What better way to celebrate the new year than onstage with mom and dad? Monroe and Moroccan got the ultimate pleasure of welcoming 2013 in front of thousands of Australian concert attendees with mom, Mariah Carey, and dad, Nick Cannon, by their side. The twins, nicknamed by Mariah and Nick as “dem babies,” looked stunning as they took the stage during the first show of mom’s week-long tour in the World of Wonder.

Monroe represented all of the little divas in her silver sequenced dress, while Moroccan held it down for the guys in his black jacket with white pants. Moroccan greeted concert attendees as mom held the mic steady for him.

Mariah is in the middle of recording her 14th studio album. She and Nick often dote on their 1-year-old twins.

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  1. Too cute! Roc was mad he was like I was trying to come out a long time ago so I’m not saying nothing lol. What people don’t understand is that Mariah is old school and back in the day you got dressed up to so everything. It’s not about her treating them like accessories that’s her style. You can even tell by the way Monroe is put together, she always has on lace socks and little girl dress shoes and her hair is always combed with a bow. That’s not something you see now a days. I personally love it. They’ll always be age appropriate and Lil mama’s hair will always be combed.

  2. adore and admire both Mariah and Nick cannon.love that she dresses her kids appropriately.that is a habit that they will be able to carry through their life, is all about investing in one’s appearance and self.that should be done whether or not they are celebrity kids.the first thing a person has to judge you on is your appearance. furthermore,i absolutely think the twins are the sweetest faces ever.

  3. After seeing this video, i fell in love with MC all over again lol. I love that they are so proud of dem babies and the way they are dressed.

    Hello these are Mariah Carey’s babies!!!! It would be weird if she didn’t dress them like this with all the millions she’s got!

    I feel like people have always something to say. Celebrities can do no good. Why is that?!

  4. Wow Monroe has a deep voice, I wasn’t expecting that lol Roc didn’t want to talk. Was Mariah drunk? lol

      • Thanks for the viedo, to cute! I beleive they were dressed because it was new Years, and whats wrong with dressing them nice, I love it. I have seen them dressed like regular little toddlers, just the other day their was a picture and Roc had on “chucks ” and shorts. Far to many parents dress their children worst! Im just saying..lol

  5. I wish Mariah would just relax. Like, why does she have to dress them up like this all the time? I get for church, but every time we see them they are overdressed. It just feels like she thinks of them more as accessories than people.

    She makes it so hard to like her, even though her closest friends say she’s really nice and considerate.

    And Nick… it’s either he’s dressed like a 90’s gangster rapper or decked out in a suit. They both need to see a stylist.

    • People can dress their children the way they want to. Mariah grew up poor, so naturally she would want her kids to have the best things. And Nick dresses like a gangster rapper? Really? lol

      • LOL. Why do people always respond w/ that “That can do what they like, it’s their kids”

        OF COURSE I KNOW THAT. LOLOLOL. Did I say it was illegal for her to dress her kids that way? I stated how I FELT about it. Do I have to preface every statement with “this is my opinion and my opinion only”? Like, if she wants to dress them like porcelain dolls, that’s her prerogative, but do I have to like it?

    • I personally love when people are dressed their best. You never know who you may come in contact with lol. Like Adrienne Bosh say “Team Over Dressed!” Nothing wrong w/ the kids wardrobe. It’s New Years, & are at an event w/ their parents. They should be dressed over the top in their best threads

    • It was New Years tho!!! Me and mine were dressed to the nines. And I know its your opinion but just because they’re always nicely dressed doesn’t mean she treats them as accessories, to me it would mean they are treasured and loved. IDK I’m just saying.

    • I doubt it…I think she is just showing off her pride and joys, if I remember nick said he would prefer them not to go into the entertainment business,so i don’t think she is grooming them for the business :)

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