Scottie and Larsa Pippen may be living in luxury but they are far from being removed from family and community. Although their reality show depicts them as the wealthy couple living the American Dream, there is more substance to this power couple who parent four kids in all.

The Pippen household begins tasks at 5am with Scottie on his daily workout. As the Chicago ‘Bulls’ Ambassador explains, “I’m up at 5am, go work out, and come back to make breakfast and get the kids ready for school.”

After making breakfast and sending the kids off, Scottie and Larsa get to their daily activities of serving as Ambassador for the ‘Bulls’ and giving back to the community. While her husband serves as the face of the team he once played for, Larsa is focused on raising funds and spreading awareness about the Bright Pink Foundation that aims to teach young women about healthy living. “I want to teach girls to listen to their bodies and be proactive about wellness,” says Larsa who practices good dieting and exercise herself.

Scottie and Larsa’s day ends with the family gathered around the indoor basketball court. “I like to mess around with my kids,” says Pippen. Although the wealthy bunch, Scottie and Larsa hold fast to family values and contribute to their community on a regular basis. They are not just “Big Pippen.”

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    • I’ve been wondering the same thing! I never see them pictured with Scottie anymore, even in the local Chicago celeb/society columns…
      Anywho, nice gravi Cindy! I LOVE Amel Larrieux!

      • (Scottie is still involved with the Bulls Org., and when he’s pictured courtiside you NEVER see the older kids with him anymore)…

    • His daughter Taylor is finishing up her first year at SIU, I think she plays volleyball on a scholarship for SIU. She has said that she does not have a relationship with Pippen, which is what Pippen wanted after he lost the paternity suit her mother brought against him (her twin died a week or so after birth). He paid child support and put money in a trust but opted not to have contact with her.

      It must hurt her seeing her dad looking like “dad of the year” on television and in the press but opting not to be a dad to her. I hope she had a good step-dad or other male role models in her life. No matter how he felt about the mum he should be ashamed of himself for choosing not to have a relationship with one daughter while having a relationship with her older sister and openly adoring the sister he has with his current wife.

      I saw an article, I don’t remember where that featured men who had left their “ride or die” chick (and sometimes families) when they found someone that they deemed “better”. Pippen was in the article along with several other men that are seen here on BCK on a regular basis.

      Perception and reality are two very different animals. Being on reality television and being perceived as a good father and family man doesn’t mean that these men are. I dislike reality programs, there is nothing real about them just a bunch of folks pretending they are something that they are not for ratings and financial gain.

      • WOW! Thanks for that info..very unfortunate for his daughter Taylor and very shameful for him as a father. I agree with your point, you never know the true “reality” with these people.

      • sadly there are many celeb men out there who have kids they just financially support and have no contact with. but they try and make others think theyre the best dads. snoop dog is one. he acts like his son julian doesn’t exist while showing off his other 3 kids on twitter by shante. him cheating on shante isnt julians fault and he shouldn’t have to suffer without a dad because of it. if shante was any kind of a woman she would encourage snoop to be in his sons life.

        • I agree with everything you said except we don’t know how much Shante could’ve talked to him about Julian. Snoop is his parent, so ultimately, it will be him that will make the decision to include him in his life.
          He could. It’s nice seeing celeb dads like Diddy, who make a point to show people he spends time with all of his kids and brings them around each other. No sibling rivalry hopefully.

      • That is sad…… however, Taylor, will be a stronger person……..sounds like she is on her way to being a productive, accomplished girl…..

  2. This is a beautiful family photo!

    Sophia needed shoes, in my opinion, just to match her Mom’s sass!

    It’s funny how the older two look the exact same and the younger two look the exact same, too!

  3. Why is there so many reality tv shows. (Enough is Enough)! It’s time to bring back regular tv shows. Remember the good old days when there was always something to watch on tv. It was like, you always run to the tv set because you knew your show was on.

    What happen to the real actors and real singers. It seems now anybody could be singers and actors, what happen to real talent. Rememeber the 80’s and 90’s when there were alot of black tv shows on but now, it’s sad that there isn’t hardly anyone of color on tv.

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