La La Anthony and her son Kiyan,5, celebrate the Christmas season with candy canes and jolly hats. The reality star and her son are looking festive in their black and grey wear, posing next to a large striped pole.

La La recently gave her two cents on Santa Claus and Kiyan coming to grips with the reality of him not being real. “My little man Kiyan is almost six years old this holiday season, which means I may only have two or three more Christmases where he believes in Santa Claus. That’s a bittersweet realization for me,” said the reality star. “I know that finding out the truth about Santa is part of growing up, but I just love seeing his eyes light up when he talks about what ‘Santa’ left him. Will it be the same when he knows it’s just mom and dad? I guess all I can do is cherish this time while it lasts.”

Kiyan is La La and husband Carmelo Anthony’s first child together.




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  1. My son has always been excited when he receives gifts from his family. He’s never been taught to believe that Santa is real but he likes to watch Christmas movies and that’s fine with us. He’s 5

  2. Kids in elementary school still believe in Santa? It’s a good thing they weren’t in my son’s kindergarten class, he would have burst all their bubbles.

    • Ms. Sherley, I still believe in Father Christmas…except he has a bunch of different names…Mum, Daddy, grand-maman , grand-papa, oma,, opa, nonna, nonno, tante, oncle, zia, zio, auntie & uncle :-)

      My family doesn’t give gifts for Christmas (my parents believe the day should only be about Christ), we get them on birthday’s and Valentine’s Day (my mum really, really gets into Valentines Day). We go to midnight mass (Christmas eve) in Atlanta, then spend Boxing Day volunteering at a clinic (you would be surprised to see how people in this day and age and in America still need FREE medical care), we do the same thing in Houston. By Old Years night we are back in the islands (yeah to warm) and on New Years Day (yeah to Carnival) we get and give “presents”.

      Not the typical presents though, they have to be something you made with your own two hands or like in my case I’m giving my brother and my little cousin (his road dog) coupons for one and one time with me. For the big twins, they are getting nights when they can sleep in my bed. The little twins are getting t-shirts I painted myself.

      My oldest brother and my mother are so predictable, my brother is a video addict so I know I’ll get a video of “2012 me” set to music and a framed candid picture of my niece whom I believe is the most beautiful baby in the world :-) . The video’s are funny though because they are usually of times when I didn’t realize I was being filmed (and was doing something stupid), and my mum will give me a piece of jewelry she personally designed (she does it as a hobby and it’s nice to know that I am the only person who has it).

      I LOVE Santa though. Last year there was a Black one at the mall (not kidding) and he was fine (according to tante & mum). They waited over a half an hour in the line to sit on his lap and take a picture then spent forever at the Agent Provocateur store.

      Whoever thinks that their family is strange should spend a day in my world. :-)

    • My daughter will be 6 in a couple months and she still believes. I don’t want her to find out and “hate me”, but I know she will soon. She has too many cousins that are 10+, so eventually one will let it slip or be a little s*** and tell her. Then I don’t want her to ruin it for her brother. Doing this “Santa” thing is difficult as they get older it can really traumatize a child. :(

      • LOL! I have a lot of older cousins too, and they were the ones who told me that Santa wasn’t real when I was 7. SMH!

  3. My nephew is 9 & still believes in Santa Claus. When i asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he told me not to worry about it b/c he’s just gonna ask Santa haha. I was like YESSSS! Save me money lmao.

  4. My sister is 11 and in the sixth grade and she still believes in Santa so she might have a little more than a few years.

  5. It wont be the same..LOL!! My little sister was devastated when she found out and she was about 7 years old then. She got over it though..lol

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