12.12.12 will forever be a special day for Amar’e Stoudemire and his family. The NBA player and his longtime girlfriend Alexis Welch married in a secret ceremony yesterday.

“12.12.12 now has a special & spiritual meaning for us,” the New York Knicks basketball player tweeted Wednesday along with a photo of the couple’s wedding rings.

The New York Daily News reports that the couple tied the knot in front of 12 guests, which included their three kids Amar’e Jr., Ar’e and Assata.

“They decided to do this because of the date, and they wanted to do something spiritual and private for themselves,” says one insider, who adds that the couple plan on throwing a bigger wedding this summer.

Photos: Amarestoudemire.com

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  1. That’s the problem with SOME wome they DRAG the man down the aisle and when he’s not ready, that’s why you talk these things out before you even consider laying down with someone. You cant get mad (not saying that she was) because you dont have a ring 3 babies later. But who said just because your married and have kids together that a RING and a PIECE OF PAPER says that your “HAPPY”. I think it’s only fair to say whatever works for a couple works for them. And Ciara spoke very well about their engagement and was actually happy for them both.

  2. Private and spiritual?…pff. I wonder if they “really” got married. I heard Djimou and Kimora had a spiritual ceremony too. Come to find out, they weren’t even legally married. smh I’m not being negative, it’s just that you never know. And the look the daughter in center is giving the camera is saying it all. lol

  3. This is a new ERA people you don’t have to get married to someone just because you love/have kids with them… I know older people who ain’t married but you wouldn’t know because they love each other so much you’ll thought they were… and just because they have kids together doesn’t mean they need run off get married quick.. I’M NOT SAYING IT’S RIGHT BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGES NOW” MARRIAGE IS NOT EASY THESE DAYS… When there’s women out there scheming for MONEY and men out there looking for next DIME PIECE one after another… Marriage is whole another level

    • Marriage has never been easy. It’s always something that needs to be worked on on a constant basis. The only thing that has changed about marriage is people’s mindset. I never understood the mentality of not wanting to be married to someone but wanting to have children with them. A divorce is easy & less of a hassel than child support issues. JMO.

  4. Believe me I hope it works out for them. She should just know that putting a ring on doesn’t change who he really is……good luck!

  5. I’m going to leave the whole timing of the marriage issue, say “congratulations” and move on to the more interesting issue, Stoudemire is Jewish???!!! Having a brother and uncle whose best friends are Ashkenazi Jews; I thought getting tattoos were going against the Torah.

  6. Congrats! I always had a crush on him until he opened his mouth! Anywho congrats I wish them nothing but happiness.

  7. People are SO judgemental……Just because they didn’t do it the “right” way and get married befor ethey had children does not mean that their union is not any more blessed than anyone else’s. Maybe after the efirst baby it wasnt the right time…..”Diappointed” I hope you are in a happy, fulfilling relationship, especially since you on here judging how others run theirs.

  8. I didn’t know Amar’e was Jewish..congrats to them. He realizes she’s the one for him
    Little mama in the front don’t look to happy, she’s like about time lol

    **I noticed the kids are always covered. Like long sleeves & legs covered.

  9. Okay… This should have taken place after the first baby was born. I just don’t get the modern families these days. Oh well, at least he finally did right by his children and their mother.

  10. Well done Amar’e! Better late than never.

    Congratulations. Their children are beautiful; especially Amar’e, Jr.

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