Gabriel and Nahla go on a run as the model picks up his daughter from school in Los Angeles. Gabby holds his daughter’s hand as the two stroll away from Nahla’s institution of learning. It’s all smiles for Nahla as she walks by her father’s side. Gabriel also looks like the ever pleasant one, clutching shopping bags in one hand while holding on to his daughter’s embrace in the other.

Nahla’s mom, Halle Berry, is gearing up for the release of her new work, The Call. Set in Los Angeles, The Call explores the life a serial killer through the eyes of a 911 dispatcher who hears him torture and murder several people while on the path to killing a girl that he kidnapped from a parking lot. Berry portrays the 911 dispatcher and has several encounters with the killer before confronting him face to face at the climax of the film.

The Call is set to be released on March 15, 2013. Nahla is Gabriel and Halle’s only child together.


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  2. I’m glad that they are getting some daddy and me time. Nahla probably has Gabe wrapped around her little pinky :-)

  3. I think Gabriel is the funner, sillier parent & that is why Nahla seems to always be smiling when with him. She’s a well loved, adored child by both parents..she’s truly blessed.

  4. I agree with BEENO. I’ve seen Nahla (With Her Beautiful Self) frowning, smiling and a couple very touching photos with both Halle & Gabe. it seems depending on the article/story the media is pushing… they use the photos they think will tell that story best if that makes sense. Nahla is so very pretty!!

    • Very true. I wish people would THINK first and Halle has no exsuce. She had her baby in her 40s and then with this man. She had some implication that he would be somewhere near where he is now. Even if she wins the battle, Nahla still looses: an abusive father, a mom that has a different man everyother month, and feuding parents. She came from a wedlock situation that is no different than most ghetto children other than the fact they have money and fame. Smdh at Halle!!

  5. 😀 Nahla is a happy little in general, no matter who she’s with. I always used to get more excited being picked up by my dad, b/c he didn’t pick me up as often as my mom did. Plus he picked me up earlier and gave me Mcdonalds. Aww..the memories. Anyway to the present…Nahla is adorable with her fam

  6. Really, you guys, this little girl looks happy, and loved by bonus parent, daddy, and mommy. She appears to be loved much by all that play and important role in her life!!!

  7. FINALLY!!! BCK you’re late with the pictures of Nahla and Daddy…there has been so many others.

    Nahla and Gabriel look so happy and sweet together.

  8. I just haven’t been able to look at him the same since he took that butt whooping! I use to love this man… Smh! Well, at least Nahla looks happy.

    • LOL PlainMean, but he cleaned up nice. He got into a fight with a boxer. I think he held his own, Olivier didn’t walk away unscathed. In fact, I see Gabriel like you use to see him. Something about a man willing to get a beat down for his child is so sexy to me…;)

    • I disagree, I can post several links where she is frowning with her dad.I notoice she seem happier with Halle and Olivier. Remember the beach photos with Oliver…too cute. Hopefully they are all getting along better.

    • Based on the photos I’ve seen it seems like Nahla smiles a lot more with her Daddy, but I couldn’t say she’s “happier” when she’s with him.

    • It all depends on which photo’s are published. The smiling ones, or the non-smiling ones. I’m sure there’s an equal amount of both. Not to mention the frowning photos.

      Nahla loves BOTH of her parents, and BOTH parents LOVE Nahla! And Even Olivier show genuine love and affection for her, and she definately shows genuine love and affection for him. Yound children are unable to fake their emotions. God bless them ALL.

  9. I saw the preview of Halle’s new movie…It looks really good with a lot of action going on. I’m not a big fan of Halle , but it’s still nice to see her back in the movie scene.

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