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Blue Ivy Carter and Lukensia Michaels top the list of worst celebrity baby names:

Blue Ivy has been voted the worst celebrity girl name of 2012 in an online poll of about 2,000 users, U.S. website BabyNames.com announced Monday.
More than 47.1 percent of respondents voted the moniker of Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter the worst celebrity baby girl’s name. The runner up was Lukensia, daughter of Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades, with 29.1 percent of the vote.

….”We’re not seeing crazy names like Pilot Inspektor or Moxie Crimefighter anymore,” BabyNames.com founder and chief executive officer Jennifer Moss said in a statement Monday, referring to the quirky names of Jason Lee’s son and Penn Jillette’s daughter. “I think celebrities are becoming a little more sensitive to the fact that the child has to live with his or her name.”(Read more)

Do you agree with the survey? Who would you add to the list?

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  1. im used to odd names.. i work at a cake bakery some of the names i have seen and i kid you not are”

    “happy 5th birthday princess Nazi”
    “happy birthday DaMoney”
    “happy birthday Assassinator” -this could be associated with wrestling it was a wrestling decor
    “happy birthday Cashley”
    “happy birthday Theapolus”
    “happy birth Unique”
    happy birthday Narquisha Mone”
    ….trust me i can go on…smh

  2. I dont think these celeb parents are realizing that a name is the first gift you give your child. Thats a darn shame to all of them who dont put any real thought into a name…they just doin weird stuff trying to stay relevant.

  3. When I found out Bey named her kid Blue Ivy I was like wtf I thought they were naming her Brooklyn. I was mas not because of her name, but because of what other people would say. But you later learn that ppl being cruel to her name will never meet her, and theyre not named blue so why are they so angry about it? Other people are named after colrs such as violet, hazel, scarlett. Those are no less of colors than blue. Ive grown to get used to her name and cant imagine her being named anything else. Parents are going to name theie kids what they choose. Some names may even be popular in other lanhuages not just an american stand point. A person name doesnt define who they are or theie parents. So people need to be quiet and worry abt their own kids unless theyll confront the parents face to face. And we all know that isnt going to happen.

    • I know someone who actually asked Jay-Z & Beyonce why they named their child Blue Ivy, to their face during a Nets game. Beyonce gave her the side eye but they ignored her. She yelled it out twice. So, there are people who will ask anyone why they would do that.

      • Ok people might ASK them in person why they gave that name to their child. But they wont confront them in person the way they do on the internet. Asking why they named their kid blue isnt the same as critsizing them in their faces the way they do on the internet. Bottom line, beyonce has given explanations for the name since ppl are so concerned about it, even though it wont change their lives to find out the answer. Maybe they should let it go and worry about something more important than that little girl’s name.

  4. Blue Ivy is a strange name but it grew on me. I would vote Moroccan for worst baby name. I still cant get used to that.

  5. Oh, really? You wouldn’t post my comments, but this article posts a study on the top worst children’s names? Hypocritical. Maybe bck drank some haterade against beyonce…

  6. Blue Ivy isn’t a bad name to me. I prefer Ivy Blue but oh well. I love names with meanings behind them. Jay-Z has a preoccupation with the color Blue and the number 4 means a lot to them (IV).

    Lukensia is probably Haitian/French and people just need to google it and stop being American Idealist.

    Kash Kade sounds so Nouveau Riche. Blahhh, that would be my number 1.

    Charlotte Grace and Violet Isabel are pretty but not my taste.

    • Lukensia isn’t a Haitian/French name as you think. If you don’t know something just don’t write it down. thank you .

  7. My vote STILL goes to the name Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow) and hubby bestowed upon their son even though he’s not a baby of 2012 – Onederful Vanglorious Jaxon N’Krumah Martin! It STILL gives me nightmares!!!!!!! That poor child…..that POOR POOR child……

  8. I’ve learned when it comes to what people choose to name their kids, to have NO opinion. It’s a parents right and the kids can change it at 18; even sooner if they can convince a judge that a change is in their best interest.

    My parents gave their eight bio kids all names starting with “W”, we have two first names and the same initials (since I don’t want anyone making fun of my names, I’ll leave theirs alone). I think the “happy pills” were responsible for some. Just kidding…all the names are family names.

    I like Lukensia, I think she’s a cute kid so I’ll take a stab at what her name means. Dropping the “Lu”, kensia translates to Vidya which means self-reliant, creative and practical. I wonder if I’m close…or way off base. :-)

  9. #1 I will say to all the time that pdiddys daughter “jesse james” is horrible. yes, i did say daughter. how sad for a cute little girl to grow up with the name “jesse james”. One day someones gonna ask her boyfriend, “hey man, whats your gf’s name? and he has to reply “jesse james”

    #2 Jessica simpson’s daughter “Maxwell drew”. Really jessica? Maxwell? Drew? so, you look at your little girls face for the first time and you said, oh yeah, she looks like a “Maxwell” yes, I will call her Maxwell drew. Like one boys name is not enough. The poor baby has to have 2 boys names. : (

    #3 Cali dream is horrible
    Remember, these ppl have to go to work, and make a living for themselves. Would you want your lawyers name to be cali dream? nope. you would not.

