Amber Rose gets her workout in at a prenatal class. The model is expected to give birth to her and Wiz Khalifa’s first child within the coming weeks.

Amber and Wiz recently visited Power 106’s ‘Big Boy Neighborhood’ where they talked about their future baby boy’s name and being parents for the first time. Wiz couldn’t help but gush when talking about fatherhood telling the radio station, “This is the only [job] that I’m really, really focused on right now, being a dad. I’m a new dad, this my first kid, so I’m trying to be the best.”

The couple have already picked out a name for their son but are waiting until he’s born to reveal it to the general public. “We’ve had the name for a long time. [Amber] actually came up with it,” said Wiz. “It’s a total boss name for a boy. It’s a normal name, it’s just not common,” added Amber.

Amber and Wiz were in courtship for several months and became engaged before announcing their expectancy last year. The couple is rumored by several media sources to now be married.


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  • Wiz and Amber meet up with George Lopez at radio show




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  2. Can this woman enjoy a prenatal class without a picture being snapped & made public? Goodness. Can’t wait for baby pictures!

  3. U have to hold on to somethings! (Hint) PlainMean hasn’t told me anything about my nephew’s future wife 😉 :) Just kidding! I can’t wait for the baby!

  4. TOO excited!

    I love babies and I love find out their names after their born, it’s so much more special, to me anyway!

        • It’s they’re, as is in “I can’t wait to find out the names after they are born”.

          It would be ‘their’ if one were trying to say “I can’t wait to find out the names after their (multiple people) births”. Their denotes possession; the births would belong to them.

          We as black Americans must have a better grasp on the language than we do as a whole. It’s your primary language for pete’s sake.

  5. They seem so genuine and I have to admit that I was weary of them when they first got together because of the who kanye and kim and reggie situation. I do feel like out of all of them, they seem like the ones who will last. Can’t wait to find out the name!

  6. They are too cute. This is a normal relationship and real couple. Kanye & Kim and Reggie and his “woman” arent real realtionships.

    • Lol so ignorant. What gives you the right to say someone’s relationship is real or not and you don’t even know them! People on here can be such dingbats!

      • Bc its the truth..Kanye and Kim wont last (And you know that so face it the truth). Reggie and his “woman” wont last either. Nor will they marry those women. This is a genuine relationship that Amber and Wiz Khalifa have.

      • Kim is still MARRIED (w/no divorce date set..terrible) to another So obviously Kanye cant marry her…Lets face it their “relationship” is a joke, scam. Reggie wont last either.

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