Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby is due in July and the reality star wants everything in order. Kim recently petitioned the courts to grant her a speedy divorce from Kris Humphries, citing her baby’s health as one reason for her request.

“I do not want to be married to [Humphries] when I have my baby,” said Kardashian in her petition. “I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child.”

Kim continued, “I firmly believe that an immediate dissolution of our marriage will help create a new, full life for me. One chapter will be officially over, and a new one can begin. The same should hold true for [Humphries]. I do not want the status of my marriage to affect any investment I wish to make, such as the purchase of a new residence.”

Kim and Kanye announced their expectancy at a concert last year. The baby boy or girl will be their first child together.

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        • Hi Sherley, :)! I agree with you. And why would anyone be bitter? who wants to be pregnant with a gorilla’s baby? Kanye looks straight up simian to me and I wouldn’t wish those features on any baby of any race.

          • Even Amber had sense enogh to choose a baby looking like Wiz as opposed to Kanye. More money ain’t everything. We want to be able to look at our babies adoringly all of their lives…not with regret misgivings.

          • Ask Pisces.com….Question: Who wants to be pregnant by a gorilla?

            Answer: Not even another gorilla of the opposite sex WANTS to be impregnated without marriage to another gorilla.

            My question is why did Kim HAVE to be married to a broke man for her first marriage, but doesn’t have to be married to be pregnant for a rich “n” as Kanye calls himself in his song? Makes no sense to me. It does not matter, either, whether she has her own money or not.

            She didn’t allow her self to get off contraception even while married to men who didn’t have as much as Mr. West.

  2. Please stop wishing evil on this baby. It is a blessing from God no matter how you feel about Kim or Kanye. Everyone was born into a family and you get whatever you are born into. Kim and Kanye are not bad people. Yes they have made mistakes but who have. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Let’s stop judging them. Because regardless of how we feel, that baby is coming and it should feel loved just like any other child that is born into this world.

  3. Kim is a hot mess emotionally and so is Kanye. I think they feed off of each others crazy and love of the spotlight! Kanye wants to be like JayZ and thinks he has the next Beyonce(fame wise). He couldn’t stand to see Amber pregnant and Kim couldn’t stand to see Reggie’s girlfriend pregnant. She will always love Reggie. They were screwing when they were both with other people and probably during her marriage to the Hump. It’s just a mess! I wish Khloe was pregnant instead.

  4. Any other non-celebrity 72 days marriage would have ended in an annulment. But because she’s a celebrity, she should get a divorce instead? O_o She needs to give the money back, give the ring back, agree to the annulment & move on..for the well being of her unborn child.

  5. I’m sorry but I can’t believe she’s still married! When I first heard her and Kanye were together, I thought her and Kris were already divorced. Wasn’t that almost 2 years ago?
    Time goes by quick!

  6. My opinion is that Kim needs to live with her choices for a while. She seems to never learn from her horrible life choices. My mother used to say “your lack of planning does not make for my emergencies.” Just because Kim made yet another hasty decision and got pregnant 2 minutes after starting a relationship with a man, all while married to another, does not mean the court needs to hurry up and make life comfortable for her. It would be different if this was Kim’s first time at the rodeo, but let’s not forget that she’s been married before. She should know that marriage is more than a notion and it’s about more than a big ring and a pretty dress. If I where the judge, I would get to it…when I get to it. Settle in Kimmy.

  7. This is my opinion. I watched the show. I knew it would not last cause it was too much disagreeing in the beginning of the relationship. I agree how can you use anyone that no one knows PLUS you have more money than them? She made him famous cause he was not. I never heard of the guy. So I feel both loved each other but were in no way shape or form IN LOVE to marry. Lets be VERY CLEAR….she didnt even take the mans last name…HELLO…
    You think she wont be a WEST. Her name will be Kim West indeed…she is so in love with Kanye she wont even hyphenate it..watch and see.
    Its a difference. And I feel she/they rushed it. Plus I know looking at all the tapes she knows she was not IN LOVE with him.
    So, yes he should sign the papers. Why prolong it…she dont want you and you dont want her so why drag that out for money..didnt he get a new signing contract??
    So I would say Kris move on…
    But I feel like on both parts they knew they were not ready…

  8. I watched the show and I think she used him! Everyone wants to bash Kris and he’s done nothing wrong! Look at Kim’s track record with men! Kris is no worse than Scott or Lamar and u don’t see anyone bashing them! That entire wedding was a scam and if people don’t see that they’re just as crazy as Kim!

    • Use him how? No one even knew who he was. And what is her track record? Having ex boyfriends? I don’t understand how the same people who dislike Kim, love Amber Rose – a lesbian stripper who used a rapper to come up and then lucked up and grabbed onto another rapper on her way down? Or Halle Berry who has a boatload of exes? Or Alicia Keys who took up with a married man? Lol. Seriously?

