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Fourteen-year-old Jaden Smith and his friends have launched their own MSFTS Republic tumblr page to help represent for the young star’s new clothing line.

On the Tumblr page, Jaden uses mostly black and white images, which is the signature color scheme of his clothing, to capture images of him and his friends having fun. There are also pictures of city streets, memorable quotes and of course, photos of little sister Willow. During an interview with Rock4Life, Jaden talked about the inspiration behind his line. He said, “We all (the two other creators and Jaden) came up with idea because we used to call ourselves ‘the misfits.’ So we figured we should do a clothing line. It’s basically a lifestyle brand that reflects our lifestyle.

In November, Jaden officially launched his line, MSFTSrep onto the scene, giving shoppers an edgy look into his style.

Photo: MSFTS Republic Tumblr

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  2. […] “I like to keep it mellow / I like to make friends and make trends / A tender / Young school dances, young romances, girl / This is your chance, it’s a long shot,” he rhymes while rocking a MSFTS hooding from his own clothing line. […]

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