It’s just Beyonce and Blue in the beauty of the Bahamas as mom helps her daughter take steps along the magnificent ocean. Beyonce, wearing swimwear that matches the ocean, holds Blue’s hands as the 1-year-old walks with the waves.

Bey recently covered GQ magazine where she talked about her career and motherhood saying, “I love my job, but it’s more than that: I need it. Because before I gave birth, it was the only time in my life, all throughout my life, that I was lost. It’s like a blackout. When I’m onstage, I don’t know what the crap happens. I am gone.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationed in the Bahamas with Blue over the holiday season. She is their first child together.

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  1. I just think if they’re not going to show a face shot don’t show any pictures at alll. Showing a foot , legs , back of head,silhouette of her ..etc is pointless. I see Lauren London was mentioned even though she’s not as big as Beyonce you never seen her posting pics of her babies foot or back of his head she just doesnt show him at all. But we actually saw her big round (REAL) belly so we know she has a kid. Beyonce does this for attention I believe.

  2. Just once I would love for someone to explain to my why it is so important to them that they see this baby’s face. I would love to know why it matters and how it will affect their lives. What is it about her showing her baby’s back or toes that angers people so much. Someone help me out please.

    I love me so Bey! She is the queen of modern day R&B to me. In MY eyes she is our generations Tina Turner Chaka Khan. She is the only celeb I wouldn’t think twice about paying any amount of money to see. I have ALL her albums and her movies BUT i could care less about her baby. Thats her private life. Allow her that.

    • Tell me, have you ever bumped into an old friend/acquaintance who you knew had a kid/children? You ever asked to see pics of that kid/kids? If they did, did you expect for them to show you only pics of their baby’s foot or their child’s face not facing the camera lens? Of course not! When you ask for someone to show you a pic of someone else, nine times out of ten you’re going to expect to look at that person’s face.
      Sure, there are some people who’ll make rude comments but Beyonce’ll never be able to evade that.
      Some time, in the next two years, if she doesn’t cover her child’s face we’ll get a paparazzi shot photo where her face won’t be covered. Blue’s obviously not going to stay little. A lot of kids get to the stage where they don’t want to be held most of the time. You know, probably 2 1/2? They want to explore. Can’t wait for the day, cant wait for the day… =)

      • I understand about the old friend/aquaintance but this is not the same. We have no PERSONAL relationsip with Beyonce so it shouldn’t matter so much. To be curious is one thing, its natural to be curious but people get so angry and take it so personal to the point they say the meanest things. I just cannot understand that and I guess I never will.

        • I haven’t read any mean comments on this site. I don’t assume from reading any comments on this blog that anyone was mad either. It doesn’t make sense to post pictures at all if you’re just going to keep posting pics of the back of Blue’s head. Just post a blog.
          Sure, I guess the back of all babies’ heads are cute and Beyonce will get questions of why she doesn’t show Blue’s face. It’s not rude to say “hey, I wonder what her face looks like”.

  3. Beyonce doesnt show her daughters face because she still wants to have privacy. She has that right, in my opinion she is trying to balance celebrity life with a normal life. I highly doubt that she cares if her daughter looks like Jayz. Wait till the comments come about Kim and Kanye’s child.

  4. At the end of the day, who want to always be somewhere on a secluded beach? That like being the only person on the skating rink or at the club. That gets tired real fast.

  5. Why are people so pressed to see this baby? So you can comment on her looks.if Bey wants to keep some type of her life private let her. It’s these new age celebs that broadcast every detail of their personal lives. Legends don’t do that! There arevavslewbof celeb kids we haven’t seen. As someone mentioned earlier Lauren London’s child, how about Pharrell Williams child? Let Bey parent how she sees fit! Her lifestyle is not the average. What are you folks gonna do? Frame the pic and hang it on your wall! Let it go. I wouldn’t want these savages ripping my baby apart either.

    • Lauren keeps her child out the spotlight because her baby daddy had another chick pregnant at the same time as her. She’s ashamed.

          • You show yours off all over the internet? As a parent I can’t say it’s the best idea but to each her own. I am curious though, are you making the point that Lauren London’s child isn’t in the public eye because she’s ashamed of the circumstances under which he was born, or because you assume the child isn’t what you think is cute? It may be just me but logic would dictate that parents use discretion with posting pics of their children, but that’s just silly rational me.

