LL Cool J and family will appear on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on Sunday (Jan. 27). Find out the best lessons the rapper teaches his kids.

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  1. I love the interview with LL and his family. They seem like a strong, loving and well-grounded family. LL seems like a great provider and protector of his wife and children. The interview also made me think of the fact that today, we dismiss the effect and influence that the older generations have had. Most rappers today wouldn’t be the “brands” that they are if it was for the transitions that people like LL made in his career. He broke down doors and blazed the way for many. I think he is grossly underrated.

  2. LL’s interview was so good and insightful. I like the way he expresses things. A lot of inspirational words. Always has been charismatic. Most of all, he has a beautiful family.

    • Thumbs down for saying the interview was insightful? When he said, I might slightly misquote but “dreams do not expire” those words were nice to me. A couple of others too applied to MY life. So, yes, it was insightful. It was inspirational to me. I come on this site to post nothing but positive things.

  3. Happy birthday Connor! Going to miss seeing his handsome face on here now.

    The Carters trademarked BlueIvy Carter & must show products baring that name in about 6mnths. I see baby clothes & items popping up very quickly. I hope the florist who already has Blue Ivy in her name still gets to keep it. After all, she had the name first.

    Looking forward to watching LL on Oprah today. My cousins lived next door to his grandmother when he was a kid.

    The mini models are gorgeous..simply beautiful.

  4. i need a girl with extensions in her hair
    bamboo earrings at least 2 pair….

    I think carter/knowles shouldnt have wont the blue ivy copyright bc the caterers had the trademark first. I both should be allowed to use it. let the caterers keep the trademark for the food business. I mean are carter/knowles seriously gonna create a baby line or they just dont want anyone else to ?

  5. Yes…. I’m def. watching….I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! They never get a lot of shine though! Finally Oprah gives them the light! How she interview Jayz before LLCoolJ I don’t know but she get a pass b/c she O! lol

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