Singer Tiffany Evans and daughter Adalia,2 months, smile for the camera. Like many of us, Tiffany was horrified to learn that a crazed gunman went on a shooting rampage at a Connecticut elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut this morning.  27 people, at least 18 of them children, are dead.

Tiffany writes on her Twitter page, “As a Mother,I cant even imagine the inconsolable state that these families are in. Lord please give them strength and comfort In Jesus name. I cried off of this news. Everyone please get your hearts right with God. No more playing around. We are clearly getting closer to the end.”

Celebrity mom Reagan Gomez-Turrentine, who has a daughter named Scarlett  in kindergarten, echoes Tiffany’s sentiments and wants something to be done about gun laws in America.  “Just got back from a parent-teacher meeting at Scarlett’s Kindergarten. Gave Scarlett a kiss & left. Now to hear this. My God. 40% of the guns sold in the US are sold online, with no background checks. Like you can get medications online with no Dr’s prescription, you can get guns.”

“I can’t today. I can’t.  A whole, kindergarten class is “missing”. Scarlett is in Kindergarten. Am I taking it personal? [You are] right I am. Can we talk about gun laws NOW? This is mass shooting number ____ this year. Children. Gun violence in urban areas is insane. Can we talk NOW?”

Do you agree with Reagan? Is it time to do something about gun control?

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  1. Banning doesn’t work. That will just create a market for criminals to sell guns. Ever heard of the Prohibition Era?……..

  2. I don’t have anything kids, but I have two younger siblings who are in elementary and high school. I just cannot imagine anything like that happening to them, and I pray that this stops. 18 innocent children won’t be able to enjoy Christmas this year, go to their prom, graduate high school, get married, and have kids of their own. That is so heartbreaking. I will definitely keep the parents, families, and loved ones of the victims in my prayers. No one should have to bury their child ever, especially because of something like this.

    • So true. It breaks my heart to know that instead of toys, candy and other holiday treats, these families will be buying caskets for their babies. This is incredibly SAD.

      I was substitute teaching in a 3rd grade class last Friday when I received a phone call from the office about the incident.

  3. FYI: This monster who committed this crime was said to be disturbed & troubled all his life. Also all the guns he used where legally purchased by his own mother, whom he shot in the face first prior to his rampage.

    Mental illness seems to be a bigger issue here than gun control.

    • Ms. Sherley; THANK YOU! People who commit these crimes are mentally ill…or are sociopaths. This man was mentally ill and should have been committed. I know of two ways that a psychiatrist can get/keep someone like that locked up…and if it were my relative I WOULD LIE MY @SS OFF TO KEEP THEM LOCKED UP. Tell the cops he threatened the prez or something.

      I know we are on different sides of gun control, but more laws, more restrictions does nothing about the guns that have already been legally purchased. They would be GRANDFATHERED and not subject to “new” laws.

      Still trying to wrap my mind around a woman knowing her son is mentally ill and having three firearms where he could have access to them.

  4. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and what do they use ….GUNS !!! No need to be hypocrite, to cry today and tomorrow the same things will happen again ! Let’s forget one minute this tragedy and think about what’s happening in our community, so much killing with those guns ! This is part of the american culture, we don’t see such things in countries like the UK, France or Holland. This second amendment was written I believe in 1791 and things are not the same in 2012 ! Anyway R.I.P little angels and guys see you for the next tragedy !

    • Don’t forget knives, hammers, cars, hand, bombs and any hard object people can use to kill someone. People kill people & they use all sorts of objects to do so.

      That being said I do agree we need tougher & tighter gun control laws, but it wont stop people from killing one another.

      • “Hammers, cars, hand”, are you serious with that comment ? All those mass shootings, we had in recent years with so many people who lost their lives, you’re talking about cars or hand ? Everyday, some many black kids lose theirs lives because of guns ! Unless you’ve lost a loved one, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about !!! Mental illness, video games, movies, music but guns are not to blame ? OK, I got it, thanks for your opinion !

      • I gotta agree. Gun laws wasn’t the problem here. The guns were legally purchased by his mother & was taught about gun safety from a young age. He was mentally ill. Mental illness is taken too lightly here. There are a lot of sick people walking the streets. & w/ the lack of health care we have here, its only gonna get worse. Other countries may not have to deal w/ guns but they got other weapons. A man in China went to a primary school & stabbed 22 kids! China has been noticing a lot of cases like this happening b/c mental illness is on a rise over there. I think mental evaluations should be required to operate a gun & a person shouldn’t be allowed to have more than 1-2 guns in their home at time.

    • In the UK we hear about nurses killing themselves because they got “punked”. A life is a life anywhere in the world.

  5. Horrific horrific horrific! This news completely messed up my night. And what Tiffany said was right. This is the end times and the devil is running loose. Get right with Jesus now!

