Tamera Mowry-Housley believes that color is only skin deep and wants the Internet world to know that it has nothing to do with affection. The actress recently took to her blog to address recent comments made about her and Adam’s inter-racial marriage and their 2-month-old son Aden.

“When people say ignorant things about Aden’s race or my marriage with his daddy Adam, it’s easy for me to take it personally – even after all this time, my skin isn’t that thick,” wrote Tamera. “Skin color has NOTHING to do with love.  How Aden looks or grows up to look like – whether he looks more ‘white’ or more ‘black’ – doesn’t matter to me.  Why should it? He’s my precious baby boy and my only job is to be the best mommy I can be to him while showing him both sides of his heritage.  All I want for him to believe is that love knows no boundaries.”

Tamera and Adam welcomed baby Aden into the world on November 12, 2012. He is their first child together. The couple wed in 2011.

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  4. Tia and Temera ( I know that was spelled incorrectly) live such awesome lives. I am so jealous. Oh and every time I see them out and about with their kids I feel old, lol. I remember when they were girls. I use to love Sister Sister.

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  6. It’s really sad that majority of the comments about her baby’s race and her interracial marriage are coming from Black people.

    I didn’t want to believe it at first (as a black person in a interracial marriage) but I researched and found out 99% of those who sent her negative comments (especially on twitter) about her baby and her husband are black.

    We went from being discriminated on to discriminating on someone because they did not marry someone black.

  7. I’m gonna put this out there also …Yandy from Love & Hip Hop….Baby Boy has Blue eyes..And Darker skin……..And he is Handsome……

  8. What Box did she check…. African/American ..Don’t believe it …White/Caucasian..Maybe……. Or Ah Multi ….We are all One Race……Forgive me on this one…we are all Human…Race is a divider word…when some one say bi-racial…I think ….Dang are you Half Human/Alien

  9. If it were me I wouldn’t give a D@#% what other people think. It’s her life & the only people she need to live it for is her son & husband. She needs to learn that you cannot please everyone. For every 10 that love you, there are another 10 that may dispise you. So live life & enjoy your new family.

  10. Tamera talks and worries about other people have to say way to much it’s becoming annoying as long as she loves her child endlessly who cares about his complexion . People will comment on children regardless whether there black, white although disgusting I notice throughout the show tamera draws on the negative she needs to focus on what people who love and care about her not strangers who don’t know her who make ignorant comments.

  11. It seems that both Tia and Tamera are selling motherhood to their fans as their new careers since acting jobs are few and far between and reality tv can only get you so far. Tamera, if you don’t like the “ignorant” comments, then keep your photos and family life private. It really is that simple.

  12. Tamera’s baby is soooo adorable!!! “Skin Color Has Nothing To Do With Love” she is correct…. but only in the eyes of those who have let go of the negaitive way this country was brought up on considering interracial relationships. Like she mentioned before on her and her sister Tia’s show Tamera and her husband sitll deal with the little comments about their relationship. You just have to know what’s right for you and keep it moving because those who don’t like it soley because their judgement is based on RACE it’s just pure ignorance.


  14. He’s an adorable baby. Look at him hold his head up so high. That’s right Baby Aden, introduce yourself to the world.

  15. Aden is gorgeous; especially in the first photo. I love his blue eyes.

    It’s very troubling to think people would bring shade to their happiness, but that’s what some ignorant souls choose to do.

    Aden will be loved by BOTH Mom and Dad no matter which one he favours.

    God protect this little boy from the questions and the hate he may endure coming from a inter-racial family! Guide his parents to have the perfect words to heal and sooth away those unwanted words.

  16. How sad!!!!! Aden is a human baby born to loving human parents. There is ONE race: HUMAN. Color? Really????????????? Tamera is mixed. Aden took the white side of her with daddy’s white side — this is normal and why should people question this? And I suppose if Tia had a chocolate “black” baby, people would have something to say about that too? Really??????? How sad. These two woman have beautiful human babies ….let them love their children!

  17. It’s sad how people can be so ignorant. SMH! Growing up, I was light-skinned with green eyes and curly, light brown hair, and I went to a predominately black school. Kids gave me hell and called me all kinds of names, so I can empathize with Tamera.

  18. Aden is cute. You can’t get offended when people say things. They always will because that’s America. As long as the people in your family don’t come out the side of their necks, don’t sweat it. You’ll drive yourself crazy feeding into ‘people’.

