At just 16-years-old, Prince Jackson is making headway in the entertainment industry as the new correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Prince will serve alongside veteran Brooke Andersen as he pursues his goal of working in entertainment.

The teen recently conducted his first interview with James Franco where he told Brooke that he was “looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor.” Prince also acknowledged the great home training that he received from dad Michael Jackson saying, “He raised me right.”

It has been nearly four years since Michael Jackson passed away at his home in Los Angeles. The late pop star fathered three children-Prince, Paris, and Blanket-in all.

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  1. Child please, MJ had those kids as coo coo as that cocoa puff bird. Hiding them under blankets and masks and hidden away in that mansion. Those kids needed to get out and experience and deal with the real world. That boy looks just like the old MJ to me, just a lighter version. Why do people always question MJ kids but never Heidi Klum’s and those kids look pure African black. Check this, I’m brown complexioned black with white hubby and my son is as light as Prince with same hair texture. So yes, black people can make white looking kids just like white people make black kids, smh.

    • You see it too. It’s so obvious. His left eye is the same shape as Klein’s, they both slope downwards. He also has Klein’s body and overall build. They have the same smile.

      • You can Klien all you want but at the end of the day that’s Micheal Joseph Jackson son who has Vitilago just like Michael and Michael grandfather on Joes side!!! Those kids are VERY secure in who they are and where they come from and no amount of ignorance or disrespect about them or their paternity will ever change that!!!! Klein has NEVER provided ANY proof but ppl are so quick to whip out his name like his word is bond when he’s a WELL known liar, leech, and manipulator how ppl are such sheep and gullible is beyond me!! But Michael raised his children to be strong and tough and to NOT let the ignorance of others stop them for living their lives and that’s a testament of his amazing parenting and they constantly make the haters and media aware of their love, respect and pride for their father and the haters can’t stand it since he was suppose to be whacko and not capable of fathering or raising such normal, sweet, take no s***, smart, and well adjusted kids but he did and those three kids are proof of that to dismay of the haters and ignorant.

  2. If Prince Jackson did not want to be doing this then he simply would NOT do it. He is 16 years old, I’m pretty sure NO ONE can or is forcing him to work as implied by some of these posters. Also, off topic — he is a very handsome young man. Something in Prince’s eyes is very familiar (literally) to the Jacksons. He reminds me of his cousin Jafaar Jackson and his Uncle Jackie..

    • Paris is acting at age 13. Prince is working at age 16. Next Blanket will be starring in hus own Disney special at age 9. Same as usual in the Jackson household, kids work to support the grown ups.

  3. Thats a big baby boy!!! Proud of my baby, but My where did the time go?? That boy aiming to be the male version of Oprah… I cant hate on his hustle cuz if he’s anything like his daddy( & he is), he will be very generous with his earnings! Go ‘head Princy, I respect your gangsta!!

  4. I understand this is something he would like to pursue as a career, but his guardians need to be raising him like MJ would. Michael would not want his 16 yr old son working on a talk tv show featuring celebs. He would want his son to focus on school. He can do this in 2 yrs when he graduates from school. Nothing wrong w/ it but I just dont think its something his dad would want for him right now

    • Michael should’ve made better decisions so that he could be here to raise his own kids. TJ and Katherine are doing what they feel is best.

        • Lol Papa Joe says everybody gotta get a job! I say as long as the kids are happy it’s all good. As far as the MJ comment, I just mean that addicts with children put their needs/addictions above the best interest of their kids – MJ, Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith, etc… They lived lifestyles which left their children parent-less. Other people aren’t going to raise your children the way you would.

  5. I think it’s great that Prince Michael wants to make a name for himself. I would love to see his creativity and what influence MJ has on him. Who knows PM might the next Steven Spielberg.

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