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T.I. did it big for his son Messiah who celebrated his 13th birthday over the weekend. The teen spent the day with family and friends as he rang in his teen years with style and class.

Messiah had everything from a majestic cake to red carpet at his party. Numerous guests, including his majesty’s grandmother and siblings, took pictures on the red carpet and watched as Messiah cut into his pyramid-shaped cake after making a wish. The cake was indeed a site to see as it had Messiah’s name featured in the middle with ‘Ya Majesty’ written atop its three dimensions.

Rapper Yung Joc and his family were just a few of many to come out and help Messiah celebrate.

Messiah is T.I.’s eldest son. The rapper parents six children with wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.

Messiah and siblings Deyjah and Domani

Rapper Yung Joc and Family


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  1. Happy Birthday…… You are so cute …. i am dying to meet you in person ….. whoever that girl you went on that date with is….You should S.T.E.P.. back like whaooo

  2. Cough I wish this could be more positive…Illuminati symbol with out the eye .. ya’ll feel me…..I’m just saying…Love the Harris Family…But not feeling the cake….# Deleted by Bck

  3. Messiah is my favorite of TI’s kids! He’s so well behave and so handsome! Yung Joc…. haven’t seen him since IT”S GOING DOWN! He too have beautiful kids!

  4. happy birthday. i dont like any of his kids names, seem like really low class names. The kids are cute but, you know…

    • How is King, Major, or Messiah low class? Those are all high class names lol. Though I would say they aren’t exactly appropriate, but my opinion is pointless to them.

  5. HAPPY BDAY MESSIAH!!! He is one of the most well behaved Harris kids and he deserves what he got and so much more!!! Nice looking party! I love T.I.!! He is one of my favorite artist and celeb parent. O.A.N Young Joc???? I forgot all about he even existed. Wow where ever he has been hiding Im glad he decided to show his face again to refresh my memory. :.)

  6. They all look alike! Lol. TI and the mother of his older boys look a like. She also looks like she could be Deyjah’s mom. Then Tiny’s two mostly look like her.

    Messiah has gotten big! He’s become a handsome boy.

  7. 13 already, wow!

    Ya Majesty is his middle name, after all.

    Messiah is gorgeous! He looks just like his Mom and Dad. Mommy Lashon is at the top left beside Deyjah.

    Nice to see Deyjah’s Mom was there, too!

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