Sasha,11, and Malia,14, are characterized by their parents as kind and respecting of themselves and others. President and First Lady Obama recently told Barbara Walters that their tween and teen are “really sweet girls, very poised, intelligent, opinionated, outspoken, outgoing, funny. But they’re respectful.”

Malia, who entered her Freshman year of high school at in September, received entryway into the techno world via a cell phone a few weeks ago. “I’m trusting her to do what’s right,” said First Lady Obama. “She knows the rules, she knows what she’s supposed to do, and you know, and I’m not going to be able to monitor when she goes to college, so we’re practicing for college and beyond.”

Although a trusting parent, Mrs. Obama was sure to remind her daughter that having a cell phone is a privilege and not a right. “You never know when I’m going to walk in your room, and I’m going to definitely ask you, ‘oh, are you, who are you talking to, and are you talking about school work,'” said the First Lady.

The Obamas have been adamant about steering their daughters away from technology reliance. They have on several occasions commented on their decision to not allow their daughters to have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and restrict television viewing to weekends. Malia is the first, between her and her sister, to have a cell phone. Sasha may have the privilege of owning a mobile device in coming years.






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  1. Michelle needs to calm down a little bit! she is a tad too strict. She’s like a helicopter hovering over those kids! Its bad enough they have secret service following them around, then they have their mother swarming around them like a fly. If she’s not careful they;’re going to be wild when they get older. Give them some space! I’m so glad she’s not MY mother!

    And I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the fact that theyre the president’s kids. I think she would be the same way even if theyre a normal family. She’s Claire Huxtable from hell lmao

      • There’s a reason Sasha and Malia are so well-rounded yet (seem to) maintain a sense of innocence. It’s called responsible parenting, and many could learn a thing or two about it! Glad we’ll never see these beautiful young ladies all over twitter or facebook with stupid screen names. Glad we’ll never see them making those stupid nicki minaj facial expressions on social networks like SOME people’s daughters/sisters.

        Kudos Michelle, keep up the great work…the proof is in the pudding! :-)

    • random: i feel you are wrong. if malia sexting and acting while it will get more press than when any other 14 year old does it bc she is malia obama. michelle and barack are trying to shiled their kdis from the media scrutiny. junior high acn high school are already hard , imagine having to deal with the fall out of the whole USA having an opinion.

    • Exactly! I was a teen in the “pager” days of the ’90s, and was told by my parents I had no need for a pager unless I was a doctor… 😉

    • Me too but technology is even more accessible now then 10 years ago. Some kids have them way younger and 6 year olds ask for them on their christamas list like a few of my friends kids.They even requested a iphone. I thought about getting my 6 year old one because she is always on mines playing games but i know she is way to irresponsible for it right now.

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