Is Alicia Keys pregnant with baby#2? That’s the question of the week. Find out the answer to a number of other pressing questions in today’s edition of  “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party”.

Is Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny Odom being treated for depression? [RadarOnline]

Jay-Z and Beyonce  and a sneak of Blue Ivy, too! [GG]

TJ Jackson needs more money to take care of MJ’s kids [Dailymail]

Kris Humphries is no hurry to speed divorce just because Kim is pregnant [Babyrazzi]

Is Alicia Keys pregnant with baby #2? [SR]

Quvenzhane Wallis is having the best week ever! See why now! [BCK]

Yandy Smith’s baby’s father, Mandeecees, is cleared of all charges concerning alleged 15-year-old victim [TheYbF]

Michelle Obama to attend Hadiya Pendleton’s funeral [ChicagoTribune]

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughters to star in new reality show[TheJasminebrand]


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  1. Let’s try this again.

    I’ll wait for Bey’s doc to see if we get a good view of Blue….

    Make her sweat Kris! Don’t play her play you…..

    Why doesn’t MJ’s kids have access to their dad’s estate? o_0

    Alicia better have a girl! 😀

    That little Q girl is very cute!

  2. Thank you Michelle for attending Hadiya Taylor Pendleton funeral…R.I.P HADIYA!

    Alicia keys is beautiful and so is Eygpt..
    I think Yandy baby daddy is guilty. Beyonce and Jay are both annoying. Stop posting these silly pics.

    I really like Quanzanhae…I hope she go far!

    Im glad Kris isn’t giving into Kim. She always do ppl wrong and then get off easy. She made her bed, now she must lay in it. She is a trashy girl. Kanye will regret making her the mother of his child later. The baby is the innocent one here. Smh

  3. My heart goes out to Hadiya’s family! May her beautiful self rest in peace!

    Praying for Destiny Odom!

    I hope AKeys is pregnant, and it’s a girl :)!

    Kris Humphries isn’t playing with KimK, and I bet she’s mad as hell 😉 I guess this isn’t about money?

    Love love Yandy, but girl u baby daddy got lucky :(

    Q…..kudos baby ur truly amazing!

    There’s not a doubt in my mind that Blue isn’t beautiful, but I’m tired of the cheap shots! Her parents will show her when no one is interested in seeing her anymore!

    Don’t care that TJ’s struggling, give the kids back to grandma!

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  4. The story of Hadiya is soooo sad. RIP

    I find it interesting that AKeys might be preggers again. Didn’t she say recently that she wanted another child? If it’s true, congrats to her!

    Aww finally a peek of Blue! She is so pretty, and she does look like her mom

    I did not know TJ was still taking care of MJ’s kids. At raised my brow at this at first, but after reading the article, I think he should get some more financial support. This man is taking care of six children total and I’m sure the cost of their private schooling, living, and food is not cheap.

  5. I hope Destiny get the help she needs, over Jay Z and Beyonce little Blue is precious, poor kids if only Michael was still alive, Congrats to Alicia and Swizz , my prayers go out to Hadiya’s family and friends I am very saddened by what happened to her :(

  6. My goodness about Destiny Odom. :(. I pray her parents aren’t in denial & are taking this very, very seriously. Cutting isn’t something that can be cured overnight. Hopefully, Liza isn’t focused more on her issues than her daughters. They both need to be in therapy.

    I hope AKeys is pregnant with a little girl! She would be just as adorable as my Egypt!

    Look at Blue trying to peek & see what all the commotion is about. Let her out! She’s took cute to be hidden. Look at those pink lips..adorable.

    So TJ Jackson has been helping Katherine to care for these children since MJ’s death without receiving payment & now that he’s been named co-guardian, it’s a struggle & he needs $9k a month to do so? O_o! Yeah ok..whatever.

    IDC about Kris & Kim, they need to STFU & focus on their issue personally.

    Go Que! Taking America by storm. This young lady is going to do big things!

    Mrs. Obama had to attend Mandy’s funeral, it wasn’t like the Obamas were given a choice. My question is, how will her presence, or even the President’s presence, going to chance the people in Chicago deadly mindset?

    Nelson Mandela’s granddaughters look like twins. IDC for reality shows, so I’ll pass.

    Yande & Mandecees..SMH. No comment.

    Happy snowy Saturday everyone! :)

    • Congrats to Alicia Keys! Hope she has a girl,

      I’am happy for Yandy and baby daddy. The verdict Not Guilty! prove his innocence. I really think the girl was exploited by her mother. The mother was probably scorn & bitter because he moved on. Unfortunately some people rather believe vicious lies instead of his innocence but the jurors did not believe vicious lies. I think people should look into this you lady mother motive, who did not even testify or support her daughter during trail.

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