Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are gearing up for a baby girl, according to Us Weekly. The news source recently spoke with a source close to the couple who said that Kim and Kanye discovered that a little girl is on the way. “They’re over the moon! Kanye always wanted a girl,” said the source.

West and Kardashian announced their expectancy last year while at a concert in Atlanta. Kanye took a break from spitting his regular lyrics to tell a crowd of 5,000 that Kim was “having my baby.” The rapper told concert attendees to congratulate his “baby mom” before continuing with the show.

Kim and Kanye are expecting their first child together in July. The couple have yet to confirm or deny reports of their bundle of joy being a baby girl.

Meanwhile, check out pictures below of Kim at the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at Pacific Design Center on February 24, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.

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  1. She looks pretty.
    Wow, her tatas got big quick.
    She is definitely carrying heavy but some folks do and some don’t.
    I wouldn’t even be surprised if she didn’t have twins because she got wide QUICK.

    Their babygirl is gonna be a cutie!

  2. Why is this website even continuing to contribute to making her relevant? just because she has a Blarmenian baby inside of her? come on, let’s stick to the kids who are making a REAL impact on the world…PLEASE??

  3. CongratS to them i dont know them only of them im pretty sure THE BABY is going to be a lilttle doll! BY THE WAY SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL PREGNANT 😉

  4. I just saw a raunchy pic Kim & Kanye did for some magazine I never heard of. I’m wondering, is this the part when her comment of being more private in her personal life starts?

    • I actually feel bad for her. The way she came in, is the way she has to remain relevant. We cannot forget how she came to be, because she keeps advertising it. She has yet to develop a talent since she came on scene. She was a celebrity stylist, yet I have never heard someone come forward saying she dressed them. She can’t sing, act, dance nor hold an intellectual conversation. Her talent is show casting her dating & love life. If she were to get married & not continue her reality show (as she claims), she will be forgotten & replaced with the next Amber Rose. For this reason alone, I don’t think Kim will ever get & stay married. How sad that must be for her. SMH.

      • She styled Brandy, which is how she met Ray J. You say she can’t act or sing, but you don’t know that because you probably have never heard her sing or even seen her act. I think she tries to get away from that sextape, but everyone has this image of her and they have painted this picture of her. She Has a growing empire. She has her dash stores, her endorsement deals and her reality show. She has a movie coming out as well. I have never judged her or bad mouth her. I am not a fan per say, but i have seen her show and i do like her family. People judge her based off something that she did in her 20s. No different than any other 20 something year old, the only thing is, she was in the spotlight. I don’t think she blast her love life out there. She is in the spotlight, thats what the media does, they focus on who your dating, what you are wearing etc. I don’t Know what the future holds for Kim and Kanye, but i congratulate them on their blessing, and i wish them the best.

        • She style Brandy? When? When Brandy was 15? I have never heard Brandy admit to it. Shoot she doesn’t even style Ray J, Reggie, her family, Kanye or herself. Yes I have seen her ‘dance’, heard her ‘sing’ & seen her ‘act’ in a commercial..talentless. Her growing empire is a store selling clothes neither she nor her family designs nor wears. There are clothes with the Kardashian logo on it that they do not design nor even wear. She doesn’t have a movie coming out, she plays a small part in a movie that’s coming out. If she wants so badly to get away from that sex tape image, she would stop parading around in bikini bottoms 3 sizes too small, stop posing in raunchy poses in magazines & stop posing half naked in magazines. Even that Reebox commercial she did was sexually implied. I’m not bad mouthing her, I’m stating facts. People can like Kim all they want, but trying to sell me that she is talented, has a business mind or a personality & not a pretty face who is getting paid just to show up & smile, is like selling me brown water & telling me it’s 100% spring water.

        • Since my reply to you is in moderation, I’m going to say just this. It is very possible to be in the spotlight and keep your life private. Just ask Janet Jackson who had not one but three weddings & husbands no one knew about till after the divorce was final.

        • No she’s IN the limelight BECAUSE she blasts her love life. There is nothing about her to “follow” or “stan” for other than the wonder of who she’ s dating. Plus A) She wont jumpstart an acting career in a Tyler Perry movie, B) Kanye will eventually make her quit the reality show, and C) Dash stores don’t keep her relevant. She could easily fade away if the media stopped reporting on her.

          • It’s unfortunate Ray J leaked their private tape..he was wrong for that. But he didn’t release it via you tube. The company needed KK permission. They reached out to her & instead of getting an attorney to block it, she negotiated payment prior to giving her approval. She’s not a victim, she’s a willing participant in this. Her need to become a rich celebrity caused her to put herself through that. Without this nether her nor her family would be where they are now. Her dad was one of the dream team for OJ defense & that didn’t bring them to celebrity status. Kris J sold her daughter for this status & that’s not fair to Kim.

