Tia and Tamera are proud of their heritage. The sister duo recently took to their blog to talk about their kids and pride in being of mixed race.

“We are incredibly proud of our heritage,” wrote the sisters. “As new moms, we want Aden and Cree to grow up with the knowledge that race has nothing to do with who you love, what you can achieve or what you are capable of. We want our children to embrace both sides of their heritage – the good parts of history and the bad– and be proud of their background and the positive place where it was led.”

Tia and Tamera went on to say, “We want them to dream, to love, to hope, to grow and to live with the knowledge that anyone can achieve whatever they put their minds to, no matter what their race.  We now live in a society where diversity is something to be embraced, not shunned – and that is every reason to celebrate.”

Tia and husband Cory Hardrict welcomed baby Cree into the world on June 28, 2011. Tamera gave birth to baby Aden in November with husband Adam Housley by her side. Both sisters have been married for more than a year.


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  1. Hmmmm, I bet they wouldn’t keep addressing “the race thing” if people wouldnt keep bringing it up to and about them. People sitting behind computers feel they can say anything, no matter how mean or vile, and then wonder or dissmiss it when peoples feelings are hurt.
    Racism exists, pretending it doesnt and that we are all created and treated equally is just silly. If they didnt say anything, people would say they dont care and are denying their heritage, if they do, they are annoying and whining…..they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. Cree and Aden are beautiful, and they look alike.

  2. I’m a black woman and my new finance (I got engaged on v-day!) Is Caucasian. Honestly I wouldn’t give a damn if he were turquoise I’m so in love. But I cringe at the thought of our future children having to deal with rude comments and ignorance regarding their ethnicity. Just seems so silly and a waste of energy. I’m very dark skinned. (And love it btw) Yesterday another black woman actually said “I know you glad your kids gone be light skin!” *blank stare*

  3. Awww Aden and his chubby cheeks, Cute pic of Cree in the tub. Those two boys are genetically half siblings.

  4. l love your show very much,and l wish you the very best in all your endeavors that came with God’s blessings

  5. The older the twins get the more they look like their mother. Her features are dominant in them. They virtually don’t even look mixed race. They just look like light skinned African Americans to me.

    Given that this is nearing the close of Black History Month, I am happy that they say they embrace all of their heritages, including their Black part.

    That’s positive in my view.

  6. love love love the girls and their babies… But enough with the bi racial stuff…Yes they will embrace both side .. but 9 time out of 10 Cree will be a black baby in society … and Aiden depending on how his features work out with have to “Prove his blackness” as he gets older… It is a tale as old as time… but old for sure… boring … I am over this is bi racial stuff .. honestly …
    Tia and Tamera were always seen as black twins … and we often forgot they were mixed… because lets be honest … they look like beautiful black women with beautiful hair… I often forget they are mixed… like Alicia Keys … like Halle Berry … like President Obama …

      • Ummm no I said beautiful hair … PLEASE do not start that good hair crap … Not going their with you people … get over it …
        They both have gorgeous hair .. period …
        So did Kiesha Knight Pullim when she was a kid on The Cosby Show and that was ALL NATURAL and it was gorgeous …
        PLEASE enough with it

    • The same people who say that the Mowry’s need to “shut up about race” are the same one’s that ignore the structural racism that still exists in the United States. Being biracial or marrying someone of a different race will not change institutionalized racism and until that changes we will have to keep talking about race and racism… preparing our children for society.

    • I agree. Some people that are mixed don’t even look it. So I hope people just get over the skin color, eye color, and hair type thing.

  7. Aden is a cutie. His V-day outfit is adorable & no that is NOT Cree naked in the tub showing all his business. :). Tia & Tamera are starting to sound like Jada Smith, repeating the same things over & over again. It seems to me they are trying to force people to see things the way they do or they are feeling insecure about their heritages. If you are happy with it & doing right with God, screw what the world thinks….

    • I have never commented before but I have to co-sign your comment. I’m sensing some major insecurity and I feel sorry for them. Hopefully this is not something they pass on to their children. I’ve never felt the need to publicly announce my pride in my racial heritage. It comes from within and permeates through whatever I do. There’s no need to make an announcement because that would be stating the obvious like informing everyone that “water is wet” or “the sky is blue”. If you are comfortable in your own skin, people will see that and no further explanation is necessary.

  8. Love the girls and their beautiful families. It’s not their fault other news sources are taking stories from their blog and printing them. Their true fans appreciate their openness. Their college graduates, married and very classy which is a hell of a lot better then 90% of the so called celebrities that are out now!

  9. I agree…I feel like they talk about race almost very day and just reword it. However,I am not a mixed raced woman so I do not know all the criticism that they encounter. Just my opinion.

  10. Lovely message from Tia and Tamera!

    I still can’t believe black folks are still giving Tamera a hard time. You all should see the messages she gets on twitter. We are better than this, we know discrimination and here we are discriminating against Tamera.

    • Sad you are assuming that its African Americans commenting about tameras baby but you never once said it was Caucasians as well

  11. Omg Aden!!! I love them cheeks. He has changed

    I feel like I’m hearing the same thing from the sisters over & over again, just re-worded lol

  12. Sister Sister, I love Tia and Tamera Mowry. Tajh too from the Smart Guy. How ironic that both their hubbies have last names that start with the letter “H”. It must be that twin thing.

    • Exactly. You don’t hear the Obamas always running around talking about “both cultures” this or “mixed race” that … People who harp on this act like they have nothing else of interest about themselves.

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