It’s father-son time as Nick Cannon shares a candid moment with son Moroccan. The entertainer was recently photographed talking with Moroccan while walking around New York City, and the two made the cutest pair. Nick was the ever joyous father as he said words that made his son laugh. Moroccan enjoyed his dad’s company, hanging on to his every word as they walked along. The father and son even exchanged Eskimo kisses as bystanders looked in adoration.

Nick and Mariah are looking forward to having more kids in the future with the Nickelodeon star tellingĀ New York Daily News, “[We plan to make] some more babies. We definitely got a babysitter for Valentine’s Day. Those are the special moments. I am a hopeless romantic and so is my wife.”

Monroe and Moroccan are twins of Mariah and Nick. The couple wed on April 30, 2008.

Photos: Splashnews

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  1. I would be happy to see them have more kids, but I wonder is she going to get a surrogate with the trouble she had with the twins. And cute photo as well.

  2. I love Nick and Mariah as a couple and parents! They can use a surrogate, wouldn’t be the first time a celeb has used one.

  3. So you can still show your baby and still protect them??? WOW, maybe Nick & Mariah / Alicia & Swizz need to tell that to Bey & Jay…Anywho, I love Morrocan.

    • Hahaha. Stabs taken. I guess when you’re so private and withdrawn from the public, it backfires. People just want to be more in your business. I’m glad she’s protecting her though. You don’t want people taking paparazzi shots of her kid outside of school like they do Nahla. That’s annoying
      ANYWHO…Roc looks like Nick, he is too adorable. And there’s a pic where Roe is doing Mariah’s makeup on instagram, it’s too much cuteness.

    • Beyonce and Jay, nor anyone else, do not have an obligation to show their kids. This life in the spotlight is something they chose for themselves and they’ve made a choice to protect their child the best way they know how. Let them be and appreciate the glimpses they do share.

      • No, Beyonce is not obligated to show Blue Ivy. Nor is any other celeb obligated to show their child. The thing w/ Beyonce though is that she used her pregnancy for publicity. For instance, instead of letting her publicist put out a statement about her pregnancy or hell even making a twitter account, she decides to announce it via stepping out onto a red carpet and cupping her stomach in front of a dozen cameras and live tv. Not to mention, she could’ve just been like J.Lo and not announced it all and instead when the belly got too big to be not be noticed (which it was NOT on that carpet), then everyone would know. But she didn’t do that, she didn’t ask for privacy, and she didn’t feign disinterest in the attention she got. She made it seem like this stage in her life was something she was going to be open about. So it’s not surprising when people find it annoying that she hides the babies face.

        And yes anyone who wants to disagree with me on this, call me a hater, or tell me I have too much free time on my hands, feel free to do so. My opinion still stands.

        • Carrie, I respect your position, now here is mine. Beyonce or any woman in that manner have a right to announce their pregnancy in any way as they choose. There is no wrong or right way. This is what makes us human, we are all different and our life choices are different as well. For you to compare J-lo to beyonce is like comparing oil and water, they don’t mix and have nothing in common .I don’t see anything wrong with what she did. I like the way that she took control of when and how to announce something amazing and beautiful as a pregnancy. Since this was her first successful pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage 2 years prior, and the world didn’t know she was pregnant then. It is ok to agree to disagree,no love lost here. Be Blessed.

          • J lo & Beyonce not have anything in common? Both have hispanic in them, both are singers/entertainers, both are married to not very attractive men, both have children, both are women, both are sexy, both are rich, both are spoke women for Revlon. I can go on but nothing in common… O_o

  4. I’m surprised that Mariah is trying for more children at her age after nearly dying the last time she was pregnant. Be sensible Mimi and Nick and adopt if you want more kids. The two you have now are healthy and beautiful.

    • What the heck are you talking about??? Mariah nor Nick have never stated that she almost died during her first pregnancy. She had a difficult first pregnancy but she didn’t almost die.

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