Alia Rose,21, is a free spirit and has mom to thank for such liberty. The singer recently discussed her relationship with the late songstress Teena Marie during an interview on ‘Two Black Girls and a Mic’ radio broadcast.

Alia and Teena had a close  mother-daughter relationship.  In fact, when Alia was was just fourteen years old, her mother told her she wouldn’t be on earth much longer.

“My mom was very spiritual and she was very connected with God. She told me that God told her she wouldn’t be here too much longer.”

Ms. Teena Marie died a day after Alia turned nineteen. Alia paid homage to her mom by releasing her final album last month. The young adult plans to further develop her singing career and currently goes by the stage name of Rose LeBeau. Teena Marie passed away in 2010 of natural causes.

Fast forward to 7:30 mark:

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    She’s a adult and she’s know’s what’s best for herself. And she know’s her Mother is in a “PEACEFUL PLACE” with the Lord himself!

  2. not wrong of her to do nice that her and her daughter was so close that she could reveal that to her …..btw her daughter is beautiful like her mom

  3. I’ m torn on this. You want to prepare your child for reality (if indeed you know it will be a reality) but then again you don’t want to scare or traumatize them. IDK I guess this is one of those situations you will never know how to handle unless you’re in it. I’m glad Alia is doing well, she seems well and strong. God Bless her.

  4. I’m not trying to be disrespectful but sometimes parents, my own included, need to keep some of their thoughts in their heads and not let them come out of their mouths. We are children, not miniature adults.

    I empathize with Alia, I love my mum but I can remember from the time I was about six until I left for boarding school at 10 wondering when she was going to “leave” us. While my mum never said she was going to die, she acted like her time here with us was very limited. From advancing my education to getting me involved with the family business to making budgets and sticking to them (there’s folks in their twenties that wouldn’t know what a budget was if it jumped up and bit them). The fear I had in me that I hadn’t verbalized kept me from enjoying the last few months of my freedom before I left for school.

    Fortunately, my dad had an inkling of what was going on in my head and I was able to discuss the situation with my mum and realized that her issues stemmed from her dad who was also a young parent having had her at 20, dying when she was ten.

    I don’t know if Teens Marie’s verbalization of “her dying” in effect became a self fulfilling prophecy. She could have stilled lived for the present she had with Alia while preparing for the possibility of her not being there for Alia’s adulthood without putting the specter of her death on Alia.

    Alia seems like a strong girl. I believe there are things in this world that we will never understand so I can believe that her mum is still there for her and guiding her, and if that is her belief then she should feel comfort from it. My mum will be 34 this year and if she leaves us the thought of her still being here while not in the physical would be a comfort to me.

    RIP Lady Tee, I have all of your songs, can’t wait to get this new music.

    • I agree with you Oxford. That was mean of Teena Marie to do to Alia. Unless it’s a death that you know cannot be avoided, it should not be mentioned to a child. That is too much for them to handle. Thank goodness Teena died after Alia technically an adult.

  5. Can you imagine how Alia felt daily..wondering when her mom was going to die? Waking up wondering if that day was the day. So sad. She seems to doing well, haven’t heard anything crazy about her in the news.

  6. She is a pretty girl, I can only imagine how tough it is too loose your mom at such a young age. I wish her the best.

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