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Cutie pie Quvenzhane Wallis is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s special Oscar issue.

Although her role in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” was Quvenzhane’s first film, she was quickly thrust into the spotlight and on the lips of critics as being a fresh, new actress that would win countless hearts and awards for her performance. The pint-sized actress was discovered by the director in a library with her mom and hasn’t looked back since.

Her performance has left viewers from the Cannes to the Sundance Film Festivals in love with her portrayal of the lead role Hushpuppy, so much so that she has since won awards such as breakthrough performance from the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala to winning Best Young Actor/Actress at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Now the young actress has made Academy Award history as the youngest person ever to be nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Quvenzhane is not ready to rest on her current success, having already landed her next role in the upcoming film, Twelve Years A Slave.”

Quvenzhane is sure to continue to capture the hearts of viewers everywhere.


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  1. Also please think and pray about this, they got her running around sayin “Beast it!” like it’s a nice cute slogan because they put it in the movie. but when you understand what’s really going on in hollywood and read the Bible, then you will clearly see that the phrase “Beast it!” is a form of worshipping the “beast” which is the horned herm aphodite goat called the “baphomet” and satan. Just saying y’all need to stop idol worship and stop being entertained by demonic hollywood. Pray, research, study and ask questions. Don’t just be led by greed and wickeed self worshipping ambitions to pursue fame and fortune.

  2. How is this L I T T L E G I R L “appropriately dressed” ???? She’s wearing a man’s suit and tie…!! Dave Chappelle talked about this on Oprah… hollywood sellouts cross d ressing…. T H I N K people T H I N K! Open your eyes!
    They have this G I R L screaming and repeating, “I’m the MAN!” in the movie B-O-T-S-W and people think nothing’s wrong with this???
    Hollywood is full of homo se xual sell-outs as in sold their souls for fame and fortune. These people literally “bend over” to bow and worship the “BEAST” the horned goat herma pho dite “Baph omet” known as “Sa t an”. The G ay agenda continues and people are sleep. What a per verse generation. Parents keep your children out of hollywood and grown ups stay far as you can A W A Y from hollywood! Nothing is worth your soul!

    • Yes, Hollywood, and the media, is already preparing to destroy this young lady’s sense of identity! Too bad we get caught up in the glamour and glitz while they continue to steal our souls and make us useless to our own true salvation!

  3. Look at Miss super star on that awesome magazine cover….keep doing your thang baby girl !!. I love the way she’s dressed & styled. Too cute.

  4. Quvenzhane is such a beautiful and talented girl! And I like how she’s dressed stylish and appropriate on this cover.

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