Garcelle Beauvais hangs with her favorite guys this Christmas. The actress was recently photographed with sons Jaid,5, Jax,5, and Oliver,21, and she seemed more than ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of year. “I’m blessed,” tweeted Beauvais.

Garcelle had her Christmas shopping down to the tee this year, having a list of places to visit established before going out into the realm of anxious consumers. “Toys “R” Us! There’s another store called The Brain Store where they have a lot of science stuff. I also like Sports Authority,” said the actress to InStyle. Beauvais further explained, “The kids are insane [athletes]. Jax watches football like a grown-up—like he’s got money on the game! He’s cheering and screaming and jumping on the couch. It’s crazy!” Crazy or not, it looks like all of Garcelle’s boys will be spending Christmas together with mom.


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  1. Sometimes i just wish she would take those boys to a barber and have their done. It always seem like their hair is so unkept.. hey are cute little boys tho.

  2. All her kids are handsome! What a cute family! I love Oliver’s look…he’s quite darling. This is so random but the blonde kid looks so much like a mini-version of one of my uncles that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

  3. ALL of her boys are GORGEOUS. She has very good genetic makeup. WOW. Oliver is FINE … and her two little ones, WOW. One of them already reminds me of Justin Guarini from American Idol … Good looking boys and a good looking mom!!!

  4. Oh my, I agree! Oliver is perfection..whoa!!! I’m not one to look @ younger man but that boy there is certainly a handsome blessing. :-)

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