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King Cairo is the epitome of handsome. The little one sits back as he sports a bib that says, “This is what handsome looks like.”

Tyga and Blac Chyna were overjoyed at their son’s arrival in October 2012, as King bounced into the world weighing a healthy 7lbs 1oz. The rapper and model took to Twitter to share their excitement tweeting, “Welcome King Cairo Stevenson 7lbs 1oz…#blessed!!!! 40 long weeks….So happy words can’t explain.”

King is Tyga and Blac Chyna’s first child together. The couple have been in courtship for several months.

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  1. Ce qu’un garçon beau bébé ! Love seeing new faces on BCK. Head full of hair, BRIGHT, BRIGHT eyes, what a handsome boy.

    I too, prefer the name Cairo over King. Cairo is the capitol of Egypt, maybe in a year or so, or when Cairo is big enough maybe the two can have a playmate :-) .

    • You wanted to say What a beautiful baby boy, right? Just say: “Quel beau bébé!” (“Quel” written like this is masculine) No offence, I’m just French.
      But you’re right he is such a cutie pie! :-)

      • @Calypso971, thank you. My mum also corrected me. I thought it was fine since the baby was masculine. French was actually my first language. followed by German then English, but English has been my major language since I was 10. The other languages took a back seat to reading and writing in English.

  2. Yayyy bck! That bib is very fitting! He’s so cute, he’s a good combination of his parents but looks more like his dad

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