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As audiences everywhere are confronted with the cruelty of slave trading through Jamie Foxx’s new film, Django Unchained, the actor and radio host has been charged to tackle the subject of slavery in his own household. A father of two girls, Jamie recently took his daughters to the set of his new film where they came in contact with a great deal of history and culture on a real plantation in Louisiana.

“My four year-old (Annalise)  just ran, jumped and played and had a good time which is probably what a lot of young slave kids did at the time,” said Foxx. “They didn’t know how bad their situation was. But my 18 year-old (Corinne) was stunned. 7,000 names of babies that were killed on the plantation because when a Black woman would have a baby, the slave master would say, ‘so how are you going to pick cotton?’ So he killed the baby.”

Although hailed as one of his most powerful works in acting, Jamie thinks that there is more to Django Unchained than mere entertainment. The actor also believes that audiences everywhere can be educated on the poor condition of many slaves during one of America’s darkest hours .

Django Unchained is available for viewing at local theaters throughout the nation.

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  1. Try as I might I just can’t seem to like Jamie Foxx. I have heard mixed reviews about the film so I will refrain from judging it. But talking about slavery is important to do with your children.

    • very true Miri, it is the same way in the Latino society. If you are not white with a Spanish phenotype you will experience a lot of discrimination based on your race and color. In every Spanish speaking society the whites behave as if they still live in the 1800′s where slavery of black Hispanics was rampant.

    • True Miri! In all Spanish speaking countries black and brown Hispanics are discriminated against and treated badly by white Latinos. Unless you are full Latino with white skin and straight hair life will not be fair to you at all.

  2. It doesn’t matter that they are half white they still are not white in the eyes of the world and they will have the same problems with discrimination.

  3. I loved the movie and it was DEEP!! Quentin is genius. It was emotional, educational and it had humor to it. I can only imagine how Corrine felt being on that plantation and feeling the energy and the innocent souls that were murdered there. Knowing me, i’d cry.

  4. I did noy like the movie. And his kids won’t have any problems with discrimination since they are not full Black.

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