Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is finally out in the open for everyone to see. The reality star recently tweeted a few pics of her protruding bump with caption, “Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere” underneath. Kardashian’s sister, Khloe, posed with her as she brought attention to the model’s waist.

Kanye West announced him and Kim’s expectancy to a crowd of 5,000 fans during one of his concerts last year. Mr. West shared the good news musically and told the crowd to congratulate his future child’s mom who was Kim Kardashian.

Kim has endured severe nausea over the past few weeks, but was sure to dress up for the splendid occasion of introducing her bump to the world. The lad or lass will be Kim and Kanye’s first child together.

Photos: Instagram

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  1. First I must say Congratz…And Kim should have a smooth labor……She wont even know that she gave birth …Kim ( Omg I went to Tinkle and out came my Baby Girl Kiyane…

  2. Khloe is my fav but why is she so skinny in every pic but on tv she’s bigger. Check out their christmas card to see what i mean! She’s skinnier than Giselle B!

  3. looks like since she and her mate will pull off a jayz and beyonce. Word on the street is b did not carry blue ivy, but when your rich anything is possible and can be hidden easily, meaning if you have money you can stage a pregnancy without breaking a sweat.

  4. I miss the days when you could escape Kim Kardashian on BCK and YBF, guess those days are gone. Damn you, Kanye.

  5. It’ll be funny to see her belly sticking out more than her bottom lol. It already looks like any weight she’s gaining is going straight to her bottom…I’m not a huge fan of Kim but she looks nice, cute little baby bump

    I also heard Khole was prego too, i hope so!

    • No one can I hate on Kim, she’s fake all around. Maybe if a little part of her was real, but uh huh.

      I too read Khloe was pregnant & I hope she is too.

  6. Im tired of Kim Kartrashian! Hope the baby is healthy however bc he/she is the innocent one in all of this mess. I will never accept nor like ppl who carry themseleves in the worst way. This woman is preggos with another man baby but still marry to soemone else…ppl are praising her & conrgatulating her but when Fantasia was in this situation, they ripped her to pieces. Neither were in the right but why such different responses. I dislike the Kartrashian family, wish they cancel the show and go away..all of them.

    • i’m so sick of her too!!! seems like everything she is does is to keep her in the eye of the public! congrats to her and kanye but i really could use a month or 2 without see’ing her again!

    • If you don’t like Kim then why comment on a post about her? Okay then. It’s not her fault she’s still legally married to Kris Humphries. He doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers. Does that mean her whole life has to stop because he wont sign the papers? No. She will continue to live her life. You don’t like the Kardashians? Haha they couldn’t give a rat’s a*s. They will always have more fans than sad, pathetic haters.

  7. Lol this will annoy a lot of people. I really like the Kardashians but I don’t need to know all of Kim’s pregnancy symptoms.

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