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Photo by Joe Federrico

The new Atlanta-based sitcom “All For MyLove” boasts all the young talent needed to make a hit, which includes Atlanta rapper T.I.’s daughter DeyJah (who plays a 12-year old with a troubled past named Yasmine), Oprah’s goddaughter Hannah (who plays MyLove’s new best friend, Chelsea), and up and coming star MyLove.The show, a coming of age look at what it takes to succeed in the industry, centers around the main character, MyLove.

Check out the show’s synopsis:

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Mylove, leaves the UK to live with her brother after her father dies. Mylove’s brother Quentin is a music manager and has accomplished many successes for his artists. In order to obtain his inheritance, Quentin must secure a successful singing career for Mylove.

Once in the states, Mylove begins attending the Jewels Private School Of The Arts where she befriends many like minded kids. Yasmine, a 12 year old with a troubled past, 11 year old Chelsea, Quentin’s youngest artists Jabias, who starts to form a crush on Mylove, smart and business minded 12 year old named Sheldon, shy yet skillful 12 year old rapper Young D, plus many more interesting characters.

“All For MyLove” promises to make viewers laugh, cry, leave them inspired and anxious for the next episode.

Check out the trailer below. Watch the trailer now! 

Photos: Joe Federrico



  • Photo by Joe Federrico
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  1. This is going to be a POP Culture Phenomenon and a turning point in Television that will set the Standard of Sitcom TV!!

  2. How can my daughter be apart of this sitcom? It looks as though it will be positive and motivating. I can see this sitcom on Disney! I am definitely a fan. I see that the sitcom is starting to get a lot of attention. I heard about it like a million times before seeing the article. Congrats to the cast! I know that the parents are proud of these kids. Especially TI and Tameka. I am definitely going to be watching out for this show. AND the kids are from Atl! #proudsupporter. I am grown and I will be watching it with a huge smile like a kid in the candy store!!!!!!

  3. I just realized that little is T. I’s daughter. I am excited about this. I have 3 boys and 1 girl and they actually been heard about this sitcom from their school. The lead actress My love is so pretty. What is her real name so that we can follow her on the show.

  4. I’m happy to see this show looks very good!! I’m also happy that deyjah finally gets her shine.. On the show Domani, Major, and King always Shine poor Messiah never gets anything he should have been apart of this show… As I’m reading deyjah is only supporting cast and this little girl name my love is the lead… I can’t wait to see this.. Shine on cast shine on

  5. I am looking forward to seeing this? It seems like it is going to be a good show. Congrats to the cast of this new sitcom. Can’t wait to see this on cable.

  6. This looks like a great stroyline. I can see this playing on television! It makes me think Disney movie. God has given you a wonderful vision so continue to move forward with this project and enjoy the success you deserve from allowing yourself to be a vessel to be used by God!

  7. I read this wonderful review of the new sitcom. We need more positive sitcoms for our children. To let them know it is still a happy world and you can be anything you want. Shouts out to all the actors, director, and publicists for the show. I cannot wait to see it.

  8. I would like to say this show is very positive Shout Out to Miss. Demi Ms. Cece Mrs. Jennifer for helping us get to where we need to be

  9. I had the pleasure of working with this team and it is a wonderful experience. Very funny, very professional. Networks are screaming for family friendly content and All for Mylove is just want they’re looking for.

  10. Deyja is so humble..I think she’ll shine…On the show she asked for books and movies to enhance her learning, good job parents……We have two beautiful kids too keep your eyes on for the future Lil Zyan ‘Zy’ Mckever and Princess Aalyiah ‘LeLe’ Simmons saw them perform at Discount Mall

  11. Looks like this is going to be a smash thumbs up to all the young children doing their thing and people like Demi for taking the time to support our youth. Looking forward to more of MyLove you rock girl :)

  12. i just realized that was ti’s daughter. she is so pretty. she look like her mom though. the little girl mylove in the video is super gorgeous.is that her name in the show? she reminds me of a light skin rudy from the cosby with a mixture of oliver (raven symone). can’t wait to see it when it comes out.