      • I knew who Kris was before he began to date Kim. I don’t like Halle and Amber has grown on me. I like AKeys…. and if his daughter didn’t ruin his marriage neither did she! Just my opinion! Kim had no intentions of EVER starting a life with Kris u and I both know that! No it isn’t a problem with her having exes, the problem is having them back to back to back! EVER season of one of her shows she has a new love! Confessing how much she loves them yeah right! U said Amber was a lesbian stripper and Kim became famous for a sex tape OK! PlainMean we’re going to have to agree to disagree! Ur still my favorite mean person but KIm ewwwwww

      • It is simple. Kris didn’t ask to be famous. Who said this guy was seeking fame? Second, Kim and her mom clearly used this guy for ratings. I don’t blame him. She would give birth still married to me. Payback is something else. Then, she wants to throw around God’s name in every interview like she is a saint with morals. But, she is pregnant with another man’s baby, married, and shacking up. It is called adultery. Last time I checked God doesn’t approve of it. This chick will do anything for attention and if Kanye is smart, he better take his own lyrical advice! As the Bible states, The love of money is the root of all evil. A fool with their money will soon depart… The only thing good that is going to come out of this is a beautiful baby! As for Kim, she is Elizabeth Taylor without the talent 2013….

      • I disagree & agree with you PlainMean. I disagree because Kim did use Chris to boost ratings. She didn’t love him & knew she wasn’t going to remain married to him. 72 days? It took them longer to plan the wedding. No one knew who Chris was until he got with Kim, in the same instance no one knew who Kim was until we were introduced to her crouch. I agree in the sense that Amber is the same as Kim & I for one, feel the same about both of them. Neither has any talent but sex appeal. I like Halle because she’s a bad actress. I loved Akeys before she was with Swizz & I pretend she didn’t marry him so I can still like her. Fantasia’s not playing with a full deck, so I forgive her.

      • Kim’s marriage was bogus. She wanted Reggie on the show, he didn’t want to be apart of it & he didn’t like their relationship being broadcasted so the relationship ended. Kim & her pimp of her mother thought of the idea, “oh your older sister had a baby, and your baby sister got married & settling down, you must do something Kim to keep the Kardashian juice going…” So she got married too. (easier commitment than a child..) another Athlete already came out & said he was “auditioned” to marry Kim & he turned it down….The difference between Amber & Kim, Amber owns up to her past. Amber knows how she got to this status, from Kanye. Once Amber found true love & settled down, she put her 15 minutes on the back burner & didn’t try to exploit anymore. Kim acts like she’s famous off of talent, & not a video tape. Her relationship w/ Reggie ended b/c she didn’t want to give up on putting her personal business on blast. I feel like Kim would be low key if she didn’t have her mother dictate everything she does…If it wasn’t about the money, why can’t Kim simply give Kris back the ring? Kanye will sure to buy her a bigger one. Give back the money you got paid if it doesn’t mean anything.

  9. In order to get an annulment, Kris has to prove fraud and that is what Kim is trying to avoid. She chose to get pregnant while still legally married. Now she has to deal with the consequences of all of her actions.

  10. Kris is a jerk. He was a jerk on their show. In the beginning, they both seemed genuinely smitten with each other and they rushed into marriage. Kris came off as aggressive and abrasive, and Kim was not willing to make sacrafices for her marriage. It was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, but there was no fraud. I believe Kris is simply trying to make Kim miserable by asking for an annullment he doesn’t qualify for, a ring that he gave up the rights to in a prenup, money he doesn’t deserve, and by stretching 72 laughable days of marriage out into a 1.5 year court battle.

    • Exactly! The details of their prenup basically states he has NO CASE! If he did, this issue would be over and done with. The courts would give him what he “deserves” and their marriage would be over. The only way he can get ANYTHING from Kim now is by dragging this out and filing for an annulment. He agreed to marry her, he agreed to the prenup and he agreed to be on the show. So what’s the problem again?

      • Agreed! To me, both Kris and Kim are at fault. They are both adults who were aware of what they were getting themselves into. If they want to move on with their lives, an agreement needs to be reached…not sure how that is going to happen though..lol.

  11. No matter if she got pregnant intentionally or not (btw, who gets pregnant just to speed up a divorce?!) Kris is being ridiculous by not letting this go. What is she supposed to do? Stay married to him forever or give him money that he doesn’t deserve? I don’t believe she “used” him. I’m sorry but if she wanted to use someone to attain status or money, she would’ve married someone with MORE money, MORE talent and someone who doesn’t remind you of Frankenstein. It’s interesting how people are so quick to hate Kim. Nobody thinks he married Kim for her money/celebrity status? He was and still is a mediocre basketball player who lacks talent. Now his name is mentioned right next to hers in the media. But somehow he’s seen as the “jilted lover”…please! I hope things will wrap up soon so they both can move on with their lives.

