Camryn Paul is dressed and ready for the weekend. The 6-month-old looks square into the camera as mom, Jada Crawley-Paul, snaps a picture. Camryn earns 2,400 hearts from Instagram fans who can’t resist her adorable smile and style.

Chris and Jada were overjoyed when Camryn arrived on August 16, 2012. Jada shared her delight with Twitter fans after giving birth saying, “I almost forgot how amazing it felt to be given the gift of life. I can’t stop staring. Thank you to everyone for the love and well wishes.” Chris also expressed joy, announcing that Camryn was his angel.

Jada and Chris have two kids-Camryn and Chris II-together. The couple wed on September 10, 2011.


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  1. Look how big her adorable self has gotten. I am looooving the third picture of the three of them together. They all look alike. Too cute.

  2. I didn’t know she 6months either wow, it’s true when they say cherish every moment while their young because you turn around and their grown before you know it! She is so adorable the whole family is beautiful!

    • Someone just doesn’t like us! We can say the most sweetest thing and get a thumbs down! Thanks for letting us know we’re on ur minds!

      • Someone probably accidentally hit thumbs down. I remember once another person said something sweet about Tyga and Chyna’s King Cairo I accidentally hit thumbs down. Now who would disagree that he’s a cutie?

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