Glamour runs in the Lee-Simmons family as Ming,12, and Aoki,10, style it up for their OK! magazine photo shoot. The girls look like fashion moguls in training as their hair and outfits are completely on point. Ming rocks in a colorful form-fitting dress with pink leggings and bracelet, while Aoki gives casual a new name in her satin shirt with pink belt and jeans.

The girls were very candid in their magazine interview, elaborating on their sense of style and independence.  “We have a sewing machine and we know how to drape and design our own clothes. We make our own stuff,” said Ming. The eldest of the Lee-Simmons clan gets her fashion inspiration from others saying, “I like to go to the grove and see what people are wearing and how they style themselves.” As for Aoki and her inspiration? “I like looking at clothes online. I can’t drive yet so it’s easier,” explained the youngest of the two.

Ming and Aoki are Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee-Simmons’ daughters. Check out what else the sister duo had to say in the latest issue of OK! magazine, available at newsstands everywhere.

Photos: Ok Magazine

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  1. These little girls have always been my fav!!! Every since I laid eyes on Ming I have been mezmorized by her beauty.Little Aoki is a beauty as well but she is little firecracker and has Kimoras outspoken attitude, while Ming has always been so reserved. I miss the FAB LIFE show with them when they were little girls, they lived so amazing and had everything two little girls could ask for. Kimora is one Luck lady.Happy Holidays!!!

  2. I love these little girls. I miss the” Fabalous Life”!!! Kimora was so down to earth and I liked the way she enteracted with her children. they are dressed like little girls and Ming is growing up just fine!!! I so enjoy pictures of this family!!!

  3. Ur clearly delusional. Its clear to see that ming is slimming up as she grows up. Their is no photoshop photos like get real ! Anyway ming and aoki r beautiful girls ! They definitely are gonna be some models especially yoki.

  4. Too cute love the photo shoot. My these girls have gotten do big! Ming Lee reminds me of Actress Juliana Alves.

  5. My goodness look at both of these beautiful sister’s….they are growing up to be so sweet and lovely. I love both of their fashion styles too. Does anyone remember when Kimora ordered those huge castle beds for them???…looks like they out grew them from looking at the new rooms.

  6. I have always been big fans of the Simmons family especially Kimora, Ming, and Aoki. I love how the girls are always dressed age appropriately but also have their own sense of style. Its great!!

  7. Loving the frizzy curls! They both are gorg, and they have an ecclectic style (without looking crazy). How come Aoki has a better fashion sense than me? smh lol

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