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Beyonce took to her personal Tumblr page on Christmas day to post photos of her family life. In one such picture, the singer can be seen doting on daughter Blue Ivy Carter while on board a luxury yacht. Blue can be seen looking up at her mommy in admiration.

Blue Ivy,10 months, has been living the life of luxury life since birth.ย  Dad Jay-Z told television host Oprah Winfrey earlier this year. “At the end of the day, I just know I’ll probably have the worst, most spoiled little kid.”

Check out one more picture of Blue below and one of her cousin Julez Smith(mom is Solange Knowles), too.

Photos: Tumblr

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  2. you can’t believe you showed us a picture of her feet?! lol is it because of the ppl saying she’s a doll!! she’s going to be beautiful when she grows up :)

  3. I like this pic. Its a beautiful pic of mom and daughter bonding. I don’t think it was to show the baby’s face. I think it was just the image/message it conveys. Personally I could care less if she ever shows clear pictures of her child. I’m a HUGE Beyonce fan because of her music not her personal life.

  4. They need to stop putting pics up here if all they’re going to show is her foot,back of the head and blacked out pics.

    • you are so right why they never show the face whats the big deal who wants to look at her foot lol I bet she dont look nothing like the baby they first put up.

  5. This is so stupid. If you want to show the baby show her if not don’t post pics of her at all. Who wants to see a foot. Beyonce likes teasing people.

    • How are you gonna say she shouldn’t post pics “at all” of HER CHILD and on HER TUMBLR blog? Lmao. You people are ridiculous. If you’re not interested, skip to the next post.

  6. Some of these comments are ridiculous. Why is everyone so concerned with her choice to keep her baby hidden? It is her baby and her choice. If anyone doesn’t like it then keep it moving to the next post. You don’t have to click on her link. Some people really need to get a life. I want to see her baby’s face too, but i’m not going to act STUPID b/c she chooses not to show it.

  7. Wheres the picture of the baby? I know the B fans r going to thumb me down for my comment. My fault I see her foot.

  8. The Beyhives are out!!! Only time we see comments like this here. Do yall google Bey’s name everyday to see what site mentions her?! No one is saying anything mean, harsh, or shading. But you guys are fighting so hard, like calm down. It’s not that serious! It gets annoying when you can’t say something about Bey other than praising her like she’s some King. If you can talk about some celebs, we can talk about Bey. She’s no one special! On that note, i hope Miss Blue had a great 1st Christmas

    • YES!!! HI FIVE! *SLAP* Say it again!! People are entitled to have different opinions. The ones that aren’t privy to the photos posted, such as myself along with others, get disliked for having an opinion, which we’re entitled to. Her silhouette photos are becoming redundant and It’s time for something new.

      *Waits for the thumbs downs, starting now* ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I forget who, but someone naned this the Beyonce Complex. You have someone who technically done nothing wrong (in public) and still recieves a large amount of hate. Of course her fans are gonna represent for their own. Just like some represent for their favorite sports team. It’s all the same. And please you have hardly seen bad fans. Their are plenty of artists whose fans stan harder than this.

      • Wring to who? People are so quick to judge ehat somebody else is doing with their kid. As long as Blue is healthy and happy she isn’t doing anything wrong.

        And Beyonce is holding her under her butt, an she has her face in Blues. So of course Blue is ggonna lean back. I’m sure she wouldnt let her fall.

  9. I think people forget that Beyonce post pictures of her kid on her personal page. Just like you can post some random picture that nobody asked for on instagram. You choose what you want exposed. Beyonce chose not to show her childs face. So what. The same people to say they are over Beyonce be the same ones to click on her link when it come up. Smh. Let Beyonce be a human for once and stop treating her as if she has an obligation to you all to show her kid. Remember that BCK is constantly reposting Beyonce’s picture. Beyonce only puts it on her personal page, in which you would have to gi to. She isnt rubbing anythingin anyones face.

  10. I quite think Blue is a cute baby, I don’t understand the issue, it’s her baby not the worlds and if she doesn’t want to release close up revealing pics of Blue then Thats her prerogative. It’s sad that a lot of people only want to see proper pictures to critizize and say hurtful things about a baby’s looks.

  11. I love this photo actually. From the side profile you can tell Blue looks like her mother. I find it humorous how everybody is stressed about seeing Blue. lol. Good job Beyonce. Kepp your baby away from those papz

  12. Beyonce is trying to protect herself from the negative comments received when that picture of Blue surfaced with those chubby cheeks, there were many negative comments about the baby looking like J, she can’t handle it. I do agree it is a tease to show a leg, arm, silhouette, she’ll have to show her sooner or later and deal with the negativity or not. Also baby Blue appears to be in some type of harness, isn’t there an age cut off for that type of harness.

