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It’s undeniable that babies are adorable and precious and can make even the toughest person’s heart melt. However, there are times when babies don’t seem quite so cute, but when it’s all said and done, you look back on it and realize that you made it out fairly unscathed and in the end, you would still do it all over again. Here are 5 things that your baby can do that are not so cute:

1. Throwing up in public or at a friend’s house- This is particularly embarrassing if it’s the friend with the all white furniture and pristine housekeeping skills.

2. Screaming in the middle of a restaurant- Not only are you unable enjoy your meal, but so is everyone else around you. Next time you go out for dinner, it will be sans baby.

3. Pooping on the plane- You came prepared for anything on the flight expect that. Those bathrooms are just too small to change a diaper, even for the most skilled mommy. It nearly takes Houdini just to go by yourself.

4. Crying in the movie theater- You thought that if you went late enough, it would be ok because baby is usually fast asleep. WRONG! He’s wide awake and wondering why you have him strapped down and out of his cozy crib. The other movie patrons are wondering the same thing.

5. Breaking the nice lady’s necklace- All baby’s have serious vise grips and once they’ve got their hands wrapped around something, it’s hard to pry them loose, so good-bye necklace. Hope it wasn’t expensive.

What are some of the not so cute things your little one has done?


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