The Dean boys landed in D.C. to be a part of history as the President of the United States took his oath to serve as Chief of Staff for four more years on Monday.(January 21). Egpyt,2, and Kasseem Jr.,7, arrived in D.C. just in time to watch Mr. Obama’s inauguration ceremony as dad, Swizz Beatz, reflected on the monumental moment via Twitter. “The Inauguration Boys just hit DC History in the making 2013,” tweeted Beatz. Alicia Keys also spoke on the day’s significance telling social media fans, “Ready to head to the National Mall! Such an incredible day for our children.”

Egypt and Kasseem Jr. were two of thousands to watch President and First Lady Obama once again accept the responsibility of leading the nation. This year’s inauguration ceremony was especially significant as it fell on the same day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday observance.

Egypt is Alicia and Swizz’s first child together. Swizz has four kids in all.


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  1. I like that jacket kasseem has on… I don’t know if I spelled his name wrong or write but those boys are handsome

  2. Alicia and Swizz always have family time with their children. I loved how she brought Egypt, Swizz Mom and her brother, Cole with her when she campaigned for Barack Obama.

    Alicia Keys always has a connection with everyday people. She will walk the streets of NYC and enjoy life. It is important to have that normalcy.

  3. Alicia keys is so normal. I always see her walking down the streets like a regular person. Something Beyonce would never do. Alicia also dress like a regular person and shows off her kids, they are so normal and relatable. I love this family.

    • Dont want to step on your toes, but i think that there is a “huge” difference between Alicia and Beyonce (maybe not in terms of their popularity, but in the way that people treat them). For example, Beyonce and Jay-z released some pictures of their princess after she was born (i have no idea whether i was the only one who saw all the negative comments that were directed at their beautiful child…after that, i would do exactly what they decided to do- get my child out of the public eye as it seems like people take joy in pushing that family down, going as far as attacking an innocent baby).

      • True people go crazy over Bey but that’s because Bey/Jay perpetuate a lot of their hype. They walk around like royalty so people treat them like it. Like who (besides the Obamas) rides around in a bulletproof black armor truck?

          • I stand corrected 😀 But hasn’t T.I. been shot at before? His friend was murdered while they were traveling I believe, so I can see why they do it. Otherwise it just screams “we are important”.

        • All I can recall is people saying how beautiful Blue was/is! Now what they say about her parents is a different story. Egypt and Kassem r beautiful boys!

          • Really? You missed all of the ppl saying that Blue was the devil/anti Christ; saying she’s ugly; too light to be their baby; etc?

        • Lol how did I know that you would respond with your usual Beyonce hate?!?! Regardless of why you feel ppl “go crazy” over Bey and Jay, it’s unrealistic to think they should walk the streets like everybody else.

          • There’s no hate girl! It could be Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie walking the streets, they wouldn’t be mobbed like Bey now would they? Her stans are something else.

      • IDK PlainMean, I was in Central Park one day & apparently so where the Carters & no chaos was had. They had an entourage of bodyguards & people were snapping pics but no flash mob or hearing loss screams occurred. Of course this was before Blue Ivy was born.

  4. Awww, so cute as always. I’m really glad they brought the kids, and I loved when Alicia had Egypt on the campaign trail with her. These moments are so important for our history, and even though he probably won’t be able to remember it, it will be great for him to know he was there and that his mom was setting a great example of social activism for him at such an early age.

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