Charlize Theron and baby Jackson arrive in style at LAX after a quick stop in Miami. Jackson rocks in his knit sweater and UGG boots, while Theron sports blue wear with a black hat.

Charlize and Jackson recently wrapped up two weeks of relaxation on the beautiful island of Saint Barths. Theron and her little one took a stroll on the beach, basked in the sun, and dined sufficiently at various restaurants while visiting the island.

Theron adopted Jackson in March of last year.

Photo: Splashnews

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  2. He is giving me the Louis vibe. So serious and adorable all at the same time. So precious. I want him but just for the weekend.

  3. AHhhhhh! I’ve been waiting for pics of this kid!! He’s so cute. He’s probably wondering whose the strange men are taking his pics lol

    • He has a home with a mom who loves him. Why should anything else matter. His own mother isn’t taking care if him so I think it’s way better that he’s living with a white actress who can provide a safe and loving environment then him being In a foster home with people who just want him to collect a paycheck or with a mother who can’t provide.

    • That’s so ignorant of you to say! These are children who need parents, and parents who need children? Who cares what color their skin is? Furthermore, if you did your research, unfortunately, there are more black kids that need adopting than white kids, hence it is easier to adopt a black child.

      So what are they supposed to do? Turn down a black child because he’s black? Then you would be complaining that they’re racist, and that there are plenty of black kids that need adopting..and you’d be asking why they dont just adopt them.

      People just can’t win! They do the right thing and still get complained about! Be thankful that this kid has been spared a life of heartache and poverty in an orphanage and he actually has a chance at a good life.


    • Then why don’t you get out & adopt a child? There’s plenty of kids in the American foster care system who desperately need parents & most of them aren’t white babies. Give some credit to the parents, black or white or any other race, who don’t specify a certain race or age on their adoption papers. After all, they’re taking on the huge 18+ years of responsibility for that child, which is no easy feat.

  4. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Jackson Theron.

    I’m loving the sweater and those Ugg boots, Jackson is just fresh!

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