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Clifford Harris Jr., a.k.a. T.I., talked about everything from politics to family on the latest episode of  ‘Say Anything’ with Joy Behar. The rapper even went into depth about his reasoning behind giving Messiah such a majestic name saying, “That’s what I felt he should be called at the time. I wanted him to have a name that was synonymous with power.” He later added, “I call him ‘Bubba’ actually because he is always the biggest of all my kids.” When asked if he’d let his daughters date someone like Chris Brown the rapper immediately responded with, “Absolutely not, but when my daughters [are] grown, what can I say.”

T.I. got real personal when it came to his upbringing as a child and current stance on the plight of education in the political sphere. Check out what the rapper had to say when talking about community and more here!




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  1. I don’t know why people are surprise. T.I. doesn’t play when it comes to his daughters. I don’t think he would find anyone good enough for them.

    I won’t let a man like Chris Brown date my daughter either. And not because of the “lambo incident” but because he clearly likes to juggle multiply women at once and I won’t want that for my child.

  2. ti shutup. you named your sons messiah(self explanatory); domani(da money), cliff jr( called king) and major. what about these names means they wull be great ? kids do that they SEE not what they are told. your sons see that you are a rapper and have made millions, and they want to do that. nothing is wrong, but you came up poor and they came up rich so what struggle , sadness, hunger will they have to rap about ?

    • Domani simplified means tomorrow. My mothers first language is French followed by Italian. When I would ask certain questions, she would answer “demain” (tomorrow); domani is the same word in the Italian language.

      • T.I. named his son Domani, which means (da money – the money) he has said it in his old lyrics ” I’m King like my 3 year old, Major like my youngest son…got one name Domani , so you know what I’m getting…”

  3. I don’t think T.I. was being judgemental in the least. I think he answered the questions about CB and Rihanna quite well. I love how he speaks so eloquently and doesn’t give the media the satisfaction of having him talk like a stereotypical hood n@%&a, like they probably want to portray him. We have all made bad choices, but he’s a stand-up guy in my book.

  4. T.I. didn’t say he was perfect all he did was answer the question honestly and I don’t blame him I wouldn’t want my daughter dating a woman beater either

  5. idk.. I kinda felt like she was throwing subliminal shade at him the whole time but he handled it well. Like when she emphasized that he grew up “surrounded by, gangs, drugs, and crime” then essentially said, isnt it good the gov’t didnt cut services for people like that right after. Subconsciously the listener will then associate the two together. but those services are for everyone, including poor caucasians, and elderly people

    • I LOVE listening to T.I / Clifford speak. he is articulate and he really defies the stereotypical expectatations of the judgemental majority. His conversations are always titillating,lol and interesting. I find his southern accent very appealing and he’s nobody’s fool either. I am certain that he wants better for his children than he has had and that he wants them to learn something from his mistakes and not emulate them :)

  6. Why would the interviewer asked a question like that, “someone like Chris Brown?” How about a child molester or a drug dealer. Chris Brown isn’t perfect but neither is T.I., I wish people who stop acting like Chris Brown is the worse man in the world.

  7. What do he mean…they can’t date someone like CB????? T.I , you are not perfect and the things you did in life don’t even come close to what CB did! You was the one sent to jail TWICE, NOT CB. Smh, trying to throw stones like he is better…NEXT

  8. Lol, he kills me with that “absolutely not” he say that a lot and its always funny. But I dont blame him on this one.

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