  6. This is so sad! I have two kids and I couldnt begin to understand how the families in conneticut r feeling tonight. Sad to say but in my opinion guns are not the problem in America. It’s the crazy people that own guns that is the problem. I own a gun and had someone break in my home last year. I announced to the man that I had a gun and he came in anyways. I shot the gun(luckily I missed) and the person ran away. I shudder to think what wouldve happened if I didn’t own a gun.

  7. As a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, this tragedy both infuriates & devastates me. It’s like the deaths of my fellow Hokies didn’t change anything. Why can’t these disgusting psychopaths just shot themselves & leave the kids alone? It’s so frustrating. May those poor babies rest in peace. I can’t even imagine what their parents must be going through right now. :(

  8. this was just absolutely senseless. these children who had their whole lives to look forward to. just gone. and for what reason? still can’t understand what this gunman was doing. was he a fired teacher, school official? i guess the motive doesn’t even matter. i pray for those parents and families who lost loved ones at that school. this has got to stop.

    • Agree. RIP to the children and others whose lives were taken from them today. May the Lord and His loving angels wrap their wings around them now forever. :(

  9. I can’t see myself hurting anybody let alone a kid. They are angels God send to us as a gift of his love how can people hurt them like this. r.i.p to all the fallen angels.

  10. My heart has been hurting all day when I think about what those children were going through before it was all over. The ones that perished and the ones that survived. A news report said a few kept saying, “I don’t want to die, I just want to see Christmas”. As a parent I cannot begin to imagine if it were my child who didn’t survive nor how I can help my surviving child through this. They will be in fear of attending school for a long time. I’m beyond upset over this.

  11. My stance maybe unpopular considering what happened today but firearms do not kill people, a human being has to pick it up point and shoot adding a step or two if they have to disengage the safety. I don’t think the average person knows just how restrictive the firearm laws are in America (I wrote a paper on them) because all you hear about is just how many firearms there are in this country when a tragedy like what happened today occurs but do you understand that while I don’t know the specifics, all it would take is one 9mm with several magazines preloaded or an older 9 with a larger capacity magazine which has already been restricted and re-restricted to the general population. How many guns are in this country are of no significance when it would only take one.

    The Second Amendment gives us the right as Americans to bear arms and to use those arms to protect our families, properties or the protection of others not able to protect themselves. Its a typical knee jerk reaction after one of these mass shooting to want to restrict arms even more, but there are more than enough restrictions already in place.

    These mass shooting come about for one of two reasons, mental illness or drug abuse (and since drug abuse can lead to mental illness good luck figuring out which came first, the chicken or the egg). How about loosening the restrictions placed on psychiatrists to report patients they suspect could be the next mass killer. Current law as it is makes the psychiatrist liable for a malpractice suit if the psychiatrist reports a patient without actually hearing the words “I’m going to kill so and so”.

    Why am I putting two seemingly unrelated subject together. Because I have heard them spoken of so often in the same breath. My uncle is double boarded in Psychiatry/Neurosurgery is constantly frustrated by the limitations put on him in reference to patients he “thinks” could pose a threat to others when what makes a good psychiatrist GOOD is their instincts about people, the same instincts they are being told to ignore since there is no actual proof.

    It’s obvious that we are a family that believes in the right to own firearms. But there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Teach your young kids, even kids as young as two, THAT A FIREARM IS NOT A TOY. Do not give toy guns as gifts, it muddies the waters. A firearm is the same as a snake, you see it, do not touch it, call an adult. Teach your kids the same as I was taught when I was five, do not point it unless you are willing to shoot it. It is not a toy. Take your kids to the range, teach them firearm safety, teach them to shoot. No range? Take them to the country, teach them out there. I’ve been shooting for nine years and I am proud of my skill, it might feed me one day, or save my life. It already did.

    Since it supposedly mothers who are leading in wanting more restrictions put on firearms, let me add this. When my mother was newly pregnant with me, my father left the country and she was on her own and did something stupid. She rationalized that since she was only going about ten minutes away, she would not take any security with her and she put my uncle and two older brothers in the truck and left without informing anyone. Five minutes into the drive from downtown to Buckhead she was the victim of an attempted car jacking. Two men against one small adult woman and three children. If my mother wasn’t carrying what do you think would have happened to her, to us?

    I go to school in the UK and the average person is not SUPPOSED to have access to firearms and I think regular policemen don’t even carry them but I can bet that even though they are not SUPPOSED to have them that every flat in my building has at least one firearm in it. Restrictions just make it harder for the law abiding citizen to get one. A criminal is already a criminal, you think they are going to let a little think like a law stop them from carrying?


  13. please dont think i am insensitive or stone hearted.
    yes this is sad.
    but more die every day in central america, south america, africa, and asia.
    pray for THEM.

  14. Terrible tragedy here in CT today. Nice to see celebs acknowledging such disaster.
    RIP to all children and adults involved on today.

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