Daniel “Booby” Gibson is proud to give his son, Daniel Gibson Jr., something he never had: an involved father. The Cleveland ‘Cavaliers’ player recently took to his blog to talk about his experience as a child without a proactive dad and his goal of actively contributing to Daniel Jr.’s upbringing.

“I definitely didn’t have much of a relationship with my dad growing up,” wrote Gibson. “There are times I ended up making some bad decisions because I needed him to be there.  Looking back, I realize I was fortunate that I didn’t mess up my opportunities, and don’t know what I would’ve done without the strong women in my life.  They saw that some of my bad decisions were coming from a place of anger and resentment. One of the most important lessons they taught me though was learning to forgive and that holding on to negativity only holds you back.”

Although he and his dad are now on good terms, Daniel Sr. aims to differ from his father in being a role model for his son throughout his life. “One thing DJ’s already taught me is that kids will usually do as you do and not as you say. I try to live and act in a way that I want my son and other kids who might look up to me to act and be,” said the athlete.

Daniel Gibson married singer Keyshia Cole in 2011. Daniel Jr. is their first child together.


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  1. I like him, just watching the show he seemed to be just humble and down to earth, peaceful. Reminds me of my son :) Keyshia has alot of growing up to do, good black men are hard to find. JMO

  2. That is about the cutest picture of Daniel Jr. Looking just like his mother. Kudos to Daniel Sr for breaking the cycle. If he can share that with some of his playmates & fans, it would benefit so many children. Keisha just needs to go into hiding until she removes the ghetto out of her system.

  3. I really do like Daniel and Keyshia together. God knows I’m not the one that wants to see somebodys marriage fail. I hope Keyshia change some more of her ways though. Little Dj looks like Keyshia twin, she spit him out.

  4. If this little boy isn’t Keyshia Cole twin, I don’t know who is. Keyshia spit this boy out. He is so cute and Daniel Gibson is a good man and a good father. I hope you can be patient with Keyshia because she don’t know any better. But she is improving a lot.

  5. That’s awesome to hear you say that you’re going to always be involved in your son’s life. During these times in our world today he will need you now more than ever. Always be positive, and show unconditional love for your son! God bless

  6. Daniel you are a breath of fresh air. Congratulations to you for not allowing the negative things to hold you back. I am so happy that you recognize the good woman in your life, and what they instilled in you. I am now your #1 fan!!!

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