  10. At First I wasn’t crazy about the name Blue Ivy Carter either, I’ve hope that Bey & Jay wouldn’t pick a crazy hollywood name for their child. but I gotten uses to it, and it’s not that bad of a name after all. it’s not as worse than all of these ghetto baby names people give their kids. besides Blue is a trust-fund baby, God Bless Blue Ivy Carter :) ps. her First Birthday Is This Monday :)

  11. All the children are beautiful. Whether the name has meaning behind it or not these were the choices of the parents. And whatever they mean I love all the names.

  12. I’d actually like Uma Thurman’s daughters name if it wasn’t so long. Natalie Portman’s sons name is Jewish, but there’s nothing wrong with it in my opinion. The others are just ridiculous.

  13. Please don’t bring Brave LittleWing into it. Cree Summer was born and raised on a Reserve in Canada. Her father is Don Francks’ who goes by Iron Buffalo and her Mom’s name is Lili Red Eagle. Cree’s brother’s name is Rainbow Sun. It’s their heritage. I wish people would research before talking ish about people.

  14. I’m sorry, but “Morrocan” is the worst name I’ve ever heard in my life. Mariah Carrey is a rich airhead and Nick Cannon is whipped. Poor kid. I mean, “Morroco” would have been workable, but Morrocan? WTF is that?

  15. Blue isn’t the most “normal” name but I don’t think it’s the worst name ever especially since there is meaning behind it but hey that’s my opinion

  16. I personally don’t think Lukensia should even be on the list since Jillian very likely did not give it to her. Many adoptive parents of older children (those adopted over the age of 2) do not change the birth names because the child is already accustomed to it. And this seems to be the case with Jillian Michaels’ daughter. It’s an odd name to me, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s got some cultural meaning behind it from Lukensia’s birth mother or country of origin.

    As for the other children, I seriously wonder what does through people’s heads when they choose some of these names for their children. I wouldn’t want to put many of those names on a job application or college transcript, that’s for sure.

  17. You have to agree that celebrities go way overboard when it comes to naming their babies. I mean Brave little chicken wing or whatever that child’s name is very odd! And thats just an example of many !

    • If I’m not mistaken Brave Little Wing’s name stems from her mother’s Native America heritage (Cree’s brother’s name is Rainbow Sun). Same with Lisa Bonet’s son.

      I don’t really think it’s a celebrity thing either. Normal people give their children odd names quite often…

      • Thank you T. I tried not to say anything before, but I will now. Carolina, this isn’t the first time you were talking about Brave. Your name isn’t all that great either and IDGAD as to how many people dislike this comment right here. Personally, your name reminds me of rice, dirt roads and tobacco fields. Brave sounds so much more powerful and it has meaning.

  18. I don’t care for polls as well…but lets face it , naming your child Pilot Inspektor is just plan ridiculous.

  19. [comment removed]

    Lukensia sounds African to me.

    My worst name nominee? Violet for a girl and Ayden/Aiden/Aden/Aidan for a boy. Not bad names but just WAY overused.

  20. I don’t agree with the survey. It sounds like a bunch of haters. Blue Ivy might sound odd, but it’s cool as heck imo.
    Lukensia sounds like a foreign name, not some made up nonsense. I don’t know why people are tripping

    • I agree. I honestly never got the big deal with Blue’s name though. It’s no different than naming your child Violet Rose IMO. People have been naming their kids after colors forever, but I guess people aren’t use to girls with the name Blue. It’s typically common with boys (spelled Bleu) and Ivy is an old name for girls.

      Not sure what Lukensia means as I have never heard it before.

      These kind of lists/polls are weird. Like best dressed celeb kid.

      • Because I have a name that isnt exactly popular i feel bad for these kids. Not because their names are different, but because people will always point it out. I think all these names are beautiful especially Lukensia. I think Blue Ivy is a pretty name as well. I think people were more shocked because she is a girl and Beyonce and Jay-Z didnt seem like THAT Hollywood couple that would give their kid a different name.

      • Lukensia is Haitian, her name derives is from her culture. It’s not made up or made to sound cute. I swear people need to open their minds.

        • HNY Ms. Sherley, best to you and your son for the new year. Is this the year when you will give me a new GIRL BCK cousin? I even have a name picked our for you. :-)

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