Happy days are here for Mike Tyson who told Scott Swan of WTHR 13 that he is living in his prime. “I’m happy now. This is the happiest day of my life,” said the former boxer who was once the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson gave the inside scoop on his life as a retired athlete and the many joys of fatherhood to Swan before heading out to speak on his one-man tour, ‘Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.’ Check out what the boxing legend had to say.

Life for Mike.
“I have an awesome life. I have an awesome wife and awesome kids. All the tragic destruction that I caused in my wake are mending. All the pain is mending. I’m trying to bridge the gaps between my moral behavior, my conduct, who I am, who I want to be. To be real, I need to forgive myself and forgive people. It’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna take a lot of struggling, a lot of reflecting, a lot of thinking. I’m just trying to heal. That’s all I’m concerned about. I’ve made a lot of accomplishments since 21 years ago. I’ve won a Golden Globes (Award) being involved in The Hangover. I won an Emmy – in depth. I’m just really grateful. That’s what I want to convey in this interview of gratitude that nothing that ever happened in my life, going to prison, losing my daughter, losing friends, There’s nothing in my life that can damper what I feel about myself. It’s just an inside job. Maybe I just grew up. I’m a glutton for punishment. I decided to throw the white flag up and let’s surrender and be of service. Maybe I can do something for someone less fortunate than myself.”

Tyson and his sons.
“What I do with my boys is what I’m going to do with my sons. I don’t have to tell them too much about me. They see stuff on television. They know their father. It doesn’t matter what people say about their father. I’m their father. I’m just happy to be a father. I’ve been a father many times. I’m happy to be a father at this stage of my life.”

A bit on his charity.
“‘Mike Tyson Cares’ is an organization for kids like myself. Underprivileged kids , homeless kids, giving them a fighting chance for a better life.”

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  3. The above picture made my smile wider. His children are beautiful & his daughter kissing him on the forehead..priceless. I’m seeing Mike appear on a few sitcoms lately. So proud of the man he has become.

  4. People have to realize that ppl make mistakes and we are ALL human! I hate when the public prosecute someone for many a mistake…in life, you are not going to make just one mistake but MANY! They treat CB like he is the worst person on earth like he killed someone, he hasnt and he isnt the worst..leave him alone. How abt we go after the the murderers, drug dealers that is plaguing our communities, rapist & child molesters like we go after CB and maybe we be somewhere. I dislike when someone act like they are the perfect person in the world and made absolutely no mistake when in fact, we ALL have & will contiue to make MANY mistakes.

  5. Good for him. I am struggling with some of the same things right now in my life. So I can really relate. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes is usually the hardest thing there is to do. Wishing you the best Mike!

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