          • @Jane Star kids are shown on the internet(I.E. this site) And I mean the former part of your comment(the circumstances surrounding her son’s birth). No I don’t know the chick but I just don’t think it’s a coincidence we regularly see pics of Reginae/Wayne III and Neal and not Lauren’s kid. As for me, I don’t have kids and don’t post pics of myself either. I’m genuinely a private person tho 😀

          • @Jane I mean the former, the circumstances around her birth. We see pics of the other kids all the time why not hers? And this is a celebrity kid website so i’m not sure why you’re complaining about kid pics being posted here o_0 As for me, I don’t post pics of myself at all (i’m a nobody), and I have no kids.

        • @Sherley

          These stans are silly. The only reasons people hide their kids are either,

          A) They ashamed
          B) The kids don’t belong to them
          C) They don’t want their mate to know they cheated
          D) They are marketing tools

          It aint rocket science.

          • Don’t I know about silly fans..Smh. People are crazy in general, especially when it comes to a celebrity..I never could understand that, but whatever.

            Honestly, I think it’s Jay-Z who wants to maintain privacy of Blue. He has never been the type to flaunt & floss to the public. He couldn’t care less about what they do, say or think. Beyonce has a desire to please her cocoa puff fans, so they compromised by showing body parts, dark pictures & what not. That’s my take on it, but you can’t dare say that on BCK..lol.

          • @Sherley I DEFINITELY think Jay is behind this. Bey understandedly does what her man wants. I get it but it’s still annoying lol

          • I’m making the point that people have a right to post or not post pictures of their own children in whatever manner they see fit so long as they aren’t violating their children. They don’t need the advice of anonymous strangers on the internet, nor do they need to placate the borderline psychotic complaints of those desperate to see their children. As far as your insight on why a parent would not show off their child, I’m afraid only non parents and bad parents can relate to your mentality. Hopefully when you have your own, your thought process on the issue will have grown and matured.

          • Also–just to be clear–you believe that people who feel a person is entitled to do as they please with images of their own children are crazy, but those who think up conspiracy theories involving the personal lives of strangers are completely sane and normal? I’m asking because I see no correlation between my points and fandom. You believe rational peoe obsess over seeing the face a baby they’ve never met?

        • LOL. I was thinking the same thing. People write things about others as if they “are in the know,” when all they can do is make stuff up.

    • Lauren isn’t as big as Beyonce. Pharrell doesn’t speak about his kid. Beyonce, HOWEVER, posts pics of her daughter’s back or blurred images. Ocassionally, we’ll get a paparazzi shot photo.
      If nothing at all is mentioned about Blue, then we’ll leave it alone.
      We have our rights to be curious if we’re going to keep getting other types of pics.

  6. There is a new pic on a black gossip site and mostly negative comments about Blue that she looks like Jay.In the pic Jay is holding her and talking on walkie talkie.

    • I saw that pic. I didn’t read the comments though. It doesn’t look like Blue has changed much from the pictures we have seen. She resembles Jay Z with Beyonce’s eyes & coloring..to me anyway.

      • The pic is old too. It was taken from their overseas trip celebrating Beyonce’s birthday. But one does see Blue Ivy a bit clearer. She looks fine to me.

  7. @T I don’t care if u get mad and thumbs down my comment. UR CRA ZY! Everytime a Beyonce post pops up, ur here harrassing people on their comments! It’s their opinions sweetie. I kinda sorta understand ur love for her, but LET IT GO! If u respond back I don’t care ur a psy cho

  8. why do people put babies in diapers, while they play
    in water?
    i would put my babies in swimming suits.
    because the diaper will just thick and gross and fall apart,
    with all of that water? yuck.

    i cannot say the baby is cute, because you never see her?
    she does seem to have curly hair?

    • There is swimtrunks for toddlers that look like diapers but are made for the water. Tohose are most likely what Blue is wearing.

  9. EXCUSE. ME EVERY ONE SHES NOT MJ THOUGH HE HAS A REASON HE WAS KNOWN. EVERY. WERE BILLIONAIRE HAD BEEN GOING THROUGH COURT CASES FOR YEARS MJ IS NO ONLY WOULD. NEVER B ANOTHER IT WILL STILL IS ANOTHER B AND JAY SO MAYBE RHE BABY not tHAT Pretty and they don’t want people saying mean things but this is just as dumb if u don’t want blue shown just don’t post pics of that head its a litt coco at least mj kids had mask lol

  10. I think we All should stop commenting on any of these pics(kinda boycott) Maybe the parents will miss the attention and give the fans decent pics of their daughter!!

