 2012. Tameka had a great big party for her preschooler. “Scooby walked in the crowd went wild. Navi was like Nope he’s here for ME! Same with Santa! Navi had a VIP guest list! Scooby & Santa! #TurnUp,” tweeted Tameka.

Naviyd’s party had the best in snacks, including Scooby-Doo cupcakes and traditional cake for everyone. The 4-year-old’s cake was a 2-tiered lively work that had the Scooby-Doo theme throughout with the words, “Happy Birthday Naviyd!” on the second tier. Tameka deemed the party a major success telling Twitter fans, “We had a great party for Navi, he’s 4 going on 14!! Says the darnedest things.”

Naviyd and Usher V,5, are Tameka and ex-husband Usher Raymond’s only children together.

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  1. Awwww, daddy was invited, nice. Anyway, I did not know the boys birthdays were practically right after each others. Thats alot of work. But his party looked nice and fun just like cincos.

    • Oh wait wasnt paying attention. Let me take that back about daddy being at the party. That pic is a totally different setting and of course different clothes.

  2. Was usher and naviyd born a year and day apart or something? Naviyd looks just like usher… In fact he looks older than cinco in some photos

    • I said the same thing. Naviyd looks older than cinco in alot of pics they take. Thats crazy, but i think its because cinco looks really small and naviyd seems kind of taller and stocky. And I never thought he looked like usher, but in the 1st picture with that facial expression and haircut, he does.

  3. Nayvid’s so stinkin cute, until it doesn’t make any sense! He looks more like Usher to me than his big brother!

  4. Actually Naviyd had two separate birthday’s like his brother. He had one party w/ Usher on his birth date. & Another party w/ Tameka a few days after. Usher was in Dubi during the party w/ Tameka

      • I meant to put “Reported” in my original post b/c i saw it on another site. That is Usher holding the cupcakes. He could have had 2 scooby doo parties lol idk. The venues look different in other pics i saw & Naviyd is wearing different outfits. But Usher has pics of himself in Dubai during the time Tameka was posting pics of the party. Idk, the other site could have wrong info on the dates.

        Either way Naviyd looks happy. He’s so cute. He looks a lot like his big brother

        • Oh, I didn’t look at the pictures like that. *shrug* IDK & guess it really doesn’t matter, as long as Naviyd is happy. Still liking the pic of Usher & Naviyd’s cupcake eyes.

  5. Is that Usher at the party? Imagine that. Party was so cute. Their other brother is a cutie as well. Naviyd looks so happy.

  6. Aww so cute! Lol they aren’t putting aside the bs.Remember they have separate birthday parties for the boys! The little girl with Cinco is James’ daughter. Usher’s brother! She’s a cutie too

  7. So cute!!! Naviyd favors his Dad a lot to me, nice to see all the brothers having fun times. I’m just super saddened and reminded of Kile; wishing the best for this family, and may God continue to keep them.

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