  5. Wow i knew that Kim is a beautiful woman but she is beyond beautiful in this post (haha she is carrying heavy though). I cant wait to see the little one when she is born.

  6. If this is true, I cannot wait to see this little girl’s future. Personally, they should have a boy so he could show Kanye how to stop acting like a lil b. His tirade about Jay Z & Justin’s new song reeks of jealousy because he wasn’t invited. Kanye has been searching for his soul since the day his mother died. Hopefully she returns in this baby girl they are having & teach him how to me a man.

    As for Kim, I must agree with Wow, formally known as Iridescence Me, I’m unimpressed.

      • As we know I am not a Beyonce fan, however, there is no way on this green & blue Earth Beyonce is jealous of Kim K & Jay Z jealous of Kanye. It is my opinion, Kimye is trying hard to emulate the life Beyonce & Jay Z has. Jay Z has been around for years & never, ever needed to be in the spotlight. He married someone who was & loves to be in the spotlight. Kanye was not a fan of paps, as in his pics with Amber. He too chose a woman whose job is being in the spotlight. Kanye, unlike Jay Z, needs the attention to feel validated and him being with Kim guarantees him that.

      • Are you kidding, Beyonce and Jay Z are not mad because KK and KW are getting all the attention. Beyonce and Jay Z priority is Blue Ivy, that’s their attention. Beyonce and Jay Z are so busy touring now. Like the words of Sweet Brown (ain’t nobody got time for that).

    • Both Kanye West and R. Kelly are proof positive of what the loss of a mother can do to a young man. R. Kelly’s emotional growth stagnated, staying an adolescent boy. While the other parts of him matured, his emotional growth didn’t.

      As for Kanye West it’s obvious that he still blames himself for his mother’s death. The guilt he feels from Dr. West’s death is crippling him and he needs help. He’s been unraveling from then and it’s obvious he doesn’t have any real friends. A real friend would have gotten him the psychiatric help he needs. The last thing he needed in his life was a Kim but its too late now.

      Until Dr. West’s death, Kanye was raised right. His mum sacrificed for him and even though she was disappointed she supported his musical dreams. Key word, sacrifice. Can you imagine what will happen if/when Kim decides that their daughter needs to be in the spotlight and Kayne disagrees?

      What Kanye wants for himself may not be what he wants for his child..and with how unbalanced he is emotionally the end result may not be good for Kim.

      Babies are a blessing so I wish this new family well but at the same time I won’t be surprised at what might happen in a few years if he gets no psychiatric help and snaps.

      • Very well spoken my young yet highly intelligent friend. Both R. Kelly & Kanye are seriously lost without their mothers. In R. Kelly’s case, he had a few good people who tried with him, his sister (who still refuses to speak to him after his perverted issues) & his wife. He couldn’t go completely off the deep end because they wouldn’t let him. He still had the God in him that his mother placed. It is present in his uplifting, motivating songs. I have not heard a song like bump & grind from him in a long time.

        Kanye, unfortunately, does not have anyone. I believe Jay Z tries with him & is possibly still trying, however Kanye has some demons in him, he has not released. When he first came on the scene, his music was vulgar but not like in the manner it is now. It appears as if he’s trying to walk the path his mother had him on, but those demons overpower him & he goes astray. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was suffering from a mental illness, like bi-polar.

        Kanye has been infatuated with Kim K since her ‘video’. Kim is infatuated with how infatuated Kanye is with her. She hasn’t a clue what real, true, unconditional love is. But this baby, will show her that & that just may be all part of God’s plan.

    • LOL!! Formerly known As. Haha. =D My name is still the same. I had to say wow @ this lovely chick featured above. I agree with everything you posted Sherley. I want to call her something else, but I’ll leave it alone.

  7. I actually like the dress. I kinda figured she was having a girl because she gained alot of weight in her hips and butt.

  8. She looks like Paula Patton in that pic! I can’t get happy for them, but I do wish them a very happy, healthy beautiful baby!

  9. Congrats! Thats gonna be a whole lot of estrogen in that household, b/c daddy acts like he got 10% of testosterone in his body smh lol

  10. Pregnancy is not as fitting on her as it was on Amber….yes I’m comparing the two b/c I can’t help but think Kimye is following behind Amber & Wiz! Nonetheless I think both couples will have gorgeous babies!

  11. She better slow down with the weight gain. She’s blowing up fast and she’s only at the beginning of her pregnancy. But I must say she looks beautiful!

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