    • So your going to “boycott” for pictures of a child that has no relation to you? …Lord, I’ve heard it all now…

      But just so you know BCK isn’t Beyonce’s blog so I’m not sure why she would give a darn whether people commented on a site that doesn’t belong to her. it doesn’t really affect her…

  11. I understand you dont want to show the baby girls face because of the media and whatever and to protect the baby but come on now all your doing is making it peoples mission to capture a pic of her face and when they do she going to be really mad, and there’s no point of sharing the dang pics any way all we gonna no is the beauty of the back if blue ivys head…… She doin some real Michael Jackson stuff it’s not like we trying to kidnap the girl just show the babies face or maybe this is some type of suspense thing she trying to do with us but if she keep doing this nobody going to care for the child anymore….. I guess that’s what she wants

      • Nothing is more weird than self proclaimed grown women obsessing over seeing the face of a child they have never and will never know. It’s creepy. You don’t have to be a Beyonce fan to acknowledge that many of you have severe issues. Why do you care so much about how someone else displays or doesn’t display their own child to the world? If someone can give one example of how a lack of seeing this child’s face will affect your life maybe I will understand all the hoopla. Right now I’m sitting back and shaking my head at these comments. Normal people see a pic, saw awww, and keep it moving with life. It’s not serious enough to elicit strong emotions and conspiracy theories.

  12. By repeatedly not showing Blue’s face confirms that she looks like Jigga. But every parent believes their child is beautiful.

    • So she’s not showing the public her kid because she looks like her dad? Um, what’s the correlation? Especially since she already released pics. And I suppose this is the same reason Lauren London (and a few other celebs) haven’t shown hers to the public? Lmao . You people are something else…

    • I think all this is Beys idea to keep us from seeing the childs face. She sure doesn’t hesitate to show her half naked self to the world. I still wonder why she didn’t take a picture of her side view showing off her naked pregnancy like so many other celebs have done, first being Demi Moore. There’s some things that just don’t add up with this lady. Maybe she’ll cover the lil girls face with scarves and blankets like MJ did his adopted white kids that he swore was his biological children. (Not) It’s so stupid. The childs face will be seen one day, or will they hide her forever. Beyonces a piece of work.

      • I don’t understand when people say she loves to show her skin. You have to remember she only does that on stage or when its work related. Thats not her daily outfit.

  13. For me, it’s totally understandable if Bey and Jay don’t want Blue to be seen to protect her and shield her from public scrutiny, but this in-between thing they’re doing doesn’t make sense. I feel like these kinds of pics are more about them wanting to project their parenting image. It’s like don’t worry guys, we don’t need obscure shots of Blue to remember that she exists and that you guys are parents now.

    • And they said Michael was crazy by potecting his children. I dont’t understand people. But when it comes to Beyonce , she is normal. Oh by the way, I don’t understand that suddenly Beyonce reveals so much of her self now (publicity = money $$$$).

      • What exactly has she revealed about her self (that we didn’t know)?

        And dangling a baby over a balcony (with a blanket over its head) is pretty crazy. I don’t know any sane parent that would do that…

        • Michael was a good parent ! His children have already told the media what a wonderful father he was and I agree. MJ was bullied by the media and people like you.

      • Michael was actually constantly bashed by the media though. It’s understandable why he was so protective. Nobody hates Beyonce that much though, so her showing her baby’s face won’t make her a target. Other kids would’ve teased MJ’s kids because of the allegations against him. What has happened to Beyonce where her kid, future kids will be tormented? Mariah Carey doesn’t hide her twins! Geez! LOL

  14. Aww sweet picture. I know Baby Blue was sent from God to give Beyonce a new meaning to her existence. That happens to millions of people who find themselves lost in their careers or themselves, with nothing to really live for. God gives children to them to give them a new perception of their purpose.

      • I don’t either. I’m happy and I’m blessed to be living life. Unfortunately some people out there don’t feel the way we do. Their life has to be shifted a little. That’s what has happened to Beyonce. So I’m not implying that having a baby fulfills you; I’m saying that life-changing moments like that can wake you up inside.

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