    • I don’t think that most of the people who comment have ever watched their show or seen Kim and Kris interact. They have these negative opinions based on these preconceived notions of who they think Kim is based on how she looks, who she’s dated, and a sex tape from 10 years ago.

      • THANK YOU!

        They weren’t even 100% speaking at their own wedding rehearsal. Kim “joking” jet off down the aisle to “escape” the marriage. That was a RED FLAG for me.

      • I for one never watched the show. I never cared for Kim because of the way she comes off..like she’s sincere when she’s dippy. It’s irritating to me.

    • “I’m sorry but if she wanted to use someone to attain status or money, she would’ve married someone with MORE money, MORE talent”

      The wedding was filmed and televised as Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. So even though she might not have married him for his money she certainly made some money from this event.

      Kind of off topic but I happen to think Kims favorite color is not black but green :)
      She always, with direction from her mother, makes the decision that is the most lucrative. Now I am not saying this is wrong in fact I applaud her mother for being a shrewd businesswoman and tyring to instill the same saavy in Kim. That said, I think it is funny when people say Kim’s preference is black guys. I think she just like rich guys and the guys with money who persue her happen to be black.I think that many”other” wealthy talented men wouldn’t be caught dead with Kim but one of our own for whatever reason will always be willing to give her the time of day.

  12. If I was Kris H I would ask for an annulment as well…. I mean if you divorce a man 2 months after marriage where there is no physical abuse or adultery then obviously you had reservation before .. Look she went through with the marriage because she had a contract with E and other financial obligations… that is not fair to Kris … If she knew she was unsure (which she admitted she did) than she should have let him know and called of the wedding..
    Also she had no business in any romantic relationship while she is going through a divorce … period … I could care less how long it last … She of all people needs a break from dating period…. Plus she has been sleeping with Kanye since Reggie so I do not feel bad for her…
    She can do 1 of 2 things … give the man the annulment … or put your big girl maternity pants on and deal with it … She has no reason to stress… you can afford the lawyers and you are loaded … get over it … other people are worse off

  13. I hope the judge doesn’t rule in her favor. Why should the judge change the trail date to please or benefit her, it’s not fair to Humphries. It’s not Hump fault that she is preg, they’re so many pregnant women in the world that have more stress than her. Cry me a river they’re single pregnant women out there, that are going to school and working and they’re fine. I used to love her but now I don’t even know how I feel about her. Since when does the doctor examines you and your unborn child at home. Maybe some of her stress is due to flying every two days.

  14. She should have thought about that before she planned her pregnancy. I believe she got pregnant on purpose to do this, have the courts & Kris feel bad for her & want to speed up the divorce. But Kris isn’t bugging. If she would just give back the ring & get the annulment, like Kris wants, she would be a free woman. But w/ an annulment she has to give back EVERYTHING & she won’t do it smh

    • If one doesn’t want to get pregnant, there is an invention called birth control. It works..people should really give it a try.

      • She wanted to get pregnant. I’ve been watching the new season & the show has a main plot. I’ve noticed they keep showing Kim babysitting Kourtney’s kids, or hanging out w/ Scotty Pipen’s daughter, and compering the kitty Kanye gave her to a baby. Her getting pregnant was planned. The show is going in a certain direction to show the world how motherly Kim could be lol. She admits on the show she stopped taking birth control and how her doctor said she may have difficulty getting prego lol. Just like her wedding, this was all set up

        • She stopped taking birth control pills & said the pregnancy was a pleasant ‘surprise ‘? That right there is my main issue with her..the fakeness, the lies. Please!

  15. Umm….. No maam!!

    THe process can’t be rushed simply because she got .pregnant. That was her decision . Now I am not saying I agree with long drawn out divorces but her pregnancy should not be some sort of trump card that forces anything to take her place. Her pregnancy is her issue not his.

    Oh and why wont she just grant him an annulment? Is it because of a money or”brand” issue. If that is the case the health and well being of her baby is not a priority because she could end this stressful situation.

  16. I don’t like her..ugh! She is terrible, Kanye made the wrong mistake by impregnating her and her will reap it later. The child is the only innocent one in this situation.

  17. She rushed into the marriage and now she wants a quickie divorce? If Kris calls himself making Kim suffer, he’s all wrong. He needs to let her go and move on with his life.

      • Fantasia was in the same situation and no one was happy for her, but a few. She is a disgrace to women period. Definitely not how a lady should carry herself. But like I said, Kanye will reap it later.

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