Ty Burrell and his wife Holly headed out for the holidays with their two daughters on December 22, 2012. Frances clung to mom as they tread through the hustle and bustle of LAX to catch a flight just before Christmas Day.

Ty and Holly adopted their second daughter earlier this year asĀ E! reports,

“Ty Burrell has expanded his own modern family. The Emmy winner and wife Holly have adopted a baby girl, their second child, Burrell’s rep confirmed Monday (March 19) to E! News.”

The ‘Modern Family’ actor recently told Us Weekly that he cannot fathom the idea of Frances maturing into a young adult right now saying, “She’s so cute. She’s getting cuter every moment. I’m in a very blissful period with her. I am just in complete denial that she’ll ever be over 13.”

Frances has joined her father at work on several occasions, and was the first to be adopted by the Burrells in 2010. Holly and Ty wed over a decade ago.

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  1. Good for Ty and his wife – all the best to raising their lovely children. Love, honesty and kindness matters most xx

  2. 2 more adorable children saved from the perils of the Foster care system and it’s a wonderful thing. Many adopted children feel that they can’t relate to the families who adopted them even of the same race, but it is a lot better than being raised in Foster care with no family to call your own. I was adopted to.

  3. They are adorable! I remember seeing pics of the oldest one on the set w/ Ty & she was way smaller lol. I love Ty on MOdern Family, i watch that show every week

  4. There are over forty thousand Black kids available for adoption through the foster care system.There is a nominal application fee which can be waived.If you don’t want others adopting Black kids then contact your local foster care agency today.

  5. What makes you think that these children can’t relate to their parents who love and care for them every day. Skin color is only important, because adults make it important.

    • I first want to say to @alyasia, its crazy how you took time out your day, typed this website in and chose to leave a ridiculous comment, I kind of think you just wanted attention, so I feel a little sorry for you.

      Also, I was raised by a wonderful, strong, loving and caring BLACK woman. And I must say, I turned out great. And judging from your comments I turned out better than you.

      And again, I do feel sorry for you. and I am sorry you did not get the attention you needed growing up.

    • Hmm, I agree. This is why racism will never end because of small minded people with such silly thoughts in their head. A lot of the celebs that adopt these children are not doing it because it is a fade. They are looking to build a family & shower it with love. Small minded individuals PLEASE learn from the common sense God made you born with….SMH!!

  6. Wow its so nice to see two beautiful African American princesses being loved and cared for by a caucasian couple! This world is truly evolving and I wish their family the best of luck in everything with those two little ladies!!!

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