Stephen Belafonte spends a cool Sunday with his girls, Madison and Angel, while mom Melanie Brown snaps a picture of her family. Stephen helps Madison clap her hands as Angel hugs him tight.

It was recently revealed by Mirror that Mel and her family may be moving back to London this year. The media source reports,

“All her obligations in Australia, where she’s been living for two years, come to ­completion at the end of January. Phoenix really wants to be in the UK and Mel’s getting signs that things are going to work out with The X Factor. The thing about Mel is she goes where she’s wanted and where the work is. And if that’s the UK then so be it.”

Mel has already been looking into schools around town for her children to attend, and is rumored to be the next judge of the United Kingdom’s version of ‘X Factor.’ Mel and Stephen parent four children-Madison, Angel, Phoenix, and Giselle-together.

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    • Her name is Giselle, let’s NOT call her the “white one”.

      She obviously lives with her Mom, so she CANNOT be with her Father and his family all the time.

      Mel showed pictures of Angel’s room before and said her and Giselle share. She even had “Angel” and “Giselle” painted on their walls. She definitely is incorporated into this family!

      • im not sure why you felt the need to extra piece of information, as if it makes any difference.
        regardless of whether she cannot be with her father or not all the time or whether she is incorporated into the family part time.. naturally she is likely to feel left out, if daddy is always with his other family. In saying that I have no doubt he loves them all equally.

  1. Words cant begin to describe just how much I love this family. Angel is such a beauty. Totally love the other sisters as well- beautiful family.

  2. Eddie who? Stephen have stepped up from day one with Angel & appear to be an amazing father to the girls!!! Btw Angel & Madison is beautiful!!!

    • Eddie who? Eddie Murphy’s child support checks help to support this family. Notice I said “helps”.

      I’m not knocking Mel B because she is making a living, it’s just that this family lives extravagantly and I haven’t figured out what Belafonte does for a living besides being Mel B’s husband.

      Eddie Murphy gets no respect from me in reference to Angel, you can be a dad while hating the mum, average people do it every day, but love him or hate him, if Mel B’s “career” dies, Angel Murphy is a living breathing cashpoint, at least until she turns 18.

      • I think that Stephen is Mel’s manager and considering that she has consistently been working, unlike the other Spice Girls, since hooking up with him apparently he is doing a good job.
        The family lives an extravagant lifestyle because they can afford to, Mel has a net worth of about 40 million dollars. Granted its not as much as Eddie Murphy’s 75 million but if she keeps working and investing her money she just may catch up to him.
        She doesn’t need to use Angel as a cash machine as you so tactlessly put it.

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