    • That’s not American that’s the world. I’m from England, but grew up in Canada, where I currently live, and people hate just as much in both those countries.

  19. When you voluntary put so much of your personal life on the internet or depend on the masses for a living you cannot be surprised or offended when those same masses feel as if they have a right to comment on your personal choices. You gave them the right. You can either dial it back…or grow a thicker skin.

    I don’t follow the sisters, besides just knowing when I was younger I was going to grow up and marry Tahj :-) but just wondering… Are these actually fan based issues (race of spouse and/or baby) or an attempt to stay relevant by making non issues, issues?

    OFF TOPIC, Happy Black history month to you too Pisces, and BCK admin…PLEASE, PLEASE, Can you do a UK edition soon? Would love to see Thandie’s kids, Jimmy Jean-Louis (haven’t seen a picture of the baby in forever), the Christie kids, MU athletes kids etc.

  20. I can empathize with Tamera and her family. Unfortunately Tamera has been dealing with the same ignorance as a child herself, and now it’s spilling over to her own child smh. Tia also had to deal with people calling Cree ugly which is disgusting to me as well. I would go ham on anybody dissing my child.
    Moral of the story: Love and beauty has no race or color.

  21. People need to get a life. Why the heck are people so caught up on BS? If the people complaining about BS like this would put more time, energy, and effort into something positive the world would be a better place. Sadly these small minded people are having kids and teaching them the same BS. I feel sad for my kids. They are growing up in a world full of hate and jealousy. If we as a whole don’t get it together, our future generations are doomed.

  22. People r so ignorant at times! It’s one thing to talk about a.grown adult, but innocent beautiful babies is sad!

  23. We are all 1 race: HUMAN. yes ethnically Cree is 3/4 afr and Aden is 3/4 anglo, but who cares. What if Cree sides more with his anglo ancestry and aden with his afr ancestry ? We dont know.

    Congrads on the marriage and baby.

    Also, make your pics private so you dont have to deal w the stupid negativity.

  24. I love Tamera! She seems so sweet, & so open minded. I don’t get how people can get on her for marrying a man that looks like HER dad! It seems like black people feel when you are mixed, you must automatically go w/ the darker skin tone. Let people love who they love, it doesn’t affect you. No need for the hurtful comments. Aden is a gorgeous baby, look at those cheeks!

  25. People who say those nasty comments are small minded and petty. Pay them no attention Tamera. You, yourself are a bi-racial child and a true manifestation that being a kind, funny, talented & blessed person has nothing to do with race but everything to do with having loving, concerned, involved parents. Sadly, our world probably will compare Cree and Aden, on the grounds that Cree is 3/4 black & Aden is 3/4 white, but that only means the boys shouldn’t shrink away but be even more ‘color-blind’ and succesful in both childhood, family and professionally to teach those narrow-minded, archic, no-nothings something. Not that Aden or Cree were born to teach the world, but my motto is “if they’re going to talk give them something to talk about!”

  26. Aden is ridiculously cute! I really wish that Tia and Tamera would stop feeding into people’s online comments. They choose to share so much of their personal lives, and seem to get their feelings hurt when people respond negatively or choose to be just plain mean…

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. At this point I think they’re sharing too much. I love seeing pics of their kiddies, but they don’t have to respond to everything people say about them in public. Mature people don’t care about skin colour & those that care don’t matter.

      • He’s a such a beautiful baby! I don’t see why she and her sister send time online looking at negative comments about them and their families. Seems like they are blessed with wonderful lives. Don’t validate the haters!

  27. I really wish people would leave Tamera and her beautiful family alone. Who are they to pass judgement on their love. People have a lot of nerve talking about their family. Love has no color. I don’t care if my husband was white, green, purple, or blue. I would love him just the same. I think it is sad that people think their opinions matter to celebrities about who they love. From what I have seen on the show Adam and Tamera love each other and that is all that matters. Their son came from love and he is absolutely handsome.

  28. How can anyone look at this beautiful blessing of a baby and have anything negative to say?! Or question who Tamera has fallen in love with…! I feel so very bad for people that consume their thoughts with COLOR!! It has to be like a prison within the SOUL! Just a very SAD existence…
    Tamera.. your skin is a lot ‘THICKER’ then you think. Love has no BOUNDARIES and your parents are living proof of that. You ladies (Tia & Tamera) have remained positive, focused and now blessed with LOVING families of your own. Cont’d Blessings to the both of you!!!


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