Even before the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Jamie Foxx starring as ‘Max Dillon/Electro,’ Jamie already has a number one fan in the person of his 4-year-old daughter. Foxx recently told Access Hollywood that his little girl was so excited to hear that her dad would be portraying the evil character in the upcoming superhero film.

“[She] dressed as Spider-Man for Halloween and had a Spider-Man jumper. Yesterday, I took her to the set, she didn’t know [that I had been cast], and she says, ‘What is this?’ I said, ‘Daddy’s going to be in ‘Spider-Man.’ She says, ‘Is Spider-Man going to beat you up?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know.” She says, ‘Good,'” explained Foxx.

In addition to his daughter’s excitement, Jamie is also happy about his new role telling Access, “It’s an amazing ride. So, it’s humbling and just a lot of fun.” Max will be Spider-Man’s number one villain in the upcoming film, attempting to destroy the main character with electricity.

Foxx has two children in all.

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  3. I swear anything light is always cute to some of you. Some of these brothas get fooled when dem chirren come out blacker than they are with same texture hair.

  4. I’m curious? Has Jamie Foxx ever actually said that his daughter’s mothers (or mother, since he is secretive enough for both girls to have the same mum) are white? Are both of Foxx’s parents Black? If he hasn’t actually said the words “my children’s mother (s) are white” you can’t assume that based on this child’s complexion or light colored hair.

    • Actually…both mothers of his children are indeed white. That’s why he tries to keep it secretive to lessen the blow to black women who love him so much.

  5. BCK, what’s with hidding my sentence??? I just simply asked what the child’s name was? What is so wrong about that?
    And for those who gave me a thumbs down because I said that Corrine doesn’t look like him, I was not implying anything, I was just stating it as a fact. She must look like her mother because she doesn’t look like him. Again, what is the problem?

  6. Cutie!! She has the gap like her daddy & big sister….Awww she dressed as spider man for Halloween. I noticed this year a lot of little girls dressing as superheros. Zoey Babbs dressed as Iron Man.

  7. Yes, this daughter looks like him… Corrine, not at all!!!
    Beautiful girls though. [sentence omitted]He’s been hiding her for years!

  8. Why doesn’t he admit that he loves white women… Why hide his 2 daughters mothers? Anyway both his daughters are cuties

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