  13. I am super happy about this. I know I am a little late on this article but this look like it is going to be interested. Definitely something I will tune it to see! When does it come out. What network will this go on. I can see it on Disney! Congrats to the cast and it is so good to see that Deja will finally be heard. She is so quite on Family hustle. Great Job T.I and Tiny for raising great kids.

    • I heard about this show while in NY. I had no idea they were doing it like this though. I am happy for the cast. Those some good looking kids. This show look like its going to be positive and this is exactly what we need.

  14. Can’t wait for the show to come out I did not no Deyjah act cause she never say anything on the show.. Can’t wait to see her since her brothers gets all of the shine on the show. Her mom Tiny should be proud of her. Go Princeness of the South

    • I am glad to see that she is able to show us what she is really about as well. I am sure TI and Tiny is very happy for her. He is such a supportive dad on camera and I am sure that it amplifies even more when they are off camera. I am really happy to see that lil mama will be making debut to show the world all that talent that we hardly see. God bless all these kids. I will definitely follow this show.

  15. I believe that this new sitcom is just what the young audience needs to educate the next generation of young kids in our world of entertainment.. I’m also glad to see that t.i daughter is stepping out and finding her self as an individual as we have seen the rest of her brothers and sisters find their nitch

  16. Very position I like I wanna see more. I’m 11 and my friends are in this sitcom and the whole school is proud of them..

  17. This sitcom All For MyLove is just what we have been missing in the world of TV! A very positive depiction talented of African American kids doing positive things! I can’t wait to hear more about it! What channel will this be on?

  18. Its always great to see children working hard and doing what they love!!! I totally Support each and evey cast member as well as the parents!!! Much succes, and no matter what anyone say keep striving to live out all your dreams and asperations!!!!

  19. OMG I’M loving the whole movement that you all are doing for the youth, to the cast in the sitcom keep up the good work and follow your dreams… There will be a lot of negatively and haters that’s going to try and still your pride always remember keep go first and pray for them. I can’t wait to see you all on the big screen.
    Remember you all have a gift that was provided by the man above and what he have for you all oneone can’t take….
    God bless :)

  20. I really enjoyed this video I’m 15teen and would love to join this group. Wow I can’t wait to see it on Tv!!! We finally have something positive to watch instead of Fake Tv. How can I join this

  21. Im from the USVI and one of our biggest music success stories is in the clip. I will definitely support

    • I’m glad to see that you are a supporter. I been hearing a lot about this sitcom. I can’t wait to see it come to life.

  22. Its so good to see talented kids coming together and form a powerful show with a good message. In this generation of youth, for me to see kids do positive things and striving for their goals is a blessing. I cant wait till this show is on TV!!

  23. How can I join this cast I like this I’m 12 year’s old I don’t understand how I grown person can write negative things about something kids are doing I wish I could be apart of this. These kids moms support them. Some mom’s can’t and won’t support. So everyone who is being negative and ugly think about your kid what if it was your kid and people talk down to them you would be mad and ready to fuss and fight. Lets be positive and get me on this cast. . Thank you Baby Doll!!!’ Bronx NY

  24. This show looks to be very interesting. I wish that I could get my little sister involved. Great looking cast. Embrace your haters All for Mylove! Their about to flood you.

  25. I really like this and I see where it’s going I’m happy to see someone stand up and do something positive for our kids.. Instead of teaching our kids how to wear our pants saggin. This is a great write up.. Keep up the good work remember the haters are now the new fans… Stay focus kids… This show will go far… A very positive positive show…..

    • I agree with you! I am a fan of the kids. Too much going on in the world today to even think about looking down on these kids. I will follow and continue to support this show!!!!

      • I think that this is a great look for our youth today. Hats off to the new sitcom All for Mylove. Where can I watch this. Kids these days need a more positive outlet and this seems like it is just what is needed for our kids. I am an adult and I would watch it. Keep working hard and let haters hate. They are the ones that help make you relevant.

    • I just watched today where 20 kids were killed in the Conn. School shooting! Please tell me why when you have an opportunity to lift our kids, you go straight for the negative. Praying for you. Your post should be flagged.

    • I am super excited about this new sitcom coming out! I can’t wait until it comes on air so that I can sit my children down together and watch! I pray that your ratings shoot through the roof!

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