    • I always thought Blue looked like Bey’s baby pics. I really don’t think she’s hiding her baby b/c she looks like Jay. I mean, why marry the man if you didn’t want your kids to look like him lol…I loved those chubby cheeks on Blue tho

    • I was thinking the same thing…I have seen Asian mothers with kids as big as 5 years old being carried in some kind of sling or harness. I hope Blue doesn’t have some kind of disability or something.

  13. What woman in the history of celebritydom has ever posted blacked out pics of there first born?! When you have cute kids you show them off……..I still love Bey tho ๐Ÿ˜€

    • You’re not even funny…

      Just because she (or anyone for that matter) doesn’t let YOU see her kid, doesn’t mean she doesn’t show her off or that her kid isn’t cute (which is what your weak self was trying to imply). So you’re attempt at throwing shade was lame.

      • There was no shade in my comments hon, just truth. Name another celeb who has done this?! And you don’t know me to call me “weak” sweetie so cut it out. If I post something on the internet i’m doing it KNOWING it’s going out to the world. Now answer my question, why is Bey posting shadows of her baby? Is it her attempt at being “artsy”?

    • LMAO trust me all my picture of my two kids are clear so everyone can see their beautiful faces. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Uh, Me not responding to your foolishness have nothing to do with my ability to respond. It means I don’t feel like going back and forth with your idiocy. Clearly you’ve never been on Instagram or Tumblr where people (celebs & regular everyday people) post pictures like this all the time. It’s either that or you’re simply choosing to play dumb to make something out of nothing because the topic is Beyonce related. And I think I’ll go with the latter…

          • Nobody is pressed as much about Beyonce as you are hon, considering this is the only post you show up on……..

  14. I respect celeb’s privacy issues when it comes to their children; however Beyonce and Jigga need to realize M.J. they are not! They are not creating the same level of mass hysteria Michael had over fans. No one’s passing out at their concerts,etc. so they might as well unveil baby Blue.

    • Like I said before Beyonce and Jay-Z can do whatever they want with THEIR child (did you get the “their child” part?) They don’t need to be MJ to take precautions with their child, they are already Jay-Z and Beyonce and their kid had her very own “saga” foolish from pregnancy to birth. If only you Mj stans could get it through you heads…He nor his “kid” is nor more special than Beyonce and hers…

      • I don’t “stan” for M.J., or any other celeb, just stating the obvious. I avoid Blue Ivy posts as they usually attract insane, rabids fans. As evidenced by your grammar, T, Beyonce’s stans seem to be as illiterate as she…now bump your gums about that! HAHAHA

        • Well I guess Beyonce and her “stans” are quite literate. No illiteracy in my post, but I see you were trying hard to point out minor typos to prove your point. You’re a fail and hater. Accept You title and move on, girl.

          Your sitting there mad because I called you out on your logic as to why they need to reveal their kid to YOU. Girl, get YOUR life.

  15. beyonce please ……. but blue is cute (i guess well at least she was) but i love beyonces music but this is really childish!! slick poparazzi is going to get a pic one day!! and i hope they get a good one!

  16. There’s nothing exciting about either photo. Nothing new, well except for the fact that Blue got bigger and she has a lot more hair. Bey always looks as if she’s struggling to hold Blue. My birthday is also on January 7th. Any who, I hope Blue enjoyed her 1st X-Mas. I wonder if she’s walking yet. Hopefully she’ll have a great First Birthday.

    • Me and my daughter’s birthday is Jan 7 also :-)

      I am to the point where I really do not care to see pictures of Blue if all I am going to get is this….

    • Same thing that i said to Trisha, why be negative, you knew what the picture was before you clicked on it so why be negative about it. Why couldn’t you just say My birthday is also on January 7th. I hope Blue enjoyed her 1st X-Mas. I wonder if sheโ€™s walking yet. Hopefully sheโ€™ll have a great First Birthday. But no you had to add the negative in there.

    • What is childish about it. The only thing that is childish is people like you who whine over a picture of a baby. Plus they have already snapped enough pictures of the baby what more do you neeed.

