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Blue Ivy Carter will make her debut in her mom’s film, “Life Is But A Dream,” premiering this Saturday on HBO. Singer Beyonce is hoping that her revealing documentary will someday provide inspiration for daughter Blue.

“I hope that she will see all of the beautiful times (and) all the tough times that led up to her being here,” the singer said Tuesday night at the New York premiere of her upcoming HBO documentary, “Life is But a Dream.”

She added: “I’m hoping that … it can comfort her and inspire her in her life when she needs it.”

Check out part of Life is But A Dream below. Stay tuned for more

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  1. I Love The Documenty, it not only show that Beyonce is a great entertainer but she is an amazing beautiful wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter and a human being. I loved after all of these years(12) Bey & Jay are still very much in love & happy with each other :) and now they have little miss Blue Ivy she is so cute :) I hope & pray that their love & marriage will grow stronger for years to come and they will have more cute kids. May God Bless The Carters :)

  2. She is a pretty baby. But I don’t understand people who proclaim God this and God that and then turn around and show every part of their body they can with out being sited for indecent exposure and dance like they are strippers. WWJD?

      • You cannot possibly be serious. I’m not even going to entertain your comment with an answer that you should have learned in nursery school.

      • Really?! You are comparing strippers, half naked gyrating entertainers to Adam & Eve?! O_o!! Why don’t you walk around naked in your neighbor claiming that & get back to us on the outcome. #peoplejustsayanything.

        • I live with a nudist. *eyeroll at her*
          The person I replied to said that Beyonce, and others, that talk about God but then are on stage “half naked and gyrating” are hypocrites basically. Then she said WWJD? So, to answer a stupid comment I gave a sarcastic one.
          I hate people like her, to be a Christian you can’t do this, that or the other.
          That’s a bunch of bull.
          And your example is stupid as well.
          Beyonce doesn’t walk around the same way she is on stage.

          • I am a Christian and because of that I cannot hate you. I will pray for you. And as a Christian you are not supposed to do things like that. You are supposed to deny fleash and shun the appearance of evil. I’m actually doing that right now because if you think for one minute that I don’t WANT to indulge my flesh and lay into you, you are very wrong 😉 I’m not a preachy Christian but I do try to behave in a way that I think would please God.

  3. So adorable, omg can you say baby fever, such a cutie pie! Now I want another baby, let me get off this site lol!!

  4. My favourite moments in this documentary was 1) the joy on her face when she felt the baby kick five times, that’s was adorable. 2) when her and jay were singing Coldplays song ‘yellow’ to eachother, just too cute for words. 3) when juelez was playing the piano with Beyonce. That boy is like a little genius to me. 4) Beyonce holding blue after she had fed her and the slight smile Blue gave before bey kissed her. That was cuteness personified.

  5. She looks like a mixture of Jay z and Beyonce’. She has Jay z’s mouth and her dad’s facial expressions too. So So cute :-)

  6. I looked up an early photo of Beyonce as a baby/infant and her daughter Blue Ivy looks so much like she did back then! So cute.

  7. The only part of the documentary that I really enjoyed, was towards the end. The part where Matthew was holding Blue and watching her look at grandpa so contently. The other part I enjoyed was when Beyoncé was sitting at the table absorbing all the love and energy in that room. Living in the moment. Her expression, her eyes and the way she smiled and tilted her head to the side. So peaceful and content. That, to me, was priceless and it warmed my heart. Deep.

  8. Maybe Bey knew this documentary was coming out AND she knew everyone wanted to see Baby Blue. Holding off on the pictures could have been a strategy to get people to watch. IDK!
    Anywho, ADORABLE baby. Just love her face!

  9. Wow the video clip was moving. To see Blue in action is just too too much for me. She is sooo adorable and she does look identical to Beyonce

  10. Now everyone can shutup talking about blue ivy as if she has done anything to you all! She’s gorgeous & looks just like hov & bey……..so pretty..!!!

  11. Loving that video clip. Very sweet words from Beyonce. And I could see how in love she is with Blue. That’s as real as it gets.

  12. Blue Ivy Is such a beautiful child. May God Bless Her with a very long beautiful healthy life :) And God Bless Her Parents also.

  13. I am glad I came to BCK where majority of comments regarding Beyonce and her baby are positive. Baby Blue its a cutie pie. She has her Dad expression. Congrats to the Carters!

