The Carter boys have nothing but love for each other. Dwayne III,4, and Neal,3, recently took a trip to the beach where they shared the love and sand with each other while big sister Reginae snapped candids of them having fun. The boys took a pause for the cause from digging to let Reginae capture them hugging. “My wittle brudersss ,” Reginae tweeted.

Neal and Dwayne have been quite close as of late and even walked together in Grandma Carter’s wedding last year. Jacida Carter promised her love and devotion to Avery Goff in front of hundreds of witnesses after her grandsons, Neal and Dwayne, made their marks as ring bearers. Big brother Dwayne held Neal’s hand and the rings as the two walked down the aisle to meet family and friends at the front of the church.

Dwayne and Neal are Lil’ Wayne’s second and fourth sons. The rapper has four children in all.


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  1. i dont know about anyone else but Dwayne III looks like Reginae in that pic with that half little smirk on his face. very Handsome boys

  2. It looks so bad for a man to have children by four or more different women.He needs to be married and stop having children out of wedlock.

  3. Just think if Trina and Wayne’s son would’ve lived, Wayne would have had 5 kids and Reginae would still be the only Girl. The boy would have been about 6 or 7 now. Wayne sure does know how to make boys lol. They are so adorable. That picture that was posted that they said was Lauren’s son looks like Lil Tune aka Dwayne Carter III. I imagine that Kameron does look alot like Lil tune, seeing as he could pass as Lauren’s son. They all have the same eyes. I remember that interview that Nivea did back in 2003 when her and Wayne were engaged and she said that she wanted to have a baby boy by Wayne lol well she got her wish now. I bet she loves that little boy to death (as well as the rest of her children). I think Wayne’s kids may be my second favorite family on bck.

    • Omg i totally forgot about Trina’s baby. Wow if all of his kids wouldve lived he would have six kids. That must be why Trina and Lil Wayne can’t leave each other alone. They have so much history. Its funny that Wayne seems to have a unique history with Most of the women he has been with. I remember seeing a picture months ago of Dhea kissing Reginae on the cheek. I don’t know if anybody noticed but in the background was Wayne and Kameron thats why she had those big words on the picture to cover his face. I wonder if Kameron was there. Probably was.

    • If wayne & Trina had a baby, he most likely wouldn’t have these other kids. Him & Trina were in a serious relationship, meaning none of these women were around. He went back to Nivea & Lauren after

      • If you let them all tell it they all had a serious relationship with him. He proposed to almost every women he was with. Trina did get pregnant though. I remember in 2005 during in interview with wendy williams she said her and Lil Wayne were engaged and expecting a child. Then it came out later that she had a miscarriage and that it was a boy. When she was asked about it later, she said that that was a private matter that she didn’t want to discuss. She also said that they didn’t get all of the information. I bet it was hard for her to watch him go on and have 3 other boys and hers didn’t get to live.

  4. They are too cute in that picture. I love how all the siblings know & love one another despite different mothers. Dwayne Jr needs a trim..JMO.

    Aren’t they Dwayne’s first & second children, Cameron, Lauren’s son, is his fourth child, right? Or is he born in between these two? I’m getting confused.

    • Reginae is of course the oldest, than Dwayne III (Sarah’s son) born Oct 2007. Next is Kameron (Lauren’s son) born Sept 2008 and last is Neal (Nivea’s son) born Nov 2008

    • they both have wayne eyes but i believe last time they post about Lauren son(Cameron) picture(i don’t know if that was him or not but the little boy favorite wayne and lauren… Neal favorite him(Cameron)… and dwayne favorite reginae lol

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