      • Reread my post and SIT. I never said anything negative except for, “There’s nothing exciting about the photo.” Where do you see the words childish? Secondly, please have a seat homey. Who are you to dictate what people say on here? I can say whatever the H E double hockey sticks I want to. Furthermore, I didn’t say anything disrespectful so SIT and Have a LOVELY EVENING!! \__

        • The childish statement was not meant for you. And i was not tryna dictate the comments just stating an observation. You are supposed to be a grown women but you sit up here gon try and be a computer gangsta. Please sit all the way down

    • I’m with u Trisha! She’s just doing this to tease people, I’m over Beyonce! Blue’s a cutie none the less!

    • Get a Life Trisha. Not even a Beyonce Fan but is is really that serious? My thing is if you know this is what beyonce does and you already saw what the picture was before you even clicked on the post then why not got to another post. Why do people feel the need to say the same thing over and over and make the post negative. People like you make me not even want to come on this blog any more because it is usually something negative said about the parents. I understand if you don’t care for the parents, you don’t have to mention it or even take it out on the child. Why can’t we just have just one day without there being negative comments. One day i hope that get rid of the comment section for good.

      • What did Trisha say? That she’s waiting on the comments! All u do see is Blue’s foot, no one said anything negative! U totally bash Trisha for nothing!

      • LMFAO why so mad? Is is Solange?! I didn’t say anything negative. Opening the post, i didn’t think i would see the bottom of Blue’s foot. I don’t think i’ve ever seen someone post just the bottom of their baby’s foot before lol. Babies have cute little feet :)

        • tashaj

          stop riding beyonce’s nut sac and back down….everyone is entitled to their opinion you and for you to keep bashing someone over a person YOU dont even know personally, better yet a person who doesnt even know YOU exist is tragic….smh…

          blue has a nice foot and fro….im over it *shruggs*

          • Excuse me but just like you have a right to comment on my reply i can comment on hers. Plus you don’t even know who i am so how do you know that i don’t know Beyonce Personally? Please why are you even getting in grown folks business. Wasn’t it just Christmas, go play with your new toys and stay in a childs place.

  17. 1. Blue is kind of long for an 8 month old in that pic. Then again I feel like little girls in general are taller than usual these days.

    2. That Jay-Z/Oprah quote is old. Like last year before his kid was conceived old. In fact, I’m almost certain the interview took place in 2010.

    3. Julez looks just like his mother in the other pic Beyonce posted. Usually I think he looks like Beyonce.

    4. I’m willing to bet that regardless of all the new post that’s been posted, people will come in here to complain about this woman and her kid. Betcha.

      • She’s not what?

        I think she should continue to do what she’s doing; updating her Tumblr with pics as she pleases. She’ll likely update the kid’s Tumblr on her birthday next month (which by they way makes Blue 11 months, not 10), but if she doesn’t, Oh well. Life goes on…

    • I feel like Beyonce may as well get it overwith and let people see Blue. We are going to see what she looks like eventually, unless she makes her wear masks outside the way Michael Jackson did with his kids.

      Halle Berry tried to hide her baby at first but finally she gave up. I feel like Beyonce should do what Mariah Carey does, saturate us with so many pics that we dont care any more. Then maybe people won’t chase her so hard trying to get pics of Blue.

      • Maybe Beyoncรฉ will let her stans/fans see Blue on her first birthday. That would be a nice gesture. They would really appreciate her for that. She’s not on MJ’s level, so there’s no need for the masks. veils or whatever. MJ only did that because of Debbie Rowe and the fact that they threatened to kidnap his kids. If she wants to keep her in a bubble, then she should move to a secluded island and raise her there. JMO

        • Um, she doen’t need to be on “MJ’s level” to protect HER child. SMH. And that goes for anyone famous or not.

          I have a friend who refuses to post her kid on FB. I guess someone should have told her she needs to be on “MJs level” to take such precautions. Lol

          • It’s not about being on MJ’s level, if I wanna protect my child I’m not posting teaser pics of it on the web……unless I want attention ๐Ÿ˜€

        • & MJ never teased the fans w/ pics of Paris eyeball or the back of Blanket’s head. They were only spotted by the paps. If you notice, since Blue got older (meaning she’s more active now) you haven’t seen them carrying her out anymore. B/c they can no longer hold her head down or hold a blankie over her head w/out her snatching it off.

          • So true Trisha. See, if our comments aren’t saying, “Awwwh, Look at Blue’s foot. How cute!!” or, “Mommy and daughter are soo pretty.” we get disliked. Not everyone is going to be in awe of the doggone photos people. The only thing exciting about the photo is the scenery in the back.

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