Holly Robinson-Peete headed up the most recent panel discussion on autism that featured several celeb parents with kids who have been diagnosed with the disorder. The discussion was held earlier this month after a private screening of the upcoming film,Colored My Mindwhich addresses the effects of autism in households across the nation.

Robinson-Peete shared her experience of having to share the devastating news of her eldest son’s, Rodney Jr., diagnosis with family members saying, “My in-laws, I think just three months ago, said the word ‘autism’… my boy is 15. There is a generational stigma that made it very difficult to start to accept…that can impact the family the marriage and all those things but now that we have the diagnosis and we are moving on and in a proactive way.”

LaDonna Hughley also shared her story, telling panel members and screening attendees that her son, who also struggles with autism, recently graduated from college. Both she and D.L. Hughley were proud parents as their son took center stage to receive his degree. Hers is a success story that serves as proof that autism is not the end of the road for kids who are diagnosed with the disorder.

LaDonna and Holly are among many celeb moms who advocate for awareness and action in the field of autism on a continuous basis. Toni Braxton also serves as advocate for awareness of autism as her son also battles with its effects.





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  3. It’s a shame that there is not more progress with autism especially since there is so much celebrity exposure and attention devoted to it

  4. I never knew D L Hughley’s son had autism. People, including celebs, keep autism a secret as if it’s something to be ashamed of. Holly Robinson & Jenny McCarthy are the only ones bringing it to light & educating people. I love Holly for that! So glad DL’s son was able to graduate. Simply because your child has a disadvantage from birth, does not mean he will be disadvantaged in life.

    • That’s very true, especially for those on the higher end of the spectrum. I know two guys in college who are autistic, but they excel in a specific area of study (physics & mechanical engineering). Their social skills are quite lacking, of course, but they’re also brilliant and very nice in their own ways. Neither of their parents ever treated them like they had a disadvantage, but instead a gift & very specific set of skills. That type of attitude had obviously paid off in their lives.

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