  14. Blue-Ivy~is a-Mini~Doll she very very unique,in her own little way Beyonce u and Jay did the dam thing cant wait till i see more pics praying,in hoping she get’s a brother are sister bout time she turns 5,are 8 lol thats if beyonce and jay-z ready for another one awe~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Blue is beautiful. I love it that she looks like both of her parents. In my eyes, Jay is not ugly at all. He is a beautiful successful black man who loves his family. And his love and devotion makes him even more beautiful, to me.

    I celebrate any black successful family. They give me hope for all of the rest of us who may not have that yet. Many blessings on them and all of you. May you be all that you strive to be.

  16. Blue is way too cute! At first glance she looks like Bey, then you take a second look and you know that’s Jay Z’s baby! She is so beautiful so happy Beyonce shared this photo!

  17. Yes *Iridescent Me.* stating Blue Ivy is the same complexion as her daddy is reaching. But she def look like him no doubt ( :

  18. I just realized this picture of Blue Ivy is at least 5 months old. Beyonce had braids in the summer/early fall. Enjoy it everyone, the next time you’ll see Blue Ivy is in another documentary. Not trying to be funny, just saying what I see.

  19. She looks just like Beyonce with a hint of Jay-Z. I knew she would be beautiful! I hope this will calm people’s nerves!!!

  20. Aha! Top page, what do I see? That beautiful little face and plump little arms! =D
    She looks like her dad! She looks like both. She has her mommy’s eyebrows. Wow! Cute, cute, cute! <3

  21. Finally we get to see Blue Ivy,s face so why did beyonce go so dangerously over the top sometimes and having everyone who was watching panic and wonder about beyonce,s parenting skills and if she was ready to be a mom. We’ll it is beyonce planing attention seeker things.

    • People shouldnt be panicing because Beyonce has given no reason for people to think she has bad parenting skills. that baby is nobody’s business but her family’s and Bey will share pictures of Blue when she feels like it! Beyonce doesnt owe anyone anything including pictures of her daughter!

  22. Whoah i cant get used to this…its crazy how much she looks like both parents…especially her dad (her expression) and to think that my friends were claiming she is not their baby? lol.

  23. Blue is mos def a New York State of Mind baby……I love it. She look so ready for business,with her too cute self.

  24. LOL at someone saying ” I hope the complainers are happy” LOL get over yourself … The baby is adorable … and glad she is now showing the baby … no need to cover her …

  25. ” So a pinch of Hov, and a whole glass of Bee” I had to send this picture in, she is just too adorable. Perfect combination of both of them. I dare someone to say something negative. I think the point that Beyonce is tryna make is she is going to things on her on time. And she is not going to exploit her daughter because every one wants to see her. But she will release what she wants, when she wants. And I agree.

  26. Now this is a worthy Beyonce post. Blue Ivy is just about as adorable as she wanna be. Looking just like her daddy with mom complexion. So pretty..her expression is like, I can look in the camera this time?

  27. Daddy’s twin! Even down to that facial expression lmao. I like that she looks like her dad. Lil cutie!

  28. Gushes!! She is too cute. Yep she has Jay’s mouth haha, and Beyonce’s eyes. Pretty girl
    I hope all the complainers are happy now.

  29. Miss Blue Bird. 😀 She is definitely a Carter with the Knowles ears and the Dereon (Tina’s side) complexion and hair. The rest is all Jay. From the eyes to the nose and lips. She’s a chunky little something. I love chunky babies!!

      • Last time I checked, Jay was darker than them. No one is saying he’s Akon’s complexion. LOL! He’s caramel and they’re butter pecan. I’m sticking to what I’m saying. She looks like her father with her mother’s hair color, COMPLEXION, ears and that sandy hair.

        • CONNIE1 is a notorious band-wagon jumper about anything trivial but threatening to what SHE feels is acceptable…say something about non-natural hair and she’ll go completely ballistic!!! Your opinion is indeed YOUR OPINION! Dismiss her!

          • Connie1 is pro natural black & has no issues letting people know that. She may come off a tad bit strong (this is from experience in dealing with her on here); however, there is nothing wrong with being Black, proud & not being ashamed to express it.

          • Connie – You tend to correct people’s opinions on a blog that is here to garner PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. That’s what makes Iridescent and Treneice correct in checking YOU. Sherley, you are obviously very tolerant, but ridiculous is ridiculous.


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