Hint: They are the children of a famous producer. Guess those celebrity kids!

It’s the children of producer Terius “The Dream” Nash. Pictured (L to R) are┬áLondon and Christian (born on April 2006); Violet Nash(born on February 2010); and Navy Talia (born on May 2005).

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    • I’m sure they have had times when Navy, London , Christian, Neal and Violet have been all together, maybe at a birthday party, but really…why would Neal CARTER be there? This is Terius NASH’s four children.

      When Nivea had all her four of her children out together, think the Halloween photo, was Violet there?

      Wouldn’t it be nice to see Reginae, Navy, London, Christian, Dawyne III, Neal, Cameron and Violet all together? I mean they are all connected to each other aren’t they.

      • There are also three other children that could join that list. Dwayne III’s sister Essence, Nivea’s longtime boyfriend daughter, and Toya’s step daughter. The dream is about to get married, so there may be more Children on the way.

    • There is no reason for Neal to feel left out. He has a father & other siblings, where i’m sure he goes on outings w/ them w/out his mom’s other kids. The Dream isn’t Neal’s dad. This is what happens when couples break up & they end up having more kids w/ other people.

      ***Neal has a lot of siblings lol.

  1. I saw the puffs and thought violet before I even read the topic. Surprising since I hardly ever guess right.

  2. I would have never guessed as well (even when i saw the second picture, it took me a couple of minutes to work out who they are before i confirmed by looking at the caption below the picture). They are all cute (have never seen a picture of all of them together before).

  3. Whoa, first pic I’ve ever seen them in together. Violet has gotten big, her chubby cheeks smile is too cute. Nivea keeps her children well hidden.

    I said Swizz because I thought I saw only one girl’s head.

  4. I was all off I thought of Rodney Jerkins and Timberland! None the less cute kids! Violet is so freakin cute!

    • Oh and this is the first time ever seeing London and Christian! For a minute there I thought they didn’t exist.

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