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Love and Hip Hop star Mimi Faust is shooting down rumors that she has lost custody of her 3-year-old daughter Eva to music producer Stevie J.

“If he has custody, I would like for him to put the paperwork up. Matter of fact, I will give him and anyone else, $5,000 to show custody papers. I have not been to court one time, about my daughter. It’s [garbage], a complete lie. There’s no custody issue–that’s it. The man is a liar. We sat in that therapy office and he admitted he’s a compulsive liar,” she tells the JasmineBrand.

Mimi says that she has remained a constant in her daughter’s life.

“Eva was with me from the beginning of her life, up until honestly, about just three months ago, when I really started to get busy, when we stopped shooting. She was with me. Day in and day out.”

She adds, “Unfortunately, the man that I decided to have a child with, is a little bit immature. No matter what I do, it’s never good enough for him. If I have Eva with me, he says I’m keeping her from him. There’s no winning [with me], with him. It’s as simple as that.”

Read more at The JasmineBrand.

Photo: Rollingout Magazine

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  1. I agree with all of you. My parents were married. Now divorced and was raised by my dad and dads mom and things just happen. I never saw fights…my parents did a great job with that part but I wish at the end of the day we would have had that last family discussion to say they were divorcing. I was old enough to understand that,you know. But things happen and I with all of you…sometimes you are in a marriage, it ends and the ex husband dont even see the kids like suppose to but have a friend with the best baby daddy ever…its life and its happens…

  2. Hold on. You had her until 3 months ago until your life got busy? I’m confused. Where is she now? How does that work in parenthood.

  3. MiMi is just a black girl lost, smh! Why even entertain this non-sense? Anyways little Eva is a very pretty girl :)

  4. Eva is so pretty!! And we all know Stevie loves to tell lies!! Who would even believe anything that comes out of his mouth??

  5. You could tell this is a rumor. I’m sure Stebie J loves his daughter very much but he doesn’t strike me as the type that would run out and try to get full custody of the child.

  6. btw bck there is an adorable picture of Neal and Dwayne Carter III hugging in the beach. They are so cute. I love brotherly love.

  7. Prime example ladies………..please know who ur reproducing with! Eva is a cutie, and I pray her parents have her best interest at heart!

  8. Please women, stop having kids out of wedlock. I am tired of all these baby mamas and baby daddies crap. We are worth more than that and deserve more. Children deserve to see both parents in a healthy mature marriage. If he isn’t worth your time as a BF then he def isn’t the right one to have a child with. Please women, think befor eyou lay down and control your horniess. it isn’t worth it and the kids suffer and repeat the same cyle that you are putting them through. You deserve to be someone WIFE not a baby mama. We are destroying our families bc of ignorance & stupidity.

    • I agree with you but, this kinda thing is not just an out of wedlock thing. this can happen even if you were married and got a divorce. The problem is not out of wedlock, the problem is that some adults are to immature to think of the child first. I think we can preach til we are blue in the face at the end of the day everything is up to god. I believe there is a purpose for everything and there is a reason for everything.

      • I agree with Marshae, it’s not just a wedlock thing. I had child support woes and my divorce friends also have the same issues. A few of my married friends think their husbands would be better if they got a divorce. I do have a separated friend who has the best ‘baby daddy’ there is. We tell her she’s extremely lucky.

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