Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, rang in the new year with family by his side. The rapper and producer had a New Years Eve celebration to remember on his yacht that acknowledged his son Justin’s birthday and the coming of 2013.

Diddy looked stylish as he sported a grey tuxedo and black glasses, while Justin looked cool in his white sweatshirt and pants. The birthday boy, who turned 19-years-old at the end of last year, looked excited to be celebrating his special day with family and took a lively picture with little brother Christian to show his glee. Sean’s twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, looked cute as ever in their formal wear and mom, Kim Porter, was in attendance dressed in silver sequence.

A host of celebrities, including Lily Cole and Lady Victoria, also joined Diddy on his yacht in celebration of his son’s birthday and the New Year. Combs parents six kids in all.

Photos: DailyMail/Instagram

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  1. So no one is going to inform the author of this article that the word to describe Kim Porter’s dress is “sequined” and not “sequence”?? Ok.

  2. What is with some people’s obsession w/ the stating the obvious? We can all see these people are Black, why must everything thing be prefaced w/ “beautiful black..” or “chocolate” ? It sounds so insecure. Can you jut say “beautiful family?”

    It’ like we need a separate category or something. There’s beautiful, and then there’s beautiful black.. We see a White family, and we go “beautiful family” we see a Black family and it’s “Beautiful black family.” We see a white couple. It’s “cute couple” but if it’s a Black couple it’s “Awww, Black love.”

    • I so love your comment. I wish i could like this a thousand times. I’m black and I love being black but it gets very annoying to see comments like that all the time. We get it, lol its the point of the whole site. I am just glad somebody else notices.

    • We still need uplifting, dignity and pride to instill in the Black communities after 450 years of oppression. So using the words “Beautiful and Black” is what we NEED!!!

      • It’s 2013, if Blacks do not know how to uplift themselves by now, then they are the only ones keeping themselves down. We need to instill that in our children, not grown adults. Yes we have been oppressed, but we aren’t now, it’s time to let it go & move forward.

          • Did you see me say there was something wrong for saying beautiful & black in the same sentence? My statement is it isn’t necessary to uplift black people. If they do not know black is beautiful by now, they never will. There was never anything wrong with black to begin with.

        • I agree with Ms. Sherley, if we as Black people haven’t figured out how to uplift ourselves via the way that will bring the most dividends; our children; then we are the only ones oppressing ourselves.

          Blacks were enslaved for 350 years in America, but how did that happen? I just remembered…Blacks sold Blacks to white slavers, so Blacks were the original oppressors of other Blacks and in 2013, we ARE STILL DOING IT.

          Another commenter said that we are the only race of people who don’t know where we came from. Are you kidding? While I accept that American Blacks may not have a concrete idea of exactly (who, what, where) their culture came from or the American School system is lacking in teaching real World History, it behooves us as normal curious human beings to do the research on our own and teach our children the facts, not fiction that we discover.

          I may not have the life experiences in years that most of you have, but I have had ALL of my histories drilled into my head from day one by my parents, especially my mum. She’s not special, you can do the same for your kids.

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          It 2013, with the internet, access to higher education and not to mention a two term US president of African descent we need to stop playing the “OPPRESSED” card as a an excuse for our deficiencies when we are the ones continuously doing the “OPPRESSING”.


  3. I think it has never been over with Kim (and i mean they are still sleeping together. Why the hell would Diddy choose when these woman will forever be allowing this)

    Kim is very pretty to see but to me the inside of a person is just as important ( if not, more important) than the outside. But knowing what i know about her i dont think she’s pretty on the inside.

    And i really dont think that this situation should be compared with Kimora and Russel’s.

    Anyway…i give Diddy credits for being an amazing father.

  4. Cute pics, but I am going to have to say that Kim’s genes are not dominant at all. All of her kids look just like their father’s.

    • I think it explains why Cassie wasn’t there either. From how Misa makes it sound, Kim is a big-headed woman, who although she knows she’s not vital in Diddy’s life and he is going to do what he wants to do anyways, she likes to throw her weight around for petty stuff like prevent her kids from being around his new woman.

    • Another correction….Kim was there at Diddy’s house with all her kids as well as Chance. She has fully accepted Chance.

      Chance was probably not on vacation with them because HER MOTHER didn’t want her away out of the country that long without her. Why keep blaming KIM?

      Kim accepts Chance now…now it is time for you all to ACCEPT THAT.

      • Let me clear up something for you, I don’t give two craps about Diddy & his 12 baby mamas. For the record, I never blamed Kim, I blamed Diddy. No one can keep your child away from you unless you allow it. My comment was sarcastic, as it always is on posts I don’t care about. ACCEPT THAT.

      • Accept her NOW!!! WTH!!! She should of been accepting her. That is a beautiful child, and Kim is a Mean old looking witch. Diddy is keeping her around to cut down child support

  5. I saw on another site that they are back together, but i do not think they are, i think they are just spending new years with the kids. I for one hope that they do not get back together. For me it only seems that Kim is the one that is really in love with diddy and Diddy is just with her for the kids sake and to keep him on her good side, i remember when they broke up a long time ago before the twins were born and before chance was born, and Kim had diddy in court because she said he was giving Misa more child support than he gave her. Burt idk thats just my take on it. Plus he looks happier with Cassie.

    O.a.n the twins are Beautiful. P diddy is gonna have a hard time chasing the boys off when all of his daughters get older. The boys/ young men are very handsome. Quincy looks just like al b sure, Justin Looks like a good mix of his parents. And Christian is diddy’s twin.

    • Correction! Diddy said on his reality show when he got his walk of fame that his 2 most favorite women were his mother and Kim….Diddy is a very powerful man and trust me, if he didn’t want someone around ….they wouldn’t be. Diddy LOVES Kim just as much as Kim LOVES Diddy.

      Also, Misa was receiving $5,000 a month or something for a long time for Justin and then when Kim took Diddy to court and was awarded $20,0000 a month. Misa ran to the court house to get her support increased. She even said it in an interview that she didn’t think Christian should get more than her son.

      • But how many years ago was that lol? I’m not saying that he does not love her, im sure he does, im saying that i don’t think he is in love with her as much as she is him.

  6. I hope for Cassie’s sake, he and Cassie had a meeting of the minds and chose to part ways. Otherwise, I’d feel very belittled if I, the supposed love of his life/fiance, couldn’t participate in holiday events w/ the rest of his family.

    • Why do they have to be back together for them to share the holidays with their children? Kimora and Russell do it. I’m not saying you’re wrong though, because you never know…

      • The difference between Kim & Diddy, & Kimora & Russel is Kim & Diddy have been back & forth for years. Kimora & Russel got a divorce, moved on & got w/ other people. That’s the only reason why i’m guessing Kim & Diddy could be back together, but you could be right

      • Imma piggyback with the twist that the REAL difference is that Russell will bring whatever current Boo he’s with to some of the get-togethers (while Dijmon was also present), but Diddy nor Kim don’t, leading me to believe they be smashing & it all wouldn’t sit right with Cassie, J-Lo, etc.,…….

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