Beyonce has and will always be protective of 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The singer recently told E! online that she is devoted to making sure that Blue has a wonderful childhood despite being raised under the scrutiny of the public.

“I think for us protecting our daughter is so important,” said Bey. “Keeping things on our terms. So I will still be protective and I want to make sure she has a great childhood.” The celeb added, “At some point, you know it is what it is, you can’t control it anymore. But I know as long as I’m the mother that I know I can be and the mother I have—such an incredible mother—my daughter’s going to be fine.”

Beyonce hopes that her upcoming documentary, “Life Is But A Dream,” will help Blue stay on the right path in the years to come. “I hope that she will see all of the beautiful times (and) all the tough times that led up to her being here. I’m hoping that … it can comfort her and inspire her in her life when she needs it,” says Bey.

Blue is Beyonce and husband Jay-Z’s first child together. The couple wed on April 4, 2008. “Life Is But A Dream” will air on February 16, 2013 via HBO’s network.




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  1. I came to the conclusion that you fans take everything out of proportion. Let’s get one thing straight I am in no way, shape, or form jealous of Beyonce. I make my own money and and I am a beautiful African American woman. I’m with the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier!!! Bey is rich and famous yes, but I would never want to be in her shoes. I can however say that she has a beautiful daughter and I wish I could have that for it is hard for me to get pregnant :( . So when you call us haters I laugh cause I’m not hating on anything or anybody. I hope everyone has a nice day its snowing where I am :)


  3. I do not see how anyone here is “hating” or “jealous” can someone please tell me? Cause I would like to know

    • To simple minded people, if you have an opinion that differs from their own, you are labeled a ‘hater’ or ‘jealous’. They do not see it any different unless you get in line & walk the zombie walk in the same manner they do.

      • Lol that’s all they use for their defense. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is because on a previous post that I read I saw where someone was asking to see Blue and the “fans” went off. I guess ill be labeled a hater because I will never walk the same line as they do. Its not like we are talking bad about Blue we just want to see her pretty face.

        • Exactly, but to them how dare we say anything about Beyonce if it isn’t “all hail the great Beyonce”. One of her crazy behind fans sold her daughter to get Beyonce tickets. SMH..yea I rather be a hater than a fool.

  4. They’re not haters, they’re LIFELESS! They have too much time on their hands cracking childish jokes about an innocent child. He or she wishes they could walk in Blue Ivy’s shoes! SMH!

  5. Lol ain’t nobody checking for Bey anymore. I will never forget the look on her face when her stomach inflated on National TV…lol classic! I know why she not showing that baby, think abt it and you will too. :)

    • Speak of yourself, I was and will always be a big Beyonce fan. Your jealously is showing, try and contain yourself.

  6. that’s what loving parents do ..they protect their kids…..i hope you stop thrusting your pelvic on stage, this is shameful ..it was not sexy it was disgusting,,i hope your Daugher tell you that when she sees the videos

    • There are 4 new post here besides this one (2 below, 2 above), yet you chose to click into the one with people you don’t have interest in? Um, odd much?

      • Dear extremely crazy Beyonce fan,

        I post on all, every picture/topic BCK has, almost everyday. Beyonce can do whatever she wants with Blue Ivy, but I don’t need to hear her say it two days in a week on BCK if no pictures of Blue Ivy accompany it.

        Sincerely, a person who isn’t easily influenced by celebrities.

        • If you didn’t want to “hear” about them on BCK then maybe you should have scrolled on by? Am I making sense to you yet? Because you seem to be having a hard time grasping a simple concept. BCK post what they want on their site. People pick and choose topics they are interested in to click on them. While you may not take interest in a certain post, someone else might. For example: I don’t have interest in Kanye’s ex-girlfriend and new her rapper boyfriend/baby’s father, so you typically won’t find me in their post, but other people on here do so it serves it’s purpose. Can your simple self comprehend now?

        • If you don’t want to see Beyonce on here because Blue isn’t on here, you don’t have to look at an article about her. Simple.

          • If you don’t like my comment you could have passed my comment & commented on one you do like. Just as simple.

      • T don’t waste your time. This woman sounds like Bey personally SCORNED her or something. I don’t understand what the big hoopla is about her showing her baby. Everyone has seen her (whether voluntarily or unvoluntarily) so we know what she looks like…GET OVER IT ALREADY!!

        • Dear delusional fan,

          This is Black Celebrity KIDS, KIDS, KIDS! If Beyonce does not want to expose her child, that is her lawful right & I couldn’t care less whether or not she does. However, on BCKIDS, we EXPECT to see pictures of KIDS, not the parents. This goes for every parent that is featured here. Beyonce can be pictured wherever she wants, but if she’s featured on BCK, a picture of Blue Ivy should accompany it, that is what the site is for pictures of KIDS.

          Tired of schooling easily brainwashed people.

          • Dear Duh,

            I can only imagine why that’s the name you choose to represent you. This is BCK’s site & they can feature any one they choose to. And I can say whatever I want to & will continue to regardless of how many of y’all have an issue with my comments.
            Female living on the freedom country.

          • Keep telling yourself that kaneeeeeesha. Delusional ppl always believe ppl are just like them.

  7. I’ll be watching the doc. But I wonder for Bey does protecting her baby mean hiding it? Because I don’t think it’s a “fame” thing with them. Something else……

    • Whats gives you that conclusion, that she thinks her child is better than any other child. And don’t say the hospital thing, because The hospital has already denied those rumors.

    • Am I the only person that doesn’t understand people who take the time to open an article, read that article, and then comment about how much they dont care???!!! #Confused

      • They are called haters ma dear! Beyonce is very talented, very rich and very beautiful. Some